We Are All on A Journey

We are all on a journey through life and often times we make mistakes along the way. It is our children or our children’s children who will correct the mistakes at best or at the least ensure that they don’t happen again.

I recently discovered a wonderful blog that the illustration below is taken from. I encourage you all to go and visit them. What they are doing is important and inspirational. Lateral Love Australia http://lateralloveaustralia.com/inspirational-quotes/

No one is immune from making poor choices. Today in many parts of the planet; we are now governed by our actions. But there is still so very much to work on. So much “we” the people of this amazing planet can do to improve.

Earth is our home and we are all connected whether recognized or not. Mere children of the Universe we have but one foot just barely out the door, tomorrow is waiting patiently for us to find one another and embrace all that we can be. We can do this. One step at a time – Penny L Howe

20 thoughts on “We Are All on A Journey

    • Thank you Brian and Nicci for your words of love and support. I do appreciate them with all my heart. Christina and I are sending love and warm feelings right back to you and your family. Love them daily, never let them forget how important each one of them are! I’ve discovered it makes all the difference in the world, during the darkest hours. Now is a good time for this family, we are moving forward and thinking positive thoughts, a wonderful feeling at last. Special hugs to very special new friends. xoxo 🙂

    • Thank you Sharon I appreciate your kind words. It is a very important subject to me. How we treat our fellow human beings. May your day be filled with love today, Penny!

  1. I like seeing your picture…at least think it is your picture…..

    It makes it seem more that you are just visiting with us.

    When I make a mistake or do something hurtful………I try to correct it as soon as possible. Once it has passed a day or two, it is sometimes hard to go back and explain. But at the same time………there is never a wrong time to make something right.

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