A Package of…Cat

Is it just me or are some of the changes in the ‘modern’ world really scary? The new norm!

For example recently at an outdoor farmer’s market I overheard pieces of a conversation between a mommy and her three children of varying ages (Estimating age range from 6 to 10 years.)

Mommy: “Isn’t this fun?”

Children: Various responses of disinterest!

Mommy: “Let’s pick out some fresh veggies and fruit!”

Children: Various responses of disapproval! “I don’t like those.” “WHAT is THAT?” “Can we go now?”

Mommy: Stating the magic words of immediate turn off for kids everywhere. “Vegetables and Fruit are really good for you.” You’ll grow big and strong!”

(Now don’t get me wrong. I grew up on a farm where we had our own homegrown produce and there were honestly very few vegetables that I really liked. So in that area things are pretty much the same. It was the next response that was a little chilling to me.)

The eldest child: “Can’t we just go to the store and get some real food. You know, the stuff in packages!

When the “Normal” food that we eat is heavily processed, chemically altered, packaged for the purpose of longer shelf life while providing greater marketing appeal – how much have we really gained/lost in the translation? And how far will it go? When does it end…?

p.s. – I don’t know how franky got into the empty plastic wrapping and it did take me a few minutes to extricate him from inside. However I did think the photo brought emphasis to the point I was trying to make!

If change be a constant, may we not aspire to become part of the change…in a good way * PennyQuote

5 thoughts on “A Package of…Cat

  1. I cannot stand vegetables, but I put up with them so that the kids eat them. I do agree though, even over here, we have far too much packaging. I treated myself to some figures over the last few months and each one came in huge packaging that was about twice the size which then used twice as many rubbish bags. Complete waste

  2. Heh, heh, it’s obviously a photo of a cat being a cat – I have vivid memories of our beloved Zippy and other dearly departed cats making themselves at home in snug little spaces.

  3. [ Smiles ] You are right about the photo. You would have vegans wondering why the cat was within a plastic wrapping. Luckily, there was an opening for the cat to breathe.

    For the record, many vegans would take offence to that photo.

    Also, it is a very sad thing when children prefer processed food over the natural kind.

    The kid had the wrong impression of what real food is, because processed food is fake food and definitely not as nutritious as the real kind.

    • Thanks for the insights Renard. Much appreciated. Also for the record in case anyone follows these comments, This was an empty plastic shaped container that had housed water. In the cottage up on mountain top road where I lived for a while, it was easier to have spare clean drinking water at hand just in case. Which I did have occasion to need and use. Franky the cat being curious was quicker to explore the empty plastic wrapping than I was to remove it. I have a deeply imbedded respect for all living things. Always have. Always will. Hopefully this may clarify any who would take offense to the photo. Franky’s incarceration was of very brief duration and there were a variety of “breathing” holes. Actually he didn’t want to get out. So I took the time to take the photo. I did feel it conveyed the message I was attempting to pass on! Yes it is sad that many children prefer processed over natural – it is a big truth, however!

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