I Believe


I embraced the glow

Listening to intangible truths

And I but a mortal can only wonder

At that which I cannot see

But know and feel to be.

     Penny L. Howe, 2012

photo Yaroslav B. Russia

I believe that deep inside lies a flame. A light if you will. I call it faith. I don’t mean religion. Religion is how many chose to embrace, celebrate and nurture their faith. But faith comes in all formats and I believe in each one of us exists this glowing essence. Faith is the language of the soul. The glow from within.

The flame glows mightily for some and almost imperceptibly for others. But it’s always there, none the less.

Some spend their lives disbelieving what their soul whispers to them in the night. Some spend their lives questioning that which they cannot understand even though they feel it inside. Some spend their lives on a quest embracing that which they cannot understand but chose to accept. And some radiate the glow from within for all to see.

Faith is the language of our soul and whatever you decide to accept and believe, it will always be there inside, waiting to come forth. I believe faith is the flame that shines within your soul that brightens your hopes, your dreams, your possibilities, your life. This I believe.


36 thoughts on “I Believe

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  2. Beautiful expressions. Reading this post I feel like sharing a quote “I close my eyes so I can see”! It is the intangibles that we need to see.
    Thank you and cheers.

  3. I very much agree with you Penny. This is such a wonderful post… really makes us realize we are one – not separate — and though we may believe different things, really it is all about that flame – that light…the one each of us possess regardless of how bright it seems at any given moment. A beautiful post, one that leaves us thinking. You are really good at this my wise friend ~ Goodnight now – as I head into my tub with the flame of my candle illuminating the room 🙂 Much Love!

  4. I believe you are right on. The spirit inside doesn’t need to follow a religion to be spiritual, but some peoples’ flame is lit by their strong faith within a religion and that’s okay too. Without it they may flounder about.
    Whatever lights your flame works for me 🙂

  5. Sometimes faith is extinguished by chronic wind a rain and then hope may evaporate as well. Then it is choice time. To become extinguished or keep lighting matches. I’ll take the latter approach. Faith reminds it can’t wind and rain forever.

  6. I’m glad you said “I don’t mean religion”. When people say faith, I tend to switch off. But I’m glad I didn’t. It was a very interesting story that certainly made me think from a different angle. Thank you. And well done on the award.

    • Mondrak I really appreciate your words. I agree with you about words that “turn people off”. Thank you so much, I’m hoping your day is going well for you!

  7. I think…believe…there is something in me that can never be revealed or known to others. Not that I don’t try, but it is so deep that no words can explain.

    I have often struggled to let this person out. I often wonder how others see me. It is very difficult if not impossible to see your own self.

    To every person/friend/relative we are a different person. And we see others differently from how they are seen by others.

    Talk about rambling on. Best stop before others see me as all Mixed Up. 🙂

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