Aging Well or The Fountain of Youth! – part 1

Today at the river!

This is a 5-part series on being young (thank you Chris9911) I’m hoping my readers will enjoy! There are 5 things that keep us young in life. Most important is our attitude about ourselves and our body.

The human body’s function of aging is about several kinds of things going on all at once. The mechanisms of the body (circulation, functioning of organs, hormonal activites, movements of skeletal and muscular structure and the synaptic energy of emitted thoughts and emotions from the brain) See wasn’t that easy (insert the word “huh?” here).

translation below (lol)

For most of us our body will do what we ask or need it to do subconsciously (blinking, processing thoughts,digesting food [burping lol], but what many of us aren’t aware is we have the capability of having much more control over the bodies functions than we are realize.

When we emote negativity the body feels it and becomes more sluggish. When we encounter tragedy or some other strong emotional event in our life we are at our greatest risk for illness (proven fact). When we are really happy, on the other hand, the body responds to that also and (believe it or not) your immune system becomes a little more capable of doing a better job for you.

So if it sounds like I’m saying we can accidently (key word there) make our bodies weaker with a negative attitude (BINGO) that is exactly what I’m saying! I am not saying that we can think ourselves well if we are sick, I am saying that with the right attitude we can improve the environment in our body so that our body wants to help itself get better.

Which brings me back to attitude and the aging thing. At a certain age people begin to start complaining about the various physical complaints in their body (usually it’s because they are less physical and perhaps some of their dietary habits aren’t what they could be. So I begin to hear these people say, “I’m getting old” with a million verbal variations on the theme.

This usually begins somewhere in the 40’s and progresses from there. Folks I gotta tell you, you are talking yourself into aging because your body is paying attention to what you are thinking and saying and your body obediently obeys the message you are sending to it (whether you are aware of this or not).

Some of the most vibrant and exciting people I have ever known are in their 80’s and 90’s+ and the thing that separated them from the flock of “over-the-hill” “old-timers” is they saw themselves as young and lived accordingly!

Simply put the greatest thing going for youthful longevity is the attitude you have about yourself, your body and how it ages! And I am a living testimony to that fact!

I am 65  yrs old, I have lived through disease, pain,the tragedy of multiple loss of loved ones and my attitude is still fundamentally unchanged – Live long and Prosper!

73 thoughts on “Aging Well or The Fountain of Youth! – part 1

    • Hi Ralph, I wake up (well after coffee) and stretch and then I do look forward to the day ahead, I’m guessing you do a similar thing, It is cool here in the evenings now, is autumn happening where you are? You keep taking care of you too, Big Hugs, Penny

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    • Thank you for that, Celestine, I’m thinking that what’s on the inside is always more interesting than what’s on the outside (that’s just dressing) having said that I am most appreciative of your compliments, thank you so much, Penny

  2. I loved your post and the brilliant comments that follow saying much of what I was thinking. I, too, believe in living life and looking for the positive. Both those help to dispel pain, both physical and in one’s heart, and make life fun.

    I’m a couple of years ‘older’ than you but am about 22 in my head! Spending time with my very young 71 year old brother and the rest of the family at the family reunion, we all talked about being so young in our heads! We have happy genes as I think you must have too!

    Love to you and yours 🙂

    • Happy genes what a wonderful thought I like that! You are right, we have tons of happy gene’s here. Sending love back to each and every one of your family this day! Penny 🙂

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  4. Yes….I’m seriously still 21….in my head!!! I don’t have birthdays anymore….just anniversaries of my 21st birthday!! :p Thank you for always setting a great example on this!! 😀

  5. It’s encouraging to know that you have lived through disease and the tragedy of multiple loss of loved ones and you still are able to maintain such a positive attitude. You are the role model for all of us. Penny, you look young and beautiful! Looking forward to reading more. Thank you!
    Also, when people say “I’m getting old…” is like they are apologizing for getting old. I always wonder why?

    • I think it’s a trained sort of thing. A mind-set that begins to set itself up for multiple reasons around middle age, for many. I never understood it, but I witness it repeatedly. The words “getting old” sounds like you’re heading to some awful place as opposed to carrying on your life with richness and adventure and giving back your love and acquired knowledge to others. Why I don’t know, but I’m going to do my best to change as many views as I can on the subject Amy my dear friend, thank you so much for your warm and caring compliments they mean so much to me. Sending special loving thoughts to you this day, Penny xx

  6. So true. Health is linked among physical, spiritual, and mental. I try every day to feel happy and thankful for something about my life, my body, what have you. It makes a difference. My mother is 83 and not doing well physically. She suffers from depression and I believe the two are linked. Unfortunately, she is not proactive in improving her situation. It’s too bad. She used to be a vibrant woman full of life, and now she just sits in her house all day long watching Fox news. It’s tragic, really.

    • Yes there are those who have trouble with reconciling changes in their life’s direction as the result of personal experiences and how they relate to them.

      A truth here is that deep down inside she is still that amazing and vibrant person you used to visably see.

