IMAG2231-1Hi everyone, just when you think you’re beginning to figure me out I introduce something else new into the mix. But that’s me.

Colors fascinate me. All colors. Shapes of things fascinate me also. And then you have the patterns within the shapes. I’m guessing the reason nature is so infinitely beautiful to me is that it is such a myriad of colors, shapes and patterns all blended in a seemingly never-ending variety of things that become beautiful in their appearing simplicity.

Now there’s a thought, complex simplicity. Nature at it’s finest. Every outdoor photographer understands this. Every artist that’s every put paint to a canvas, pencil to a paper, digital imagery to a screen and so forth. We get it. It really is about all those, colors and shapes that fascinate.

One day I picked up yarn and without really knowing what I was doing I began to play around.  Using one or more strands of yarn of varying colors and texture using only the hook that is normally used for crocheting I began to (for want of a better word) weave, single loops inside of other single loops, something simple but lovely. The first pattern was simple swirls.

And then I discovered I could actually weave different patterns with the loops depending on were I pulled the yarn through the next loop.

Okay, So now I’m really beginning to have fun here. After I realized by lessening the number of loops I could create sides I was really excited. From then on my creative nature really took over.

On and off in my spare time I crafted a variety of containers. One thing led to another and after a few years of crafting in my spare time mostly, I came up with something I call loopweaving. The photo’s you are viewing are a few of my creations. I hope you enjoy them.

Colors fascinate me, as I mentioned I sometimes use as many as I can to create an effect.


57 thoughts on “Loopweaving

  1. wow ,I love those pots and that vase ,I will show them to my mother she would be so happy she loves crocheting too .I tried once to learn crochrting but I ended up with a tiny hat all the time 🙂 i’ll keep trying 🙂

  2. Wow— that is amazing. You are really good at that! Those are absolutely beautiful Penny… Is that your kitten??? Also sweet- ahhhh you are a cat person… No wonder I like you! Hahahaaahahaa…

    • Thanks and the “kitten” now weights 28 lbs (I know, Both he and his brother just kept growing and growing and…! – their daddy was a main coon cat even though they look like their mom (who wasn’t). My guys are 4 years old now, I’ve had them since they were 5 weeks. Their favorite thing at night is to sleep across my legs (as in immovable). Still love ’em though. As kittens both tested each yarn container I made. It was hilarious!Thanks again for the nice compliment. Much appreciated! 🙂

  3. Wow Penny, I am so impressed. Love the creations you have shared here. I agree with the comments above that when we are most in need, the creative muse shows up. This is what happened with me and the photography, writing and then the blogging project. It is a wonderful gift. Now – I want to know how you do this craft of yours. I am the worst at crafts… never could crochet or knit etc…. is this easier? I have so many muscle skeletal limitations not sure I could venture to try it…but admiring yours today a lot ~ 🙂 Much Love and thanks for your sharing this!

    • Thank you Robyn, I wasn’t any good at those wonderful yarn crafts either (although I know some really gifted knitters and crocheters), and I was especially bad at following the abbreviated directions (talking foreign language here) and the last big hitch is I’m left-handed, so there you go.Let me see if I can come up with a way to show you some basics. Thanks again for your lovely comments my friend!:)

  4. I think exquisite was already said, I’m going to say it again anyway! 😉 Exquisitely gorgeous! You most definitely are very very very talented! Beautiful to look at and fun to think about! Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂 Blessings ~

        • Thanks, and shhhh…don’t tell anyone but I love encouraging all (especially those at the age of your daughter who is just on the cusp of change) creative souls. Being creative is a great way to stay in touch with yourself while you figure out the world and people around you! I am so very pleased she liked my offerings. 🙂

    • Thank you len. The creative urge to make these was inspired by the need to remove myself emotionally from some very tough things happening in my life at that time. Funny how life will present us with obstacles and as we attempt to overcome them our creative nature springs forth to heal our souls! Hope this day is a positive one for you my friend. 🙂 xoxo

    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m not normally a craft oriented sort of person. I just made loopweaving up or I should say the creative muse settled in and just didn’t want to leave until I’d come up with this original way to craft yarn. (Shoulder shrugging here) Looking back I’m not sure how it happened either. But it is fun to do now! You have a wonderful day today and thank you for visiting me my friend! 🙂

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