Elusive Dream Lover

So here’s the thing, several of my blogging friends have been speaking about the “muse” of things. So there I was thinking about love as it would be with lovers, or perhaps even an elusive thing and this poem happened, so, hold on, it’s a little bit out of my normal style but it’s all you creative and wonderful bloggers fault. You just inspire me so much!

She came to him in the night

While he slept,

A delicate whisper caressing his skin

He felt her words

“I am yours”

He sighed in his dreams

Drifting within the magic of night.

Her voice softly whispered

“I am yours”

He breathed deeply, her taste intoxicating

He stirred but did not awaken

Her moist breath enveloping his senses

“Take me”

His body flaring forgotten passions

His longing so intense

The music of her sultry and sinuous words

“I am yours”

He slumbered on

 Asleep, impassioned

“I am yours”

He sighed in his dreams

Gently she lay down

By his side

Her body contouring with his


Penny L Howe

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

34 thoughts on “Elusive Dream Lover

  1. oooo – Penny – this is such beautiful poetry!! It’s fun to deviate from our usual styles … and I think this dreamy/sultry/romantic stuff becomes you!! This was a treat my friend ~ 🙂 Much Love Always, R

    • Thanks Robyn, I’m glad to hear you say that, I wasn’t sure if I should publish this or not, Christina thought it would be cool, she also thinks people identify me as sort of a penny-zenny (her words lol) personality, your right, nice not to be type-cast, I think, I appreciate your appreciation again many thanks my friend, xx Penny xx

      • ‘penny-zenny’ ~ I like that too … we can do a lot with your name can’t we?! Yes this poem showed a different side — I like a lot!! I wrote a sort of sexy poem about a sunset last weekend… we’ll see if I am brave enough to publish it soon… Of course there are no human subjects in the piece but still 😉 xo ps: think new therapy backfired — 3 tries and only worse for it. New pt tomorrow night and MRI next week …

        • Oh I am so re: the therapy Robyn, sending as many positve thoughts to you as I can. And I think you should publish your sexy poem, good for that part of our id I think!

    • Thank you, I just got back a bit ago from the river, beautiful down there today, not too hot not too cold, just right! Hope your day is going well for you also, Penny

    • Alice that is so perceptive of you. That was the idea, what a person can long for but have it remain somehow elusive. Thank you so much. It was fun putting the words together to create a certain effect I’m glad you enjoyed it my friend, hope your day is being good to you, many thanks and warm hugs your way, Penny xx

    • Thanks Rosy, I’m not entirely sure how I even ended up writing this. Inspired I guess. It was fun playing with the words to set the stage in a romantic and surrealistic setting. I’m glad you enjoyed it my friend, I hope you’re having a good day today my friend, sending hugs your way, Penny xx

    • Thank you. It is an area that I don’t normally venture into so it was fun to play with the words in this one. Glad you liked it. Hope your day is going well for you today, My warmest thoughts to you my friend, Penny

    • Thank you Boomie, I consider your poetry to be exceedingly good, so I am very flattered by you compliments. Much appreciated my friend, special hugs to you this day, Penny xx

  2. That was brilliant Penny. How dreams can sometimes show the love of what is in the heart.

    Sometimes the heart sees what the mind doesn’t so has to show the mind in the form of dreams like this.

    Finding that picture and putting it with it was a great idea.

    • Good Afternoon Mondrak, I hope your day has been going well for you today. Thank you so much for your very nice compliments. Don’t you think that many of us spend a portion of our day and night in dream like states, cerainly when it comes to matters of the heart. I was thinking that we are all so vulnerable with our emotions that if one experiences thoughts of desire, while in a “sleeping state” it would be safe. So when reading this all a person would be reading is the pleasure being experienced. Anyway that was the idea for this poem, I am so glad you liked it Mondrak, many thanks my friend, Penny

      • Sometimes that dream can be all that is necessary to make someone take a step forward as well. Seeing something in a dream could be the person arguing with themselves as to whether or not to take a huge step (or leap) forward. Sometimes seeing that in a dream could be the “ok” for someone to stop the questioning and take the plunge.

        Or is that just me? LOL

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