      As you can, remember the person that she was and be there now for her, in a loving and caring way) which I already know you do. Keep giving the love, she does feel and here your words of love. It makes a difference even it it isn’t expressed or shown back!

      I am hopeful that your day is a good one for you and your family, as Jon Luke Picard (star ship enterprise) would say “make it so” 🙂 Sending warm wishes to a very special loving person (that’s you!) xx Penny

  7. GM my friend seems everyone beat me to all he wonderful tings to say but that is alright I love the post I am 61 and been making an effort to not have the moanies. God Bless my friend have a beautiful blessed day

    • Thanks LuAnn so very much, yes it is about our attitudes, yours is simply wonderful by the way – thank you for being my friend, special warm hugs to you/hubby today, hope it’s a sun filled great one for you! 🙂 Penny

    • Thank you Mr. AnElephantCant, comment away. I love who I am, the age I am, and where today and tomorrow is going to lead me – the grand adventure of life continues on for those brave enough to follow. 🙂 Thanks re: photo, just me – filled with the love of people and life. Have a great and wonderful evening and today tomorrow my friend, very warm thoughts being sent your way, Penny.

  8. Loved this post. I couldn’t agree more! I think your mindset has a lot of control over your physical being. You have a choice every morning before your feet hit the floor. My choice is to make it a good day. I’m 51 years old; after 23 years of living the corporate life, I realized all it was doing was putting money in my pocket. I walked away 5 years ago and feel 10 years younger. Life is great! We need to let ourselves off the hook and enjoy it.

    • Thanks, you are absolutely correct. On a very basic level, money is ONLY a means of exchange for acquiring the things you need to live. Anything more is fluff, Democracy is wonderful (freedom so important to us humans) but sometimes we do get confused in the capitalistic environment of wanting more and better. I lived in the corporate world for awhile so I know of what you speak. Good for you. Yes life is great. I congratulate you on making a very wise choice for yourself and those who love you. Enjoy, sending warm and loving hugs your way, Penny xx

  9. Thank you for writing this, Penny! I’m 62, so I’m right there with you. And I am a BIG believer in the power of thought, yet I do find myself slipping into the aging-moanies. With your inspiration, I’m going to try to be more careful about that and consciously STOP whenever my mind wanders to the dark side. 🙂

    • Good! It just takes a little practice and it actually becomes a habit, and spending time with those younger than you reminds you of things going on today in todays world, that might be overlooked. Fear is a mind-killer (a great line from the movie Dune! :)) Seriously it really works – total believer here! Have the bestest day today, warm thoughts to you my friend, Penny

  10. I always find a good haircut can do wonders for how you feel.

    For my birthday the only thing I wanted was a haircut. 🙂 It took 10 years off my life. Now I am 3 years younger than you. LOL

  11. Maybe I should change my outlook 🙂 I look at my age and think it’s too late in life for me to do some things, like find love again (when I get those days when I feel incredibly lonely) I look at the fact that I am only five years from being fifty. Maybe I should look at it that “you’re never too late” and that I am actually five years into my life beginning again. 🙂

    You certainly look a lot younger than 65. My mother is 67 and she looks about 10 years older than you.

    • Hi Mondrak, you know, we can only live in the day we are in, that’s today! I believe that how you feel is reflected in how you look. My mom (a very small person -145 cm, I am 165 cm) had many wrinkles on her face (she loved being out in the sun) but you never noticed the wrinkles, she was so sweet and gentle people just loved to be around her even in her 80’s. And it is never too late to find love, never! Live Mondrak, that is the secret to life (it’s so simple we overlook it) Just live and love to the fullest my friend! After all it is your life we’re talking about my friend. So there you have it! My thoughts on the subject, Penny 🙂

      • I will start to live again when the kids have finished school, until then, they are my priority 🙂

        My nan was about 140cm – so about the same size, and Scottish. She was such a funny thing, and my favourite nan. The other one used to be nasty, and mean to my kids, I wouldn’t have that so I banned her from my house. Anyway, my little nan she had bright rosy cheeks where she used to laugh all the time. Sometimes she would burp, sneeze, hiccup and let one go all at the same time. It sounded like she was exploding. She would turn around and say something along the lines of “Who gave me that?” or “What happened there? Earthquake?”

        Hmmm, I think it’s the perfect time to put that poem up

    • Thanks, it was beautiful today, finally not roasting hot just lovely. As for the rest. I just love life and living it. Not so much about routines and special diets but feeling good about who you are and making a difference, I guess that sums it up, mostly! Again thank you for your kind words, Enjoy your day my friend, Penny

  12. That is one truly inspirational post!! Though not old enough to worry about growing old, I have heard my parents and aunts and uncles complain… Looks like I have got to show them this post to tell them never to give up!! Take care.

