Be water…my friend!

Bruce Lee

Today is Bruce Lee’s birth day. He was born on November 27th, 1940. Yes, he was/is one of my life heroes. I wrote of him awhile back. Crafting Your Own Style, referring to his style or “flow of movement”!

His philosophy of life as it relates to the discipline of martial arts is indisputable, as was his skill. The following clip, very short (30 seconds), is indicative of this life philosophy. That is Bruce Lee speaking! It’s also worth a quick listen to!


Thanks you for stopping by today, and do go with the flow!

~ Penny

38 thoughts on “Be water…my friend!

  1. What a wonderful and inspiring post. The grandmaster of Martial Arts. And the only person to have beaten Chuck Norris. Definitely makes him worth listening to. In all seriousness, he had some brains and it is a shame he went too soon.

    • He used Hollywood to make money and as a means to advance people’s awareness of martial arts. Also his dad was a professional performer (opera) and Bruce (his mom called him that – it means “strong”, when he was little) started acting as a child, partially a way of life for him. His main focus as he studied and perfected his style re”martial arts” was to teach. He was also very human and subject to many of the same needs and desires we all have. But in the final analysis he was far more than the movie personality that people associate with him Alastair, I have studied this individuals history quite a bit!

  2. Love it! I have the tao of jeet kune do on my shelf ready to be read and reviewed for an inner warrior training manual! So inspiring! Just finished an interview with a Lohan Kung Fu master, very excited to post it! Thanks for this!!!

  3. From the Dali Lama, Leonard Cohen and now Bruce Lee, and it wasn’t that long ago you were visiting Einstien I believe. such varied interests you make my head swim!! but if not for you I would not experience the beauty of your mind and the positive energy put forth each day from your heart. thank you my dear friend you are loved hugs ((xx))

    • Thanks Len, I do tend to bounce around on subject matter. It’s just that I find it all so interesting and enjoy sharing. Thanks again my dear friend, sending you sincere affection and love, Penny xox

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