A Gathering of Bloggers – One United World!

Just yesterday I spoke with various people (via the blogging world of the internet) from North American, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, UK (England, Scotland, Ireland), the Far East, The Middle East, Several Scandinavian Countries, Various Islands, Providences and more. And our conversations were real time, nothing fettering our exchange of thoughts, opinions and ideas.

What was even more important than our subject matter was the fact that we were communicating directly with each other. Average everyday people speaking with one another as friends. Friends everywhere around the world. It is a wonderous thing to be happening, you know.

Over the centuries there are those who have felt keenly a sense of impending change – happening around them – those of an artistic and nurturing soul.  And during these times they tend to gather towards one another, instinctively.

We can probably recognize some of these gatherings that have happened, each relating to one’s own cultural history, within the last several hundred years – creative artisans, writers, philosophers, thinkers, inventors. Gathering for a common/creative purpose of coming together for the GOOD of mankind!

I believe, during times of change, the need to be more strongly interactive becomes instinctive for those who sense a change in coming events.

We are in a world-wide time of change right now. We know it! We sense it! We feel it! And for the first time ever, the voice of mankind is being heard around the world by her/his brothers and sisters of the planet earth. It is real. It is happening, an exchange of thoughts, ideas, views; a pure coming together, a gathering of bloggers – How incredibly wonderful is that!

A beginning, one predicated on love, understanding, caring, commonality, reaching out, touching, sharing, a sense of belonging by all who reside on Earth. Yes indeed, a very good thing.

Penny L. Howe,

My world address: Washington,USA – North America – Planet Earth:Citizen

What’s yours?

90 thoughts on “A Gathering of Bloggers – One United World!

  1. Interesting post. Look at all these people from around the globe commenting on this! My world address is NH–USA–North America–Earth (some days though, I’m almost sure I’m living on Mars 🙂 )

    • Thank you, I have a researchers mentality left over from the Adverising phase of my life, so I have this need to “know” all about this great group of bloggers (like you). I do think the world address adds to those feelings I get when I visit with a blogger! Thank you so much for your Earth address. My summer home is on Mars but I’m thinking of making it my permanent one. lol, Thanks, stay sane (reasonably) Penny 🙂

    • Celestine, thank you for your world address. I appreciate it so very much. I am keeping a diary of all my world wide friends locale. Just makes the connections that much stronger for me and my world view a little more personal. Again much thanks my friend! Sending warm and loving thoughts your way. xx Penny

  2. It took me a long time to come round to the positive aspects of connecting via the internet. Since my blogging journey began though I have, like you, connected to so many amazing people. What took me so long? 🙂

    My world address: Perth, Western Australia, The World, The Universe (but this could change in an instant 🙂 )

    • Hi Pam, I so totally agree with you. It’s like this huge positive fix to look forward to everyday, Who Knew? I must share that the gravatar photo of you sitting on the boat makes me just a smidge envious, well okay realllly envious. I used to go sailing with my sister and her husband off the Pacific Coast line, They sold their boat and I do miss the sailing! Hope your Wednsday is a great one for you, 🙂 Penny

  3. Being in the U.S. in an election year could make one cynical about the human connection. Being a blogger and making connections world-wide is so inspiring, so restorative. We can see that there is a “one-mind consciousness” taking place and it is so very exciting. Wonderful post Penny!

    LuAnn ~ World Address: Wherever our RV is parked (presently Oregon, US) ~ North America ~ Proud citizen of Planet Earth

  4. I love these new ideas of urs! 🙂 It is just that I don’t have enough time nowadays to check out and comment on each post of my favrt bloggers..
    My address is 11/11 Ashoke avenue, durgapur, west bengal, India, Asia, Earth.
    Anyone wanna send me a snail mail? 🙂

  5. Gathering, connecting, sharing, discovering, relating, rejuvenating, refreshing, inspiring, encouraging, healing….so many great and wonderful words to describe that which you have already described so very well…. I stand in awe at the connections being made all over the world…one at a time.

