Full Disclosure

Good Morning. In an effort to show true transparency after presenting such tranquil views several weeks ago of the various places in my home where I blog, I’ve determined to show an actual Sunday morning in the household where I live. Recently, I showed some basically nice settings of where I write or blog during different times of the day. Here is reality!

First of all, here I am. I just woke up can you tell? I’m the sleepy one with the big coffee cup in her hand.

My day begins with Franky and Jonny reminding me it’s time to arise. (between 6 and 7 a.m.) Jonny all 28 lbs. of him lays spread out over my tummy.

Franky sits next to me and bats at my cheek (claws retracted).

I stumble upstairs. Perhaps I’m a little more graceful, maybe. (my quarters are in a daylight basement)

I feed Sasha (she’s our teddy bear dog, part sheperd and part chow – 12 yrs old) I pore myself a cup of coffee (preset so it’s ready) and sit down.

This little guy is Dante (a pomerarian, he’s 6 yrs old) who is requesting his breakfast. Pretty much he’s going to bug me until I feed him.

Franky lets me know I didn’t pet him enough when I sit down again

It isn’t long before I hear the sounds of the household stirring.

Soon there is a lot of noisy activity in the kitchen. Everyone pretty much does their own thing here on a early Sunday morning. I’m good with that!

After a variety of interuptions my day actually begins.And this is a summation of an actual Sunday morning, unvarnished and true! Good Morning Everyone,

Now that I’m awake I can go check out my blog activity. Everyone have a wonderful day today.

54 thoughts on “Full Disclosure

    • I have two. A boy and a girl, My children are grown up (And are amazing), while I am closely related to Jack and Emma they are not mine. They, their 18 year old sister Jordan and their mom lost their beloved father/husband 2 years ago when he was killed by a meth using driver who failed to yield his vehicle. Their mom at that time was recovering from a serious illness. It happened on Jack’s 10th birthday. I moved in and have stayed to make whatever positive difference I can. It has been a little over two years now and all are healing. A slow process but a good one. I do tend to feature Jack and Emma in my posts, they light up my life! Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it very much!

  1. This Sunday was rather quiet around here as my wfe is away. So, I did laundry and next will be food shoppng for the week. The laundry was finished by 9:30 and is still in the dryer. It is now 3:30 and I’m considering leaving in the next 1/2 hour. In between those two Sunday chores I’ve been pretty much on the internet- mostly on wordpress trying to catch up with the blogs follow. A lazy day on this end!

  2. My computer clock says: 5:04 PM. But I finally made it here.
    As age has come upon us, both my husband and I have had difficulty sleeping. May get 5 or less hours. We don’t nap or can’t nap. Go to bed at 9, but usually up before 3 AM. I go to the computer. He hits the recliner and TV and may snooze a bit more. We are eating lunch about 9:30 in the morning and supper before 4 PM.

    The one good thing……is that we are on the same schedule.

    • Having the same schedule is a good thing! Sorry about the lack of sleep though, hopefully this will improve for the two of you. Warm thoughts my friend, happy to see you here. 🙂

  3. Nice-looking family you have there…including the putty cats & poochies! Happy Sunday to all.
    I got teased for bringing my camera to church today…I was clicking shots of the front-door roses.
    ( for facebook) ~ Wendy

  4. I immensely enjoyed your full disclosure! Thanks for inviting us in to your morning! I feel a kindred spirit here, someone who understands the pandemonium my hubby and I live with having three cats over 12yrs and a collie/shepherd/corgi cross who patiently abides them all. Honestly, at breakfast time it feels like we work in a zoo with everyone demanding attention at the same time! And we still love every moment of it. Thanks again for a terrific post!

    • Well she’s actually Jordan’s dog (teenager way in the background of the last photo). I just usually wake up before Jordan so get to feed Sasha. She’s very smart, loving, and considers herself the family protector! Maybe she is more like a lion. 🙂

    • Thanks, there were a few more pets who declined to be photographed and the whole family shares in the “love and responsibilites” ownership of animals. So no worries. I live here and help out as I can since the sudden death of the children’s father 2 years ago, but much of the credit for this loving household of animals and people goes to the childrens mom, who also declined to be photographed. Not a morning person 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, I will enjoy my day, you too!

  5. Good morning Penny! What a lovely way to begin the day ~ love and animals and children and COFFEE!! Thanks for inviting us over to share xxoo Much Love and may the day ahead be bright and smiling 🙂

    • Thank you so much Carl. Jack is not my son however, altho we are related. I live here and help this family’s mom since the sudden death of her husband 2 years ago.

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