Courtney has a gift. A way with words, I though I’d share them with you as I believe many of us feel the same way as she when she wrote this piece. Enjoy!

Bluebird Blvd.


On the coast of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands? (LOC)


is black and white, and regular.

But this cover protects the fine, thin

pages where the hand and eye and pen

will land, like a small wayward ship

tipped to an island, empty of man,

yet full of life. And I, a passenger,

press my words on the white sand

near to the center of you. I remain

affixed to this place that is not a place.

Though I sit at a desk, I feel as if I stand

on the shores of a new bright haven.

This poem was inspired by a prompt by my friend Kate of Old, New or True— Scribble Scrawl 15 Minute Challenge: Ode to a Trivial Thing that is Making Your Day.

*QUICK NOTE: Bluebird Blvd.’s posting schedule has changed from every day, to every other day, for the month of August, and possibly…

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    • Thanks Stefanie, I was very happy to do so. I’ll probably reblog more frequently those posts where I see talent and creativity shining through as it does in Courtney’s piece here. 🙂

    • You’re welcome. It is a pleasure to find talent and get the word out about it, I think! Although here in blogland there appears to be a huge wealth of talent. I love it all! 🙂

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