Waiting In The Wings

Do you write? Do you love writing with a passion?

Are you one of those who put words to paper (does anyone even use paper to write a story anymore? I’m sure they do but they certainly are becoming a rare breed).

Whatever format being used to compose your written piece know that there is a dialogue that begins to take place inside your head at the same time. And this running dialogue keeps pace with the words being written down. It goes something like this:

“Will this be good enough?”

“Have I gotten it right?”

“Will it be accepted?”

“Will I be read?”

“Is it really good enough?”

And as the writing progresses so does the worry, continuing long after the piece is finished. The doubt doesn’t diminish. It’s never far from away.

Don’t let a lack of belief in your abilities stop you from pursuing. We would be much poorer by far in the literary world if some of the best known writers of all time had not kept going, in spite of their doubts or the critics.

Don’t forget that the way to get to Center Stage is to be Center Stage. No one can put you there but yourself.

No waiting in the wings!

And for an excellent dose of inspiration and to prove my point – go to this website. http://www.rickwalton.com/pbclass/miscstuf.htm it’s worth the visit!

Have a very prosperous day today!

p.s. click on the VIEW at the top of my blog. I added another page about the weather, okay well the hot weather we’re having, so this page is my way of euphemistically cooling down! I shipped it off to Courtney http://bluebirdblvd.net/ for her and Metan’s http://picsandstuff.wordpress.com/ Weather Blog Invitational. Enjoy!

27 thoughts on “Waiting In The Wings

  1. A very informative and inspirational post, Penny! Oh, how those questions have crept into my mind many times! I do use both, too, but more on the computer, as I prefer typing to longhand…thanks for the nice nudge to keep pursuing! Hugs!

  2. Oh, thank you, Penny! I just saw this postscript today— you are so lovely! This reminds me of a potent piece written by one of my favorite writer-aritists, Lynda Barry, about the danger of the “Is this any good?” question. Nicely said on your part. (And I still use paper— always!)

  3. This is an inspirational post. I find that when I get too caught up in thinking about how my writing will be received, it doesn’t flow well. Sure, I want people to like what I write, but I do better when I don’t write with that in mind. I mostly work on the computer, but I do use paper on occasion, when a PC isn’t practical. (I just wrote a story a few days ago on a couple pieces of memo pad paper.)

    • thanks Janna. It’s hard not to think about if your work will be liked or not, I know. Good for you being able to set that aside when you’re being creative. I use paper sometimes too, so the penned written word is still alive and well! Thanks for the nice words. I do appreciate them! 🙂

  4. Boy, what a site! Just read some of it (authors that were rejected by Many publishers before being accepted). And some random facts re authors. Definitely will go back and read thoroughly – very interesting. Thanks.

  5. – oh my “writers who wrote standing up” — this is good for me to know as the sitting thing is not agreeing with me these days – I often move from sitting to standing …to kneeling… to laying on belly … to laying on side…etc. It’s not that crazy then!! YAY! xo

  6. You have a wonderful way of saying what is likely lurking in the corners of so many of our minds — thank you for confronting for us Penny! I am going to look at the link you shared — this was a wonderful post — universal feelings whether we admit it or not ~ Love to you this day xo

  7. Wonderful post Penny. God knows I needed to read this today, my heart wants to take this writing to the next level and I just don’t know how.
    I still use paper and computer, but I have so much on paper that needs to be typed…aaargh lol. Have a prosperous today. Big hugs

    • Thank you boomie, I’m thinking your creativity will show you the way, or (as has happened with me) some unanticipated comment or action by someone around you will trigger a breakthru for you. Enjoy the day today, hugs right back at you! 🙂

  8. Reading so many blogs gives me so many new ideas. I don’t think we can copy a style because something of ourselves always enters into our writing. But seeing how others write does give new perspective and encourages us to try writing about new things in a new way.

  9. I also belong to those who like to put down initial ideas on paper. Although most of the writing intended to be published at some point goes right into the computer. (Otherwise I would never get it done with only two fingers… 😉 )

    Thank you for the encouragement, Penny! 🙂

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