The River Bench

Well okay it’s Saturday. I wanted to do something outside my box on this Saturday to make it a little bit different from other Saturdays. You know something cool, fun maybe even creative.

I headed down to the river. The river that is engorged with water from lots and lots of rain. Remember my nice little soliloquy from the other day. I still do love rain, but then again everything in moderation has it’s points also, I think.

My  idea of communing with nature, up close and personal was a little bit closer than desirable.

In the end my visitation seemed to center around the bench in the river. There was something fascinating about it. I was drawn to the exclusive aspect of the bench sitting there in the water by itself. Did experiencing the river bench live up to expectations, No. Was the water wet and cold? Yes! Did my feet become frozen from the frigid temperature of the water?  Yes! And so it goes.

Mother Nature is always close at hand to humble us anew – A PennyQuote

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