Go With the Flow

Melancholy – The Nature of being…

This is a fascinating word.  Evoking in each of us an immediate awareness of emotions conveyed by just saying the word.

Melancholy – the essence sneaks up on you, I’ve noticed, slowly seeping in through sensual crevices, the underpinnings that create our structured and unstructured thoughts.

Melancholy – interfering with all things mental and physical, at once insidious and hard to ignore. Hovering invasively but in such an unobtrusive manner that there is no notice until its fully-fledged arrival has occurred.

I know it’s a deeply personal state of being, whether or not we recognize it happening to another, we certainly realize when it’s happened to us. There is a specifc set of signals going on in the brain that are impossible to ignore. A fatiguing elusive quality of not caring or caring so deeply that it becomes easier to just ignore life and the people around you.

So on those days I … go with the flow!

And I’m thinking it’s okay when this happens, taking time to reflect on what might have been.

“May your muse embrace the many prisms of life contained within” – Penny L Howe


Gerry Rafferty is one of my favorite musicians, although he has gone home, his music lives on. I listen to Baker Street when melancholy. This is a nice rendition video put together by 65Seasons, if you feel so inclined click and enjoy!

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

47 thoughts on “Go With the Flow

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  2. Nice post Penny, and a lovely picture too.
    When I feel down I listen to a few tunes, but mainly Gymnopedie no1 by Erik Satie.
    I love the piano work, the back and forth of the rythm, the haunting sadness.
    I find it very soothing and calming and I like to let the music flow over me losing myself in the notes.
    Well worth a listen, in any format.

    Strangely another song I turn to in times of sadness is Birthday by the Sugarcubes.It’s not really a sad song, Bjork’s voice is so good.
    Hope your day is a happy one and not a sad one Penny,
    love n hugs

    • Our days here are pretty upbeat now, the occasional nightmare by different members of the household but very infrequent. Just really good vibes going on. I feel that way about singer’s voices and melodic music also. My day so far is a very happy one! Same to you!!!! 🙂

  3. Beautiful writing Penny. “it’s a deeply personal state of being, whether or not we recognize it happening to another, we certainly realize when it’s happened to us.” these words touched me a lot.

  4. LuAnn & Terry “If we practice living in the present moment then all emotions would be acknowledged and felt.” made me think of horses. People ask me if horses feel emotions. They do. Acknowledge might be more accurate because they do not categorize, judge or otherwise do anything but experience them. Melancholy is one of the heavily judged feelings, I think. Pity.

    • I agree with you yet again. Yes you are correct. I tend to write what I feel in the moment. And then I move on, but having said that I have watched others with empathy who are feeling melancholy which is why I referenced it the way I did as “going with the flow”. I’m hoping you did not find this post as judgemental. I find I already treasure your council!

  5. I like the sound of “going with the flow”. I agree that sometimes we need to just to let it happen. Recently I was way behind my normal routine. Usually I can pull off a punctual supper anyways: But that day I didn’t. I made up a meal, late, using what we had and everyone loved it. (rare that I get a 5/5!) Later my daughter said, “You should be late more often.” ~ Wendy

  6. Much enjoyed ‘Baker Street’ – the rolling stone ~ love that song 🙂 And your quote is wonderful too Penny – embrace the prisms — will try to remember 🙂 xo

    • I am glad you liked the song. Each of us has our own tastes in such things. Although I’m quite elastic when it comes to music. Two more of my big time loves of “singers of songs” is Luciano Pavarotti whom I was able to meet (very,very briefly) in Portland Oregon the last time he sang there, and Andrea Bocello. I could listen to him sing “Time to Say Goodbye” again and again. Yes I do greatly love music, as I think you do also! Thank you for your generous compliments Robyn, Do you remember an old Disney movie Polly Anna with all the hanging “prisms”? 🙂

  7. Meaningful to contemplate the power of this word ~ and the emotion that matches… ‘interfering with all that is mental and physical’ — how interesting to consider this Penny. Thank you … and going with the flow is a mantra I’ve used for years and years now… Sometimes more challenging than others, as I’m sure you know. Gong to listen to the youtube clip now ~ Sending lots of love to you dear friend ~xo

    • Good morning, or in your case good afternoon Robyn, The clock time may be difference but our exchange of comments seem to be timeless. How wonderful is that? I’m pleased you enjoyed my post today. Hope you enjoy the song? Gerry’s words and the music to me are soothing and at the same time the tonal qualities along with his voice texture resonate in a way that sings out to a soul that is residing, for that moment, in the same place. If that makes sense to you?

  8. You always do consistently good posts, and that makes me jealous. Not melancholy, although i do enjoy a bit of melancholy now and then. I think it makes me happy oddly.

    • I hope not! But with reference to your comment on melancholy,You know what I think I get that. I spent so many years as a child and then as an adult getting lost in books (my preference – less angst to cope with) I find when I’m in that state, it belongs exclusively to me (the melancholy) so I can be as I wish. Thank you StetotheJ! 🙂

  9. Hmmm. I think I can connect to that word these days – but it should be raining outside (grin) and just inside. Thanks for giving me permission to just go with the flow – it is reassuring in a time when I feel like I should be “doing, doing, doing”.

    • I really agree with you. There used to be a time when it was …just one more thing (kind of thought) and now it seems to be …first these things to do, then these other things to do, then… sigh. I’m guessing a time out is good for all of us, if we would only let that happen! Take care of you, first, I think the rest is a little bit easier after you do that. Hope your day goes well for you today. 🙂

  10. It’s a shame I can’t listen to the provided you tube link now (restrictions at work), but I like your post, and we all have right to feel how we feel and it gets better when it is let out and shared.

  11. Just wrote about something similar – not exactly melancholy but feeling depleeted and going with the flow. Seems we are in alignment, here. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful feelings, thoughts and words.

    This may sound strange, but: enjoy the melancholy! (That’s what I do on days like that)

    (P.S.: Cannot watch the video in Germany. Some strange new rules about controlling the music industry.)

    • Thank you Stefanie, we do appear to be in sync, don’t we?:) A nice feeling! I am sorry about the “rules” re:music. It would be nice if instead of all the negativity and “controlling”, that seems to be prevelant around the world, the conversations were all about “loving” and helping one another, all the peoples and countries everywhere would be healthy and happy. Knowing human nature best to say healthier and happier, still it would be wonderful if all peoples connected in that way! Maybe not so much melancholy then too. 🙂

  12. I try to except the days where I feel melancholy as well, I’m afraid fighting would only make it worse. I tell myself its a normal human emotion, let it wash over and wait for it to pass. Luckily, it always does.

  13. If I have to be honest, I enjoy melancholy very much and I usually write very good things in this state. Chopin and Celtic music works for me very well. Thank you very much for this tiny and beautiful piece from your heart

    • Thanks for sharing, my father told me my ancestors were of a Celtic origin so I have always appreciated their music as well. If I’m being honest I enjoy most kinds of music depending on my mood. Thank you for your sweet words.

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