Freedom of Expression – The Written Word

A Few Simple Thoughts on Being an American Today.


I love my Country (The United States of America) And I love my home planet (Earth)!

I disagree with some of the people (In politics and my private life) on various subjects and issues.

I think we (All Americans) do have some definite problems to overcome. But we are “Free” to do so.

Regardless of the overwhelming amount of interactive content and communication that goes on daily, hourly, minute by minute; I still would much rather live here in America as a Free Citizen than anywhere else on the planet.

I think  and truly believe that All problems and situations are ultimately solveable.

And Finally – I am proud to be an American even with all my own, my country’s and it’s citizens shortcomings. There is still much good, much love and much caring going on. You have but to see it and become a part of it.

These particular written words posted online represent a clear example of my ability to freely write what I think and feel. To be creative in a free environment whether it be the written word or some other artistic format represents the very best that this country offers to each of it’s citizens. Let Freedom ring!

28 thoughts on “Freedom of Expression – The Written Word

  1. You are a true patriot, Penny 🙂 I really wish you were my next door neighbor. I currently live next to a typical trial lawyer 😦
    There is no doubt living in America is the greatest, but wouldn’t you love to have your own little country? Can you believe my high school aspiration was to acquire a 3rd world nation, and make it my own? sheesh, I was one sick kid.

  2. Sometimes I can be a complete – utter and total – thorough – ninkompoop,

    I read this and thought “I didn’t realise you were American” LOL. What a wally!!

    Embarrassed now lol

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