How Hot is It?

Alright, enough already! It is hot, as in hot! I mean it is realllllly HOT! Does everyone get the picture? For the last few weeks and it really seems like forever, it has been 100 degrees or more outside, It is so hot outside that… (insert “how hot is it?)

It’s so hot that…

–          My cats are giving me dirty looks every time I even suggest they go outside for a while!

–          The Weeds aren’t even growing (well that’s a good thing but still…)

–          Jack and Emma are begging to take the usual obligatory “bath”.

–          No one is going anywhere unless they ‘have-to’, you know like to McDonalds so it isn’t necessary to heat up the kitchen. Just joking on that one. Well Actually I’m not!

–          Jack and Emma have been volunteering to wash the cars every few days (playing with the water hose to cool off.)

–          We’ve been considering camels as an alternative transportation mode.

–          The one totally outdoor cat we have won’t go outdoors.

–          And we had a couple of “cool” friends stop by, but that didn’t last long.

Okay actually those are Emma and Jack creations from last winter, when it was cold out, sigh! (Yes the snowcat is Emma’s, Jack is creative but more traditional with his).

Okay, I have that out of my system now. No I don’t. It’s going to be this hot for at least another week.

I guess the last thing to say is it’s so hot I couldn’t find a good photo of me to put here because even my photo’s are sweating. Stay Cool, Penny

Just too darn hot!

53 thoughts on “How Hot is It?

  1. It has been pretty sweltering – which I adore, but my kids and hubs all run hot, so they are always griping and grousing about it 🙂 No worries though – fall and winter are right around the corner!

  2. Keep eating that banana ice-cream Penny!! It was yummy yesterday (added a few strawberries) … very cooling 🙂 Sending breezes of Love your way dear one xxoo ~ Robyn

    • Thanks Robyn for your loving thoughts! Now I’m going to have to try the banana ice-cream with strawberries too! Thanks for the cooling breeze 🙂 Much love back to you my friend, xx

  3. Fantastic snow pics, it helped cool me down. Amsterdam gave me a tan, We could have been in California or something, it’s not natural. I’d send you some cool air but really I’d just be wafting hot air at you.

    • Yeah I know, just so unnatural, of course where mother nature is concerned I’m guessing she’s just doing her thing and thinks we’re the one’s that are unnatural, and now that I think about it that’s probably true. 🙂 A tan in Amsterdam, now that’s an interesting thought. Thanks for the idea of sending me some cool air, even if you don’t have it there yourself, hopefully this will change soonest! 🙂

  4. This has been the hottest summer ever for us as well. The air conditioner is my new best friend. I do believe I’ve spent more time indoors this summer than outdoors. Looking forward to the cool crisp days of fall! 🙂

    • Hey, good morning Mondrak, well I think it’s good afternoon right now where you are. Yes I could wish for even 10 degrees cooler. Try to do all the chores early in the morning while the heat hasn’t sucked out the energy. We will survive. 🙂

    • Thanks Maggie, yes that would be nice if we could do a little exchange, some of our warmth for some of your cool. 🙂 10 year old Emma is creative isn’t she. It was great fun to watch her make her snowcat! Hope you’re having a good start to your weekend, stay warm! 🙂

  5. i feel for you my lovely it is ridiculously hot here too we all stay inside because we cant cope with it, its like blindingly shiney out there and all my kids burn really easily, now i know being a little english town we are not in the temperatures you are suffering, but we are just not used to this because it never usually gets this hot here, so to us this is nuclear weather strange and unwanted! we live right next to the beach but we darent even go there every time one of my poor kids steps out even when covered in sun cream and clothes they get burnt, even the wind is too warm which is weird ! for us its a passing heatwave so i feel for you because no way could i live with this , weirdest thing though we tried going down the beach last week and we had fun but while we were there our hair all stood on end! we got a jolly good laugh out of it but i have worried since because after reading i discover it means something has changed about the magnetism of our beach, now i am not a expert so i am worried, yup it looks funny on pictures and made the kids laugh but what does it all mean ? ah well a mystery for another day its only 7 am here and its already stupidly hot 🙂 hope you have a lovely weekend pen xx

    • Thanks kizzylee, I must say that your comment about your hair standing on end the other day at the beach had me weirded out also. Most particular. Mother Nature is mysterious. Hoping your weekend is going well for you also. Stay cool! 🙂

  6. Loved seeing those cutesy snow creatures! It was the coolest moment of my day. It is hot here in the Comox Valley in BC, Canada also,,,,,,,, these are perspiration drops,,,,,,,ladies don’t sweat!

    • Of course we don’t. Yes they had a lot of fun playing in the snow last winter, I could use just a little of that coolness right now. Stay cool and I’ll try to also. 🙂

    • Thank you Rosy, I’m happy for you “normal” weather for you. Hopefully soon here,Yes lots and lots of water, that’s the thing!!! 🙂 Sweet dreams my friend. xx

  7. Thank you Victoria, but how awful that must have been for everyone over there when it was so hot. It does sound like a sci-fi movie. It sounds horrible. It is hot but thankfully nothing like what you just described. It is supposed to cool down in about a week, I hope! Thanks for the caring thoughts, I appreciate them very much, Penny

  8. I am envious, Penny – just for an hour or so, it would be lovely to be that warm. We have had the coldest winter for a very long time, and even when the sun shines, it’s freezing. Did Tai Chi in three layers of clothing and a scarf this morning!

  9. I must console you Penny.

    Our hottest day here in Melbourne, Australia was 46.4 degrees C (ie about 115degrees F) on the 7th Feb 2009. It is often over 150 degrees in the outback centre of Australia (where nothing grows but low spiky shrubs or just bare desert).

    The bushfires around Melbourne got so close to the outer city, that the air was blanketed in thick smoke, the sun through the red haze was ghostly and every single leaf on every single tree in our garden was roasted brown. There was not a single green leaf in our garden and when you went outside it was hard to breathe. Many plants never recoverd and died. But surprisingly most plants did survive and after a year or so are now green again. I think that was approx. 3

    Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera back then, but I remember thinking it was like a science fiction movie.

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