Are You Listening?

We’ve become a culture of viewers, watchers, readers and responders…But are we really listening? Really? Everything that happens today is instant, immediate, fast action, fast forward, abbreviated, and then we move on to the next quick thing. Tiny little bits of information – ‘many’ tiny little bits of information – are being scattered around and passed back and forth. Sound bites, short videos, newstreams, streamfeeds, downloads, uploads. The information is endless and overwhelming. Is there even time to – listen?

Some thoughts to consider,

Listen TO your heart

If its racing and you aren’t running in a marathon then stop what you are doing, take several slow deep breaths and relax your mind and body before continuing on!

Listen WITH your heart

When something or someone strikes you in a sincere and personal way. Respond! Be involved. Care. Make a difference.

Listen to your Elders

 Hear their words. They’ve already been where you’re going. They can make a difference for you and you for them.

Listen to your children

Hear and answer their questions. Take the time to really hear them and be there. They are the future.

Listen really, really listen. You may be surprised by what you hear!

Also for all of those amazingly wonderful people out there who commented with such compassion and understanding on my post from the other day…And Then She Waited, please visit Christina: she has a few special words she would like to say to you!

Today is the first day in the rest of your life! I hope its a great one, Penny 🙂

65 thoughts on “Are You Listening?

  1. Very well noted… and true unfortunately… so few people know how to listen. Thank you for writing this Penny… I love the pic you featured 😀 Bless you!

    • Thanks Paula, I liked the little fellow myself. I thought he suited the listening aspect quite well! Thanks I do appreciate you. Did you know that you are one of my first followers? 🙂

      • No, I had no idea 😀 (hmmm this makes me eligible for longest-lasting follower blogger award 😉 – just a bad j/k… you know what I think about awards – I hope as I wrote about 4 posts on that issue… there are better ways to mention people and give tribute to their blogs 🙂

  2. My papa was medic in WWII–he was not very tolerant of technology for diagnosis. He often said, “The two most useful pieces of diagnostic equipment are sitting on either side of your head.”

    • Yes Amy, many times when I reference something I am actually recalling some activity of myself that I personally wish to improve upon. Listening is one of those, Thank you for your words of wisdom my dear friend. 🙂

  3. Very good advice Penny ~ I have always been a focussed listener when it comes to the human condition. I tune out a lot of clutter from external sources, and don’t watch any tv or even news which may not be wise — but it’s been my way. Lovely post – and very worthwhile message as always my dear friend ~ Much Love xxoo

    • Thank you. It is obvious with how you respond to your followers that you “listen” and listen well. Since we first began you have been an inspiration to both Christina and I. Which brings to mind, how are you feeling today Robyn? (pretty direct of me huh?) 🙂

      • Thanks Penny… I appreciate… didn’t report back as I’m still struggling pretty badly… really haven’t left my house in a month ~ and most days not even my room ;( Pretty depressing so don’t really speak about much. Guess I should do an update on “my story” but so not wanting to acknowledge demise. The blogging is a bright light in my life, but I really need to figure out why walking/sitting are so excruciating. Have several things planned for more forging forward with investigation and therapy. Hopefully something will break. Thankfully have images on file I can still work with for blogging posts for a bit. I really appreciate your energetic healing work Penny ~ may just take a while… and some intervention that keeps my femur from slipping out of the acetabulum so much xxoo Sending Love and hope that wasn’t tmi (feel free to delete after you’ve read) xxoo

        • No, no delete button for this one Robyn, dear one. I do wish I were nearer. When I was able to be of help (never knew why) I was actually close enough to touch people (?) was just hoping that my thoughts might do something. I do appreciate the update as will as those who care about you online and can pray and send positive thoughts your way (not a bad thing) But I understand your need to go and be in the “creative space” so soothing, without referencing your pain and struggles. Having said that, I care, we all care, don’t forget that for a nano-second. Much love, I’ll keep working on the positive thoughts sent your way, never too much information when your with friends, Robyn, with love and affection, Penny

  4. Good and necessary post! I have a magazine article tucked in my Bible to encourage me to listen better. One of the suggestions is to pretend you are on a journey when you listen to someone…a journey you have not been on before. This helps me not to interrupt or guess what they are going to say. People are more likely to say profound things if we really listen. I need all the help I can get on this… and it’s slowly sinking in! ~ Wendy

    • Thank you for your wise words and honesty. To be truthful I am also guilty on busy days of not really hearing what is being said to me, like you I try to remember that what another has to say is equally and in many cases more important than I and my my thoughts! Thanks, my friend.

