Jack/Emma Posts

Hello! We are Jack and Emma. We would like to share some posts with you until G.P. (Penny) and Mom have our own blogging sites ready for us (hopefully later this year!). G.P. will let you know when we have a new post for you.

Cool chick

EMMA: Hi! I want to blog so people in different parts of the world will know me and I will know about them!

I am going to be posting some of my techniques about doodling and the flipnotes (mini cartoon videos that I make on my DSI, this is a handheld game system). Also show you the photographs I love to take about different things.

I wanted to say a big hello to all of you who commented on my post a few months ago (Like Alastair, Hi Alastair”! :)

When I saw G.P.’s drawings it made me inspired to draw more, I like to take photographs because I like to catch beautiful shots and do special effects. I like making catoon videos because this is what I want to do when I grow up. And I love cats because when they are kittens they are really cute because of their humungus eyes.

I like science a lot also.

Thank you, Emma

* * * * * * *

kickback jack

JACK: Hello. I want to blog and meet people all over the world because I want them to know what I do here in Richland, Washington.

I love cars, so one of the things I will post about is how to win races in Gran Turismo 5, I have played all versions (except the very first Gran Turismo) but this one is my favorite and lego constructions that I made out of my mind.

I bet you’re wondering how these ideas get in my head? Three easy steps 1.Do something fun, for me I either watch police videos or Titantic Videos (I am very interested in the sinking of the Titanic) on Youtube (that mom approves) 2.The ideas come in my mind and I want to go make something. 3. I make my version of the videos I saw. Thats how I get motivated.

For the people, last year, like Stefanie in Germany (for example – “Hi Stefanie”) that commented on my post. I would like to thank them and am hoping that I will have some new posts this year for you. Maybe a video too!

Thanks, Jack


Sometimes we don’t get along but mostly we do.

Thank you, Jack and Emma

26 thoughts on “Jack/Emma Posts

  1. That’s awesome, I will follow as well. I remember a very, very long time ago in grade school we had pen pals. As a child it was so exciting to receive a letter from a pen pal across the world. Now children have the world at their hands in one simple log in.

    • Jack and Emma have numerous “friends” in different parts of the world! They love it and share with all their friends here. They see every place around our planet as a part of “their world”. Their mindset about ‘far away lands’ is so very different from when we were kids! People everywhere, are real and just like them … from their online view of things! And that’s wonderful! :)

    • Emma and Jack thank you. I had them read your words. They are hard at work on a few stop motion videos, Emma with her drawings, Jack with his race cars. Currently they are learning to use their movie maker program (better than I am actually)! So hopefully they’ll have some to share. Thank you for your comments to them! :)

  2. Well !So this is my good friend has a page- your grandmother is the sun! Emma you do not you want a carefree childhood and a lot of attention and a lot of love from all who surround.
    your good friend

  3. Hi Jack and Emma, I’m thinking of setting up my own DD’s blog, too. She wants to have one, too. My DD is 6 going on 7 and she’s into photography. It’s so nice to see you taking an interest in this. Wishing you all the best!

  4. Hi Emma, hi Jack!

    I am just seeing this, now, as I have been kind of away for a while.

    Great to see that you will be getting your own blogs! Are they already set up? Will you post the link, here?

    I am sending much love to both of you as well as to the rest of your family – and a merry, peaceful Christmas, too!

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