The View from My Eyes

Once upon a time I stayed in a cottage situated at the top of the Chehalem hills of Oregon. I was caught up there for a period of time. This was the result of unprecedented snowfall.


While marooned, to amuse myself I attempted to create works of art by crafting containers made from different strands of yarn. The yarn was the medium, the hook was the crafting tool. Actually it turned out pretty well. I’ll show you some of the containers in another post!

So there I was viewing my partially completed yarn work-of-art. I had incorporated a good 50 different colors of yarn to create the effect I was so proud of. I took a picture of my “yarn art” turned back and little jonny had determined that the view from his eyes was something quite different than my view.



The good news is it worked for both of us. The view from my eyes is always unique to me but that is not to say that another’s view may not be equally agreeable – if slightly different in outcome.

9 thoughts on “The View from My Eyes

    • Jonny all grownup (4 years & counting) is more of a pragmatist than ever. Hmm. Ergo he does manage to get his way even more than the average independent cat! But I like to think the mat played a role. Actually I think his creativity in getting my attention is more likely the truth here.

  1. Thank you for following catnipoflife. Was it not for your comments I may not have found you:>) What a wonderful post! I am following and looking forward to many more views:>) The view from the mind’s window makes perception truly unique!

  2. Would most likely be very enlightening (in a positive way) for each if us to be able to see ourselves the way others do…even just for a moment. We are, after all, our own worst critic! Gorgeous pictures!! 🙂

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