Believing in the Magic of Life

Christmas tree magic

Christmas tree magic

Magic is everywhere.

You just have to look for it.

In this country during the holiday season its easy to go to a magical place with all of the glitteringmagic Christmas lights everywhere. But it’s more than that, there is a special something in the air.

I feel so lucky when I wake up early in the morning and revel in the golden rays of sunshine coming up over the horizon. There’s magic in each of the changes of the seasons, tree’s blossoming in the spring or snowflakes falling all around a white wintery landscape.

Look for the magic in your life. Better yet go capture some today. Put it into your life and the lives of others. With generosity, with loving, with giving, with sharing with rejoicing, with laughter, with singing … with being alive and happy. All of it is Magical … if you want it to be.

Thanks for visiting I hope your holiday season is as magical as can be!

~ Penny


26 thoughts on “Believing in the Magic of Life

  1. There is always magic in the air…it surrounds us on a daily basis with rising and setting of the sun. What gloriousness there is to behold if we just take a moment’s time to look around. It is indeed even more evident during the Christmas season because of the miracle of Christ’s birth. And of course, it is the season of giving and there is always magic to be found as each present is gifted from one person to another.

    • You’re right Roxi, wouldn’t it be great if we (adults) could figure out how to extend the wonder over into a longer period of time besides the holidays? Sigh, well nice thought anyway, hope you’re enjoying yourself this holiday season my friend! :).

    • Thank you Len, it can be easy to forget our blessings when we get hit with a spell of hard times, but it is true. Life is magic … and it really does want us to embrace it as we can, through the good and the bad! Love and much affection to you dear friend!

  2. Hope the holiday season for your family this year is especially beautiful, a time for creating new memories and holding gently those from past seasons that have left an imprint on your hearts. :)

    • Thank you LuAnn, Christina and I appreciate your words and thoughts most sincerely. My hope is that the two of you also are enjoying yourselves during this holiday season! Much love and affection to you both, :) xx

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