When in doubt be creatively plausible?

I did start out prepared to do the right thing. Really! I was going to stay right on top of responding to the people who might nominate me for those excellent blogging awards (see honorable intentions here). If you look at the top of this blog site you will see to the far right the word BELONG. I created this section specifically for the purpose of displaying blog awards and all that goes with them.

So the thing is I got behind. (Yes I do have an excuse although not a very good one, still….I’ve only being seriously blogging for a few days more than a month so I’m just getting my sea legs, so to speak.

And yes I do have writing skills, but this shouldn’t be confused with blogger skills, in this area I’m a serious newbie and still learning not only the rules of the road but everything that has to do with the various tekky how-to things.  And I know it’s still an excuse (“Just because you have a reason why, doesn’t make something okay!”- Wisdom from my mom when I was little.)

And all you bloggers have been very friendly and interactive with me so I have been right back at you (because I care of course – and that takes up time too! Yes I know another excuse!)

So here’s the deal – when in doubt be creatively plausible. It’s worked for me in the past so I’m going to try it today. I will mention each of the awards I’ve been nominated for in the past week (I can’t even find one of them – the sunshine award, I know it’s here somewhere amidst my emails and comments, but I just can’t seem to locate the sucker.).

Anyway I will speak with great regard for each of the lovely people who nominated me and figure out a way to catch up with the rest of the responsibilities that go with being honored for each of the blogging awards. (Hey cool, I just found my sunshine award nomination hidden away in the comments from the 21st.)

I’m actually quite proud of the prowess I’m beginning to display in navigating somewhat intelligently around my wordpress dashboard. Don’t laugh, I’m wise beyond belief in some areas,(and if you think I’m actually serious here – get used to disappointment. Should you be a fan of the classic movie The Princess Bride you’ll get this reference.) creative off the wall too, and then there’s all the rest of the stuff where I’m a total ignoramus! Though, someone recently asked me for help in the blogger tech-world and I even managed to help them.

   Very Inspiring Blogger Award


So without any more delays, in the past seven days I’ve been nominated for the Hobbles Award, the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, the Sunshine Award, the Beautiful Blogger Award, and the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Don’t they look lovely all grouped together up above? (Good Grouping! – If you’re a fan of the classic movie Young Frankenstein you’ll also get this reference.)

I was nominated for the Hobbles Award by two very special Blogger friends, Nhan Pham and Nenskei.

  • Nhan Pham – You can find Nhan of Nhan-Fiction at http://nhanfiction.wordpress.com/, he is a serious gamer and a very talented and gifted writer. I would greatly encourage you to visit his blog.
  • Nenskei – You can follow her by visiting her blog The Way I Live Naturally  http://nenskeifacestheworld.wordpress.com, She is both poetic and whimsical with a little bit of mystery thrown in. All in all a delight to follow. I certainly think so. Be sure to visit her soon.

The Sunshine Blog Award was nominated to me by

  •   Kina, Her blog is Human in Recovery. She can be reached at http://humaninrecovery.wordpress.com, Her blog is a very personal journal of recovery, growth and healing. Kina herself is a gentle and caring woman. Her blog is inspirational and uplifting – a good one to follow.

I was nominated for the  Very Inspiring Blogger Award by

  • Cimplicity Rocks. I really enjoy the fun of this Blog. It is very clever, sometimes inspirational, frequently funny but always interesting, a very good blog to follow at http://cimplicityrockss.wordpress.com.

I received nominations to the last two Awards –The Beautiful Blogger Award and The Sisterhood of the World Award from Nizy.

  • Nizy’s Life Compendium is a delightful blog to visit at http://nackynice.wordpress.com. Nizy is a lovely human being. She loves to mediate, write and share. A very positive person her writings are a delight to read. She’s worth the visit!

A complete page for each of these wonderful awards and all that goes along with each of them will be forth coming as expeditiously as possible. There, hows that for plausible creativity?

18 thoughts on “When in doubt be creatively plausible?

  1. Congrats on your many well deserved awards!!
    I too am woefully behind on keeping up with people – the more I follow, the more behind I am getting!! it is like a part time job all on its own!! 🙂

  2. Congrats on all your awards, Penny, and becoming behind is the norm, I have found out after blogging for nine months. There is a learning curve in WP, so just do the best you can and everyone is understanding, as we’re all in the same boat! 🙂

  3. Congrats on All the awards ! I am not a newbie but this kind of stuff or mechanical things just infuriate, frustrate, and break consistently for me. I have always considered myself semi-intelligent but techno stuff “fer-get about it!” I struggle with every post I still can’t connect categories or tags very well, tags especially. Think I am going to blog about my ineptitude as well. Hugs Congrats Peace and Love!

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