The Way of The Word

(hear the tinkling sound of Zen type music in the background)

The wordiness of words is a special thing.

Wordology is the science of developing and organizing words relating to a specific subject matter in an informative, easy-to-read and intelligent way.

It can also mean the art of assimilating and disseminating any information in the written form, in an original and logical manner.

Now pay attention here. This is important stuff! Words are important. I am writing them right now. If I were there with you I’d be speaking to you with words. What we write has meaning to us, presumably. Or we would not write it down, but the thing is … words are more than words … (I thought that was a brilliant quote). Words are a means of communicating that which we wish to communicate and even more, they are the means by which we convey our inner most thoughts.

So where am I going with all of this? It should be perfectly obvious. Every blogger on the planet is a Wordologist (of course) plain as day, crystal clear and so on. Who knew? We are specialists within our own field. How Cool Is That!

We stand alone! Apart from! Distinct! Unique! Our own Person. Original. One of a Kind. I could continue on but then I’d exceed the number of words that make a blog page agreeable to those kind enough to visit.

Now that I’ve used what is just the right amount of wordiness, I am well satisfied with my words of the day. I most sincerely hope that you figured out at some point that there is no such word as wordology, although there are those online who have fun with it. I thought it an apt discription for bloggers so decided to have some fun with it. That being said I’ll end this on a high note!

Keep smiling everyone! Make today a good one!

51 thoughts on “The Way of The Word

  1. What a great word you created Penny~ I think we need to send it to Webster’s 🙂 Words have power and energy ~~ they deserve their own scientific classification … yes? Love seeing your smiling face today!! Love your way~

    • Thanks Robyn I responded to you earlier on this one, you got it though, didn’t you? But I just checked and my reply seemed to be missing from the comments. Hmmm. So anyway I’m writing this again. Oh yeah I remember I said that the word had been invented by some online individuals a few years ago but that I was happy to accept responsibility for calling bloggers worologists. So here we go I’m replying again, sorry about this goof up, but of course always love “speaking” with you my friend, hope you’ve had a good day today. 🙂

      • oh wow – no did not get the reply ~ but thank you for re-replying 🙂 I think you get the credit for the word Penny because you presented this concept in such a great style!! ~ loved it– decent day for me …wearing a new type of brace for the adductor/groin area — fun summer attire but whatever works – right?! xxoo Love to you!

  2. Convey our inner most thoughts through communication is not as easy as it sounds…
    I agree with LuAnn you are the word goddess. Thank you for the wonderful post!

  3. Your blog is really fun…and literate…and I really like it..and…. Love seeing glimpses of you with each post–great idea.

    • Thank you Alice for your extremely generous compliments. I am very appreciative. It is my goal to reach out to others and share, as I can, my thoughts on life and other subjects as they come to mind. Thank you again so much, may your day be an especially great one for you today, Penny

  4. (hear the tinkling sound of Zen type music in the background) Got it. Spoken words have vibration, energy. I’m left wondering if mankind has managed to create vibrations from symbols assembled into words on a flat screen. It would seem impossible but you have me wondering. Thanks.

  5. “Now pay attention here. This is important stuff!”

    Yes, ma’am!

    “That being said I’ll end this on a high note!”

    Penny, you know I’m the one that does the high notes. Or at least the squeaky notes. 😦

  6. Old hymns playing in background, I like having the title of “Wordologist” much better than ‘retired”
    now when someone asks I can answer with wordologist and they won’t know what that is but be
    unwilling to ask to avoid appearing unknowing. LOL Did I get ‘wordy’ enough ?

    Loved this Penny! You never fail to bring happiness with your wordinesss 🙂

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