hidden portals

First Interstellar Post (or perhaps just the future as I’d like it to be. :D)

Journal Entry -July 4TH Celebration 2062

Author: GeePi  Gregory – adopted Interstellar daughter of P.L. Gregory-Howe

Today (In earth dating timelines) marks the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the formerly hidden “X-Point Portals” (XP Portals or electron diffusion regions (Portals formed through the process of magnetic reconnection, mingling lines of magnetic force from other stars and earth crisscross to create the openings. X-points are where the crisscross takes place.)


(photo credit NASA – 2012)

What a day for a celebration. I began interviewing earth citizens (via the ICP- Interstellar Communication Pod ) even before we entered the Magnetosphere located some few tens of thousands of kilometers from Earth.

The discovery of the hidden XP Portals led to Earth scientist’s further discovery that the XP’s create an uninterrupted path leading from Earth’s planet to not only the sun but other stars within the Galaxy and beyond.

x-point (credit:NASA, 2012)

Finally we the people of the Universe were allowed to introduce ourselves and begin dialogue with Earth’s Citizens.

Today on this 50th Anniversary of the discovery of the XP Portals I am enjoying the most uplifting dialogue and exchange of ideas with many of Earth’s citizens.(Hard to get used to calling this planet that name, but it is their name so…go with the flow.) I do however love all their idioms, without their ability to interact telepathically these ‘idioms’ go a long way towards improving interpretation and communication on this planet.

I ingested a wide variety of energy sources (food), most interesting this BBQ method of changing the composition of the food source prior to consuming. Also the pyrotechnics were of visual value and interpretation. I discovered that on this planet the inhabitants frequently celebrate all manner of events most are indigenous to locale and ethnicity with reference to historical perspective. So fascinating for me and mine.

In conclusion I am happy for all of Universe kindred that Earth chose to embrace us and their future in the stars 50 years (Earth-time actually the universal date is <000>III.X.I – but who’s counting) ago today.


(note: Yes I am also curious about the why of the universe and our future with reference there of, I hope you enjoyed this bit of whimsy – Happy 4th!)

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