    Christina ~ Washington State ~ United States ~ Citizen: Planet Earth

    • You know Brad it’s an interesting thing. I write about how I feel and what I believe, I respond to those nice enough to stop by and return the favor by visiting their blogs and it seems to be working well. I’ve only been blogging seriously for two months and the reception I’ve gotten is just amazing, I am happy to be blogging, hopefully people will continue to enjoy what I write. I hope so, Thank you so much for your kind words, I think I’ll come by your place for a visit! 🙂

  6. Wonderful post, Penny. You have interpreted your thoughts in a great way. I too believe the result of interaction of people staying in different parts of the world is always great. it helps us to be aware of things happening in the same planet, we live. Great work. Very thoughtful.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Arindam, coming from you, they are greatly appreciated. I’m hoping your coming week is a positive and fruitful one for you my friend, Penny

    • Thank you for visiting me. And for your warm compliments. Congratulations on your years blogging anniversary, as I’ve already mentioned I think you have an excellent blog so it is my pleasure to have you here. Isn’t the meeting and sharing just simply wonderful? Hope your today has been a good one and your tomorrow better, 🙂 Penny

  7. Let’s go VIRAL ! 😀 My world is Montreal Canada.

    I invite all to wear white in solidarity on September 21, 2012 on National Peace Day.
    A reminder will be posted September 18 – My birthday, and I can’t think of a better gift than the gift of friendship in unison.

    Wonderful post Penny. Hugs at 11:40 am

    • Yes Lets! (Go VIRAL) Great idea Lesley. Thanks for your world address. I will wear white on September 21st but a reminder is always a good thing also. Without a doubt nothing better than a gift of friendship, okay maybe a gift of love, but with real friends that’s implied isn’t it. Cool! Thanks, many warm hugs to you up there in Montreal! xxxx Penny

    • I completely agree with you Meryl, to me it has become this daily unexpected gift when I visit or am visited by blogging friends both the one’s known to me and those who are new. I’ve heard it said already but I’ll repeat it in the blogging world you just simply feel better about yourself and others. And I for one, just simply love it and those I have met and are meeting every day. Special people becoming special friends, like you Meryl, much love, warmth and lots of hugs being sent to you today, ♥ Penny

  8. Well said. I think the key thing about the connectivity of sharing thoughts, ideas, and views is from ordinary people, that inspires, provokes more and deeper thinking, caring, and loving. The “hands around the globe” presents nicely of the idea of sharing. Thank you, Penny!

    • Me too Lisa! Thanks for sharing your world address. I’m keeping a diary of all the world addresses (geographic location) of my blogging friends, who are becoming so much more to me! Hugs to you from across the ocean! ♥ Penny

        • I think high tech. is great, for communications and all the other good things new and improving technology is doing for us, but sometimes I feel like it’s too much, too fast for us all to take in, perhaps? 🙂

          • That is true. I know that a couple of places from Google earth have been removed due to privacy. I also think that you should be able to request something from Google to have the image of you/your house etc removed. Especially if someone is in the Witness Protection Program. Or – in my case – there are two people that I really don’t need them to know where I live. They know the town, but not the location. The place I was on Google was near where I used to live and before I had to get police involved to protect me and my son.

            While I do like the idea of Google maps and being able to see exactly where I am supposed to be and showing people exactly where I live, I agree sometimes it is too much. I am grateful that the faces are blotted out, although I think it’s a little amusing when the face of the Sphinx is blotted out.

