The Accidental Gift – Part 3

By the time I reached high school I had acquired a huge capacity for living and loving life but just did okay in the classroom. I still retained all of the emotions associated with a negative feeling of self-worth that had begun at a very early age.

My junior year in high school I was among a group chosen to have an I.Q. test administered by nearby Oregon State University for the purpose of some research being conducted at the time.

As it turns out I tested quite high. (Yeah, I even had it checked again later on while at Penn State University – and I’m really smart! Who knew?)

My parents were notified and appeared very confused by the results. After the earlier debacle regarding my hearing, they had decided that while I wasn’t retarded I was just average, although a good artist and reader (yup, I spent lots of time alone). They were sure that my other siblings were the brainy ones having inherited this from my dad (his IQ was well above 140).

After the results from the IQ test and my introverted nature my parents decided I must be an under achiever as I spent so much time reading and drawing. With very little encouragement I grew up wondering about that myself.

…to be continued.

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