Just a little difference

Today is Sunday, a glorious sunlit day.  It’s late morning now, as I slept in having had but little sleep the night before. (See previous post regarding this).

On my morning walk I was accompanied, as always, by my boon companions who likewise are enjoying the day.

During my walk about this morning I noticed an outdoor plant I’ve been woefully negligent about watering. (I’d like to blame the hot hot weather but I’m actually the one that didn’t water the plant. – see accepting responsibility here! 🙂 )

The good news is that as a result of the recent storm the plant received the nourishment it needed.

I wonder how often that’s true of us. We will neglect or be neglected by others and just when thinking it’s too late, God will provide or remind us to do so. Sometimes quietly, sometimes with a great force, but always, always there – Making the little difference that was needed.

My thought of the day – May each of us (most especially me) make a little difference for just one life…today!

24 thoughts on “Just a little difference

  1. Just by being where we are, we make a difference to someone. Whether we know it or not 🙂

    Just look at the film (another one I’ve never seen) A Wonderful Life

    We are often given a sign (whether by god or not) that helps us to remember important things in life

  2. Hi Penny,

    This is a lovely reminder to start my week. Thank for your visits to my blog and for following me! I hope you continue to enjoy and I look forward to following you, as well. Curiosity never sleeps, so your blog sounds very interesting and it’ll be fun to read your thoughts!
    Lauren 🙂

  3. Aw, don’t be so hard on yourself about he plant, we all forget sometimes. Or is that just be justifying not remembering to water my own? 🙂
    So very nice to have you reading and commenting on my posts lately!…thank you!
    Have a great day. 🙂

    • Thank you for your generous words, Arindam. I agree with your comment. I’m also finding it wonderful to be connecting with warm, loving and caring people like you. Thanks again.

  4. Thanks Penny for this uplifting post…. I like to believe this, that God/Universe/Source provides for us so much more than we realize…. I find that if we are in the right place in our heart, this happens quite often, and even when we feel let down, there is perhaps, something wonderful waiting around the bend ~ if we can be patient and allowing. Again, your wisdom and grace has touched me my friend ~

    • Your’re welcome, I agree. This has been shown to me my whole life, it took awhile but I embrace this truth now, everyday. Thank you for your kind and generous words.

  5. I believe what you are describing is a truth in most of seemingly critical situations – even though we might not always see the bigger picture from our current perspective.

    Thank you for the reminder and for the beauty radiating from your writing and the accompanying pictures.

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