    • Hi Maggie, Amazing indeed, isn’t it just a great feeling, thank you for your world address (I’m saving all that I receive from my friends across the world). Hope your Sunday has been an especially good one for you, sending you much love and good wishes my friend ♥, Penny

    • Thank you, and I also would have been greatly deprived of all my new friends and those I continue to make daily. I think you are right. The key phrase here – like minded people! We are that indeed. Thank you my friend, sending hugs of warmth and affection xxx,Penny

    • Good Morning, (afternoon?) Mondrak, Please ramble, I enjoy hearing your words (all of them), very much! Thank you for the lovely compliment.It is true. My speaking to you way over there, (and yet it doesn’t feel like “way over there” to me) is just the best feeling ever! Sending many loving thoughts your way today Mondrak ♥ Penny

      • Just to try and get some sort of time difference, it is currently 23:37 here in the UK

        It always seems like I’m having a chat with someone just around the corner – that you can never seem to catch when you are out. I think I am definitely going to have to sort out passports in the very near future.

  9. That’s really great Penny! You have expressed our days of change very well. There was a lady named Vera Alder Stanley who wrote a series of books in the 70s. She said (prophesied?) people needed to get ready because sometimes around the turn of the century the world would be connected as one – we would have a global consciousness. She was certainly right! I love being connected to others throughout the world via my blog.

  10. If only ordinary, everyday, plain old people ran the world……..sigh.

    If we would only all hold hands (and sing…of course 🙂 ) we could not say hurtful words or do hurtful deeds……..sigh.

    • Thank you meme, if only. My voice couldn’t hold a candle to yours but I’d to very happy to sing for happy too if we could all hold hands and sing, sending loving thoughts to you this morning meme – ♥

    • So very true, Hate has always been a word I dislike to hear, but of course it is the hurt that is given when using/thinking/acting on the word that is so much worse, Much love to you today, Alice xx

  11. Great post Penny, we hear such bad things on the news all the time and yet the majority of people I come across in my day to day life are wonderful people. And the vast majority of people I’ve come across in the blogosphere are also amazing, they’re just geographically further afield. All it takes to make a positive change is a belief that you can and a few like-minded people to help you along the way.

    • Yes, yes, yes! Dory. I am so sure that what you say is true. I’d take it to the bank (if any banks are still solvent that is! lol) Serious you are correct and I’d say there is more than a few like-minded people out there to make that positive difference, Thanks my friend!

  12. Our hearts speak as one
    the cyber-world never done
    no matter the time or tide
    no matter the day far and wide
    We are brothers and sisters
    United by the universal language
    ob Blogging.
    My World address: Kansas, USA ~ North America~ Citizen: Planet Earth

  13. I agree that it is exciting, the world today is something else entirely. possibility that the world’s people. we are what we are. , and that , as such, with all its features ( cultural, customary and others) for being accepted . it is indeed an important step forward in relations

      • Of course it is good , and more ease and convenience and a high level of spirituality is certainly necessary when analyzing and accepting , diverse attitudes koij derived from notions of diversity , it is also a good and healthy relationship with people and Possible levels in people with a great heart people like you , however , despite other differences the world has changed greatly , especially in the areas of which they speak

  14. I agree that it is exciting to be able to communicate so easily via blogging. The blog earth map doesn’t have borderlines on it! I would really miss this if it were ever taken away. It’s nice to travel without packing and without fuel charges! ~ Wendy (in the Comox Valley, BC, Canada)

    • Thanks for your world address Wendy! I so agree with you, everytime I fly somewhere (my son and his family are in Pennsylvania) It is such a huge hassle with everything! You are right! Much nicer to travel as we are right now, Stay cool my friend, Penny

  15. Penny, I was rivetted by this post. By what you said, and as an example of how we are all ONE, and beginning truly to connect, I too wrote on bloggers today.. at least, I wrote it yesterday and posted it a couple of hours ago… Synchronicity – benevolent coincidences as they’re sometimes called, is the mark of this coming together of our planetary community. Isn’t it wonderful to be on the same wavelengths and to feel The Changes happening?

  16. I like it! The photo with the hands around the globe is my “logo” for my blog, so how can I not like it? Well done! And you are so right. This blogosphere really changes the ability to connect, doesn’t it? Thanks for the thoughtful post!

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