Aging Well or the Fountain of Youth – Part 2

Breathe… There that was simple.

The second mysterious secret to longevity is breathing. How astonishingly easy. No, actually it is not. In many countries today we’ve become a people who breathe shallowly, that is to say our jobs and our leisures (for many) include sitting in one place for long periods of time (excluding bloggers, we’re exempt from anything that may be considered negative lol). Consequently we forget to take in deep breaths.

Oxygen, the most important element our body needs. We can survive only for a few minutes without oxygen. Though the brain is only about 2 percent of the body’s weight, it consumes about 20 percent of the oxygen we breathe in.

Apart from the, oh, relatively important staying alive thing, this is what nice deep breathing can help your body accomplish:

  • Removes the toxins from your body. When you breath out you exhale the carbon dioxide that has been passed thru your bloodstream into your lungs. carbon dioxide is a natural waste of your body’s metabolism.
  • Improves the nervous system and relieves tension.
  • Improves digestion of food.
  • Makes the heart stronger and boosts energy levels

So how does a shallow breather become a deep breather? Inhale air in thru your nose (count to 8 while doing this) hold your breath (count to 5) exhale slowly (count to 8 while doing this). Purse you lips when you breathe out, it helps you focus on what you’re doing (you know like when you blow a bubble. You still do blow bubbles don’t you?). Feel yourself filling your belly then your diaphram with oxygen. When breathing out pull in your stomach at the same time. That’s it! Just practice this a few times a day. That’s all there is to it.

One more thing. Up until a few years ago I used to be a work-out fanatic, working with a private trainer, lifting weights, cario stuff, (a couple of hrs, 3-4 times a week) the whole thing. My trainer suggested the easiest way to remember to breathe deeply in (while working out) was to breath out first. It works great. When you don’t take a breath first but breath out (pursing your lips and forcing as much air out as you can), your body immediately wants to breath air back in.

Thank you for visiting me today, And for anyone who hasn’t read part 1, I am 65 years of age and very happy to continue with this wonderful adventure called life! Penny

61 thoughts on “Aging Well or the Fountain of Youth – Part 2

    • Thanks, it’s all those darn ‘ol little things that turn out to be sooooo important. Who knew 🙂 Have a wonderful day today, sending warm thoughts your way today, Penny

  1. Breathing is something I am very conscious of. Often, when the kids have driven me to the edge I remember to breathe before I lose my temper. I might still get angry, but I’m much more controlled after I breathe. 🙂

    • Lucky you when mine were growing up (and I’m not a physical person) they said I would get “that look” on my face and they’d straighten up. I don’t think I was breathing when I had that look either so that might explain it, ha ha, Now I make sure to breathe a lot! 🙂

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  3. one more thing i learn from breathing techniques which i was experimenting while running in the morning–I found out as i controlled my breathing a more slow and relaxed way i could run more..I am not sure about this but do consult with your trainer and reply me till then i will make sure.

    • thanks Mitzie, looking young has sort of been a part of me all my life. I had a lot of trouble getting into over 21 clubs until I was almost 40 yrs old even with id! lol, Yes, breathing, hugely important, get going, perhaps you and your significant other can breathe together, now there’s fun for you! Hope your weekend is going well Mitzie, sending very loving thoughts your way, my friend, Penny.

  4. I’m enjoying this little series, and looking forward to the next posts. I know you and I have discussed age being a state of mind before 🙂 but you are also very right here – there are things you can do to help yourself … and I have to say, you look great for it 🙂

    • Hi Dory, you want to know something really weird, I had just sat down to my coffee this morning and decided to visit your blog (hadn’t been there in a few days and I missed knowing what was going on with you) anyway I had just arrived at your blog when my little blog light lit up and guess who was leaving me a message (you – te he) Seriously how cool is that at almost the same time (well in relative terms not actual reality terms – oh crap I’ll be talking about quantum physics in a minute re: the time thingy, but anyway it was such a warm feeling to know we were in each other’s thoughts at the same time, so way cool. 🙂 