  5. Listening is a skill that many people have to practice. And it’s different than hearing what someone is saying. I think listening involves a deeper understanding and empathy than ‘hearing’. Great reminder, Penny 🙂

    • Thank you. You are correct. That’s what listening is to me also. But I confess I am also guilty of getting caught up in the business of being busy. I guess we all need to listen a little closer. Again thanks for your wise comments! 🙂

  6. Ah yes, listening, the single most important part of communication, I believe. I found when I was in the corporate world that so few took the time to listen and sadly, lost out on some very profound gems being offered up by their employees. Often I think the inability to listen has to do with ego, that insidious part of our personality that believes what we have to say is ‘all important’. I have to say Penny that I have reflected upon what an afternoon over a cup of tea would be like with you, you appear so well grounded and insightful. Thanks for another great post!

    • Yes, I couldn’t agree more LuAnn, with reference to sharing a cup of tea. I believe you and I may be somewhat kindred souls with past and present experiences. In the corporate world I will have to say I caught on fast, and went from a “why is she here” to “maybe we better listen to what she’s saying” person. It helped that men don’t intimidate me so much (speaking both personally and professionally) Once they really got it they became good friends and associates. Sometimes I miss those days, although not very often. 🙂 Maybe we can meet one day (real world). I find I would enjoy that very much! Enjoy your day to day, my friend! 🙂

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  8. Listening is such an important piece of communicating! I am always amazed by those who start to listen, and as you are talking, you can see in their face that they are formulating something to say in return, without ever listening long enough to get to the point you are trying to make…

    • Thanks Chris. Yes he is clearly wise. Duane had a saying that I loved that he said frequently to the kids, “A happy mom is a happy household!” Thanks for the fun of it all. You know, Not maudlin here. Duane was a very funny and fun guy. And that’s where we are returning. The fun of it all. It’s a very good thing, humor! Again thanks, Penny

  9. But are we really listening? I am,yes. Am I concerned about the lines between things like a positive attitude and self deception? Sometimes. A culture of observers prone to self reflective expression may be in the process of redefining listening into something that precludes action beyond their very close-in immediate experience.

    • I can see that you really are. It used to be something one had to do to get by. Pay attention and listen to others. The pseudo intellectual that flourishes today is scary beyond belief. thanks for your very wise, as usual, words, Penny

    • Thank you Neil. There are those days when the computerization of high speed/nano/technology seems to creep into ever aspect of our lives with more to follow. Quantum algorithms are in the works which will make what we are using now seem slow by comparison. Integrating humans with our inventions seems to be where philosophers, poets, and those who live and act in the more visceral world are going to be of increasing value. People such as yourself. Thank you for commenting. Travel well my friend, Penny

  10. Also (and it’s been a long time since this has happened to me – probably won’t again) listen to your heart when you are near someone and it starts fluttering 🙂

      • I thought I had once after my divorce, turned out to be a sociopath who hated kids and just wanted someone to cook and clean the house. Devastated my kids, and I won’t put them through that again

        • There are good people out there, it’s the darn weeding that is so hard. Keep weeding so something more wonderful can happen. As long as your needed you’ll protect your children. Don’t forget about you and your needs, please?

          • I don’t go out enough to meet anyone anyway. I go out, meet my sister, go home. Or go into town, do something, come home. I try not to be noticed by anyone. Except when I am intentionally embarrassing my kids 😉

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