Exploring the World of Bloggers

You may have noticed that my last few posts have been reblogs. Just couldn’t help myself. I have spent the last few days exploring other blogger sites and viewing into their creative and often inspirational world via the blogging social network. I have been visiting all over the world. How wonderful is that!

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am fascinated by where all of you other bloggers, my online friends live, and how far from me (geographically speaking) that location is.

Each day I check my flag counter to see if any new flags have shown up indicating I have a potential new friend somewhere in the world I’ve not been to before (online).

There was a very popular song in a commercial that came out some years ago by a HUGE beverage company that I won’t name (copyright and trademark infringement) But it became very popular because the song alluded to the world and being in perfect harmony (Anybody got any guesses on who that company is, lol?) To me the blogging world comes very close to epitomizing this wish!

This is truly one of the things I have come to enjoy about this unique blogging world. It really is the whole world. The planet we all reside in. Our world. We the citizens of this planet have this most wonderful way to connect instantly to one another. We share our thoughts and dreams, ideas and concerns, and of course our creative talents – receiving love and encouragement from one another while we do so. I JUST LOVE IT! The whole complete experience of connecting with others regardless of where they live!

So, a quick thank you to those who follow me,a thank you to those I follow and I am looking forward to meeting all the rest of you as soon as may be. (estimates suggest that there are roughly 180 million+ blog sites around this world of more than 7 billion inhabitants! Just to put this in perspective here! )

Thanks again to all who blog, I greatly appreciate the richness and variety of creativity that each and every one of you represent! Sharing with each of you fills my heart with gladness and renewed hope for our planets future!

62 thoughts on “Exploring the World of Bloggers

  1. This is actually one goal I have in mind when I started my blog. I love people, I love words and I love how media can be useful in this age. Bloggers take a lot of part in making the “media” better. May our journey be rich and may you meet more online friends, lastly collect more flags!

    God bless!

    • Thank you Joycelyn! We are so much of a kind aren’t we. Best of all it’s really fun. All of it! I appreciate your visit very much. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of each other in our mutual visits in the future. Oh I just got another flag a little while ago, I just love it. Happy blogging my new friend, Penny

  2. Does Scotland have its own flag on your counter thingy or are we lumped in as part of the dis-United Kingdom? Either way, happy to be with you here.
    And we have our Other National Drink, Irn Bru, which is way better than the rubbish that lovely Robyn is talking about!
    Penny, thank you yet again for your kind words on the Elephant’s blog, so glad you like the daft Bees stuff, and the Animal Vegetable or Minstrel nonsense just kinda got away from me and developed a life of its own. I think it may still be lurking quietly but evilly in a corner somewhere like the famous but deadly Sea Water Haggis (see tomorrow’s blog).

    Enough mince!
    Great blog as always, you are a wonderful lady with a wonderful family, whom AnElephant just adores.

    • Hi Brian, well yes Scotland does have it’s own flag in the counter thingy :), and it also does tend to “lump” your wonderfully distinctive country(one of my favorites by the way) in with the UK! – Speaking for myself, I think it’s your delightful brogue that let’s people know from the beginning of experiencing Scotland how very individual your country and its people are. I greatly enjoy visiting your blog for a whole bunch of reasons (all good! :)). Yes, please may I see more Bee stuff? Great having your here my friend, you are adored here as well! Penny

  3. I am pretty much of a loner. I don’t speak to people when I go out except for people I buy things from. Of late I have been speaking less and less with people (I am trying to write a difficult post explaining that) So “speaking” to people on here makes a lot of difference. It gives me a chance to socialise without the embarrassment of – one – people seeing what I look like and – two – long silences.

  4. About 15 years ago when i first started using the internet I was delighted to ‘meet’ a new American friend called Barb. Coincidentally we shared a birthday. We are still friends now, proper friends, and we’ve still never met in person. It’s the thing I love most about the internet and the communities on here 🙂 Great post my friend 🙂

    • Thanks Dory and what a great find! (your online friend who shares the same birthday)So cool. long term, long distance, real time friend. Yes totally cool. Thank you again my friend across the sea. Don’t those words’my friend’ have such a wonderful ring to them. I certainly think so! 🙂

    • Thank you. I really appreciate your like and of course this great comment! You know I honestly think something more is going on with what’s happening too, just this feeling I can’t quite shake. I’m probably going to write a post on it also in the near future. I study history quite a bit and well… I guess I’ll wait until I think on this a little more. How’s the leg doing? Never mind I’m coming back there to check in! 🙂

  5. Oh Oh and almost forgot – “I’d like to teach the world to sing… in perfect harmony… I’d like to hold it in my hand… and keep it company…. it’s the reeeall thing……..” Ok – just had to look it up to make sure I wasn’t imagining but I sang this song out my bedroom window when I was little 🙂 Here you go – think this may be original version!!


  6. You are right Penny… it is pretty amazing to think about how friendships and bonds are created all over the planet through this medium. I have also wondered if the “target market” of bloggers is a certain type of person (demographic)… a more caring and sensitive type of soul than might ordinarily be encountered in our usual day to day.. seems this may be the case!! FYI – new therapist tonight, hard to be super hopeful but he found an area that is totally restricted the insertion of my quadricep muscle .. will keep u posted on progress hopefully! xo

  7. ” … share our thoughts and dreams, ideas and concerns, and of course our creative talents – receiving love and encouragement from one another while we do so.”

    Giving and receiving love and encouragement is noble. My impatience asks the question, is any human being less hungry, less oppressed, less afraid as a result? I hope so.

    • Each person out in this great planet we reside in has to do what they feel is right for themselves. Admittedly there are many who do less than they could to help others and some who do nothing at all. I think it is a part of the human condition. But I must believe that there is good in most humans and the need to make a positive difference is there too. And if only one person reads something I say that has a positive impact in the manner in which they live their life and/or make a difference to others than I will be satisfied Bob. No one person can do it alone, but many people connecting and trying can make good things happen. This I also believe to be true!

      • ” Each person out in this great planet we reside in has to do what they feel is right for themselves… in the manner in which they live their life…” This is true.

        Within this individuality there once was a balance of holding one another accountable. i.e. Jefferson and Hamilton on labor and capital. Adams and Jefferson on liberty,. We Americans have given humanity the greatest sense of individual liberty this planet has ever seen. However, the greatness of American achievement has come not from this, but from our unique tradition of accountability between individuals.

  8. I just changed my counter and hid it until there are a few more flags waving. I do think it fascinating too–the world seems cozy and somehow safer.

    • Yes Alice the world does seem cozy and safer somehow. Keep posting your great blogs, the flags will go up. I actually go looking in Google for people who blog in other countries and pop in on them, if I like what they have to say I follow and sometimes they follow me back. It is so fun! 🙂

  9. I like to check out the flags too. Nice to see how people from around the world visit me or hang out on my blog.
    THANK YOU for blogging too. Your posts are very inspirational.

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