If I Didn’t Care

If I didn’t care

it’d be okay, I suppose.

If I didn’t care

maybe no one would notice – maybe.

If I didn’t care nothing would really change – after all.

The sun would still rise

The sun would still set

And life would still go on, I suppose.

But I want to care passionately

with all the love my heart is capable of giving.

And I want to care and want people to notice

because I notice them so intensely.


I want to care so much my heart will surely burst

with the caring inside

And when the sun rises, golden beams of light

pierce my heart with gladness

And when the sun sets

with such majesty and beauty

That the myriad of colors

bring tears to my eyes for the joy of it all.

I find I really do,


Penny L Howe

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

74 thoughts on “If I Didn’t Care

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    • Thank you Tina so much for the Inspiring Blog Award nomination, I appreciate you thinking of me for this. Congratulations to you also. Both for deserving the Award yourself but also for the outstanding job you’ve been doing on both your blogs. They are a pleasure to visit, my friend! 🙂

  2. This one made me smile. I dropped in to see what was up– finally– and I’m happy I did; reading this poem lifted me up. I always can find time to care, no matter what it is that needs caring about. I like the way it comes together in the end. It didn’t feel rushed at all, and spoke its piece eloquently and with a soft beauty. Well done. Few to no sticky points, the words have a very natural feel to them throughout the work.


    • Thank you Eris, high praise indeed, I am flattered and most appreciative for your comments. I can have trouble with sticky points (at least in my perspective) and if the flow isn’t there, I can be up half of a night trying to gently ease the words into what is meant to be seen in the minds eye. Again sincere thanks, Penny

  3. Wow Penny – this is just fabulous… very passionate, and knowing you just this small amount (which feels like much more than that) — I know every word here is TRUE!! You clearly are one of the most compassionate caring hearts on the planet. Lovely to read your poetry — putting in my request for more 🙂 xxoo Sending Love ~

    • Thanks Robyn your words always mean so much to me. Isn’t it an amazingly wonderful and awesome oddity of how we’ve met and I also feel as if there has been this whole passage of time that we have known and shared and (yes yes yes) will continue to do so. I do care, I shall diligently work on some more poetry a line from one of my favorite movies of yesteryear…as you wish! Sending love back your way xoxo, Penny

    • Thank you len, you are also a very warm, gentle and loving person. It makes me appreciate your caring comments even more. Again, thanks, my friend, sending you hugs of gratitude, Penny xx

    • Wow, a Penny Poem. I’ll have to think on that a while, thank you so much for saying such nice things. I am so flattered and honored by you. Thank you, sending much love you way today, Penny

    • Thank you very much. It is something I happen to have strong feelings about, however in reality I think there isn’t ever a moment when I would question the honest value of caring. Thanks again, Penny

    • Thanks Letizia, that ol’ fella muse just snuck in while I was thinking about something quite different. The very next thing I knew I was just going with the flow. Isn’t inspiration a wonderful thing. It just pops up out of nowhere some times, Thanks again, Penny

  4. What wonderful words!

    Given me an idea for a poem. Nothing I have ever done before. Poetry is not me. How weird.

    You really do care, Penny and that’s what makes you, you. It’s what makes you a great person.

    • Hi Mondrak, hope your Monday has been a good one for you, thank you for your very kind words. I really do appreciate you, you know. Okay if I’ve got this right,I may now look forward to some lovely shots of the Cliffs of Dover and a poem. How infinitely cool is that, my friend. 🙂

      • Good morning (for you 😉 )
        Definitely. Still trying to put that poem together, but Christina’s one that I read this morning, a poem fairly screamed at me. I took some photos this morning of the cliffs from my balcony. Had my nephew here until a couple of hours ago, and I can’t manage the walk down the road and across the road to come back up the road at the moment. Where I need to get to is less than 30 metres away, but I need to walk about ¼ mile to get there. That’s the problem when you live right beside the docks.

        • No worries Mondrak, I am a very patient person. I would wish that I could live near the docks as you do, Obviously I agree regarding Christina’s poem. Her talent is just streaming out isn’t it? It is a healing balm for her and to see her smiling so much lately, is wonderful. 🙂

        • Well that depends. Sometimes it just comes out and Voila, and other times I’ll keep changing and changing and changing and can’t seem to get it to be what I want. I used to have the same problem when I painted. I’d actually leave the room and then come back and turn the painting upside down (I know weird) in the hopes that a different perspective would make the difference. Do you know that Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) book about Tom Sawyer stayed in his desk drawer for over ten years because he kept changing the draft and just didn’t think it was good enough?) Again I think what helps me most is changing my view (as in literally in real time) looking out the window, doing another task, the muse inside keeps working away inside helping to “get it right” so when you come back to it, there you have it. And sometimes it’s already ready, you are just too close to your creation to see it for yourself! 🙂

          • I’ve just been letting my fingers work. It’s got to the stage though where they are asking me for ideas lol. Just remembered to save it, as I doubt I could remember it again.

            I used to do artwork as well. I brought loads of books and pencils, but it’s something that hasn’t taken off for me at the moment. I see something in my mind that when I close my eyes, it looks good on paper, but when I open them and actually draw it, it ends up looking like a 2 year old got hold of the pencils hehe.

  5. I think we meet a lot of people that care, but they just don’t know how to express it or are embarrassed to say something. We may think that it is a weakness to show some emotion of

    Caring does not always mean we can solve problems or change a situation. Sometimes caring is a smile or a firm handshake or just an “I understand”.

    I think also we need to be receptive to people that are showing care. We may not always be able to tell our problems or troubles to someone. But it could be a relief to just say…”Thank you. I know that you care.”

    So Penny. Thank you. I know that you care.

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