    • Thanks Sumithra, I really appreciate those words. My grandchildren call me G.P. ( a nick-name for Grandmother Penny because they don’t think I look or act like one.) Emma tells me I’m her soul sister, I am so good with that! As for me I simply love life and living it, That simple! Thanks again, Take care of you, Penny

  13. Not only did you conquer all your ordeals, but you are trying to inspire others to do the same 🙂 Stay happy and beautiful Penny. My best to you always!

  14. What a great post! I remember Oprah saying that 50 was great and she is right. Now I can look forward to 65 also, thanks to your great example. My Mom is 73 and she is still hard to keep up to with all her hobbies. You’re lookin’ good Penny; and you are so inspiring! ~ Wendy

    • Thanks Wendy, I had been getting comments from people who thought (because of pictures that I was much younger and then when I talked about my 45 year old son and my daughter and her 18 year old daughter I was getting questions (yeah I got married when I was 5 lol) So I thought I’d clear that up. This pretty much is my personal philosophy on life though. Thanks for the very kinds words. I appreciate them very much, with much affection, Penny

  15. Wow Penny — first wonderful post topic – and I so agree. With all the odds I have not in my favor, I am proud to say that in my spirit I feel about 21! 🙂 Ok – maybe 25. You my dear look so amazing… I know you said you always looked young and got carded (me too) but 65 I would not have guessed. Maybe maybe — 55. I just thought you started your family super early. The fact that you stay active and literally “play” with Emma and Jack — well says a lot– and I know you are super conscious about what you eat and very self-aware… have lived through hell — and survived and most important – LOVE AND ARE LOVED!! Can’t wait to read all your posts on this series… Great idea ~ Much Love to you and sleep sound! xo R

    • Thank you Stefan, I am once again preoccupied as I have been trying to send a video through my email and having trouble with it! I guess will take the video out, High tech today, sorry just preoccupied here. I am glad you enjoyed the article! 🙂

  16. I think we start aging inside when we lose our curiosity…the outside is more difficult to control!
    Spoken as one pushing seventy -five –
    Back in 1960 I wrote in my address book a Kalahari Desert bushman’s saying “:I am as young as the most beautiful wish in my heart, and as old as the unfulfilled longings in my life…

    • Valerie you look great and what an excellent saying! I’ll tell you a wonderful story. When my great aunt Tina turned 100 the city of Duluth Minnesota gave her a birthday party. She taught 6th grade until she was 72 so over half the city knew her. They gave her a big write-up in the newspaper which she clipped and sent to my mom and dad. The picture of her had been cut out. She wrote about the party and the wonderful newspaper article and then said “I cut out the picture, it made me look old!” A true story and one of my favorites. Now that’s what I call thinking young! 🙂

  17. Not a truer word spoken! I will be 60 next year, but in my mind I feel younger than I have for years. I’m thinking the mind is talking to the body at the moment, just hope it lasts 🙂

    • I think it never stops if you don’t let it. The next time your at my blog read my answer to the comment above yours. Kinda long so I won’t repeat it here. But its, funny and true about my 100 year old Great Aunt. Yes do keep thinking young, I believe it works! Happy thoughts to you my friend! Penny

  18. Well said, Penny.
    I agree with you completely.
    Can’t believe you are 65 – you’re a living testement to the power of positive thinking and moving beyond tragedy and trauma.

    • Thanks Victoria I really appreciate your lovely compliments. I never have thought about life and people in terms of how old I am, I’ve always been too busy loving life! Happy dreams to you tonight my friend, Penny

  19. I plan to age well (If God permits).
    As a back-up – I have my mom’s genes & a bottle of her secret potion of youth 😉
    65 & still young. Way to live Penny!!!
    Nighty night.

  20. Whew, thank goodness I landed on this ‘fountain of youth” tip as I’m trying to survive my 40s, how timely 🙂
    My mother is the exact same age as you and I think I’ll just zip my lips at that…lol. You look amazing and you are an inspiration to all the younger ladies that you DO NOT need plastic surgery to look… timeless. That word is a perfect description of you.

    • Thank you Chris, on a little aside here, while at the river today with emma and jack a 30 something young man volunteered to take this and several other shots of me, and then hung out with us for a half an hour before taking off to go camping with friends. Great conversation and age was most definitely not a factor there. lol!

      • You are definitely the type of person that can hold down any type of conversation on any topic across any age gap.
        Have you ever seen the Dos Equis beer commercial? There is a main character called “most interesting man in the world”. You, Mz.Pennycoho, are the “most interesting woman in the world”
        Please don’t deny it because I will debate you till one of us passes out…lol

        • Yeah, a very cool dude actually! I am exceedly flattered so don’t know where to go with that. Years ago I had a close male friend who used to introduce me to his friends as the Renaissance Woman, which I thought was pretty funny (he was serious) and sometime before that I was called racy because I liked to speed (had a cool jaguar xke) and before that I was referred to by a number of people as Nature’s child because I liked things natural, a lot, so I guess I’m used to being thought of as an original and being unique I guess. I never really thought much about it, I’ve always been too busy being me and living life. Thank you Chris I do appreciate you, also you are a really cool dude yourself and I have high standards there! 🙂

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