Presuming to know

.At every stage of our lives we gather information, process our thoughts and gain experience.

And as each further development occurs we presume to know what we didn’t know before.

After numerous years of living, we presume to know many things. We become educated, very knowledgeable and often streetwise through our many experiences. We presume what others know or don’t know. And we presume we have all the answers.

I thought about all of this morning.  About presuming to know.

And I came to the sudden realization – on the day I begin with presuming to know nothing, that will be the day that I might actually begin to know.

Yes, this most beautiful spider web, glistening with dewdrops from the early morning is being shown again.

I just couldn’t help myself. It is so gloriously compelling and natural. I keep thinking about it. It was an accident that I saw it at all. When we talk about spiders we don’t ever find anything nice to say about them. More likely creative ways to get rid of them and their cobwebs.

But mother nature in her wisdom create’s a spider’s web into a thing of beauty. So once again I’m presenting, for all to see, the original art work of a spider and mother nature – close up and personal!

Also today in closing here I would like to extend a very warm and special thank you to all of those who came, liked and commented on Jack’s first post. He is very happy. I am very appreciative. There will be more Jack and Emma Posts in the near future, please watch for them. Thanks again, have a wonderful day.

22 thoughts on “Presuming to know

  1. Two fantastic photos, Penny.

    The problem with people, is that we do presume and assume a lot. I did hear from a manager of mine once – I did something and it was wrong. She asked me why I thought to do what I did, and I said I assumed it was right. She said “The thing about to assume is you make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’ ” I’ve never forgotten that

  2. I too believe- ” The day, I begin with presuming to know nothing, that will be the day that I might actually begin to know.” So thank you for reminding me that, I know nothing compare to the knowledge our planet share with us.
    Both these pictures are really beautiful. Great post. 🙂

  3. Thank you Dan for your generous words. And a very special thanks for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I appreciate it very much. I hope the weather there in Florida is being nice for you. Always great to have new blogging friends like you. Have a great day! 🙂

  4. Awesome post! I couldn’t agree more with you when you said “On the day I begin with presuming to know nothing, that will be the day that I might actually begin to know.” We all think we know everything, but there is so much to learn!! And as an avid fearer of spiders, I definitely don’t take the time to enjoy the beauty of their webs because I’m so scared of walking into one, but thanks for providing a new prospective to look at them from 🙂 And just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Congratulations on this much deserved award!!

  5. spider spin and weave fine threads
    of one’s life journey….
    if one thread (or more) is broken
    you have taken a detour
    or wandering on a path that few travel
    if its is full of twists and turns,
    there is chaos but within chaos comes order
    if there are glistening drops of dew, the Divine is smiling
    down on you
    and if you look closely, there is a small have faeries
    helping you in your weeding and growing seeds from your heart
    in your life’s garden!…
    ( there is more to what I see here, but you get the ideal LOLs…
    this is a great post, and I love the photo as you can tell by my wee tale!
    I start each day with a blank piece of paper….filling in with pen or pencil
    as I wander through….
    yes I like this post!
    Thank you for sharing..I will enjoy being a part of your thoughts
    Take Care…..

  6. I was just thinking that how much I’ve learned from my blogging friends and how little I know. I remember I presumed I had all the answers when I was a lot younger… Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom.

  7. Wonderful post Penny… so very true, and have pondered this a lot lately ~ just how much of an illusion it is when we truly think we “know” anything for certain. And you are correct, we are most wise when we come to the awareness, that we do not 🙂 Lovely spider web portraits too, what a wonderful way to honor these less-appreciated creatures of our planet ~~ & me as well could not step on an ant when I was a small girl (had nightmares if i did:)

    Sweetest photo of Jack and Emma ~ made my morning.
    Thank you dear friend! ~ RL

  8. I love looking at spider webs – except in my house.
    I try to not kill the spiders – If I catch them lightly enough – I just place them outside. I need them to take care of other buggers that I don’t like – 🙂

    • Thank you. I’ve had an aversion to killing anything, large or small since I was a small child. I just couldn’t get the mental image of a Giant (me) and little ones (living things smaller than me) out of my mind. However I’m not thrilled with hanging them around either – ah civilization, and they do take care of a lot of pesky other things too.

  9. “And I came to the sudden realization – on the day I begin with presuming to know nothing, that will be the day that I might actually begin to know.”

    That jumped off the page when I read it. How true it is!

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