One Single Thing

*Cute kitten pictures inserted  throughout this post as relief just in case it seems redundant or repetitious to the reader.

It was 10:09 at night and I didn’t have one single thing written down for my blog for the next day, August 1st. Nothing, Nadda! I dwelled on the dwelling of it for a moment and then being me, which I do uniquely well, I had a thought – I’d do a post about one single thing.

This is actually mind boggling because my mind races most of the day in a multitude of directions. I focus on those things I’m required to do (real world) those things I’m predisposed towards doing (helping others) and of course my free ranging thoughts (fantasy land).

So to pick one single thing would be difficult. Winnowing down from much to few to one. There’s the rub. But I did.

One Single Thing – ME!

Of all the people I know, I know me the best.

I see me every day, night time too. Of all the things that I think about I’m guessing I think about me more than anyone else.

While that is understandable and reasonable (I mean you think about you more than anyone else, but that’s you not me) it would be a rather lonely feeling if I weren’t surrounded by my close companions always at hand. There’s of course Me, then Myself, and then I. A lovely trio I think. Always there when needed, someone I can count on.

Yes, it’s good. The Single Thing I have written about is Me. This has worked out well.

Works for me.

Every one have a very good day, sometimes it’s okay to not take life quite so seriously, have a little fun with it. Don’t you think?

Aren’t the kitty’s cute?

30 thoughts on “One Single Thing

  1. Hahaha, this Me. Well, and my pair of friends over there. Oh and that second head I’m supposed to have, she keeps me in fine company, unless she’s in a bad mood..

  2. “Of all the people I know, I know me the best.” I agree with you 🙂 yes I love the kittens they’re so cute . I love cats so much ,you’re so blessed to have them .Cats are amazing creatures . =)

  3. What a fun light post ~ yet thought provoking. Yes – I always say ‘it’s between me and me” 🙂
    And also “life is supposed to be fun” ~ your kitty guys are the cutest things ever ~ Have a wonderful day today Penny. 🙂 xo

    • Than you Robyn, I think I have my biggest arguments between the three of us (me,myself and I) so it was fun to be good to ME for a change! Thanks for the nice words. Franky and Jonny (all grown but still fun) thank you also! Have a happy uplifting day today! 🙂

  4. I would suggest that you were more “me”ow than simply me. Grin. Wonderful – easy post to read. I follow your writing so easily. Thank-you. You are truly the cat’s meow.

    • Emma, that is delightful, don’t you just love playing with words? thanks, I’ll tell them you said so their aren’t so little anymore. Have a happy day today!

    • Some days, well they are just reallllly long. From hard things, from negativity, or something that seems to keep tripping you up! Laughter can be a very good thing then. Please do have fun. It’s good for you! Thanks for the nice words. 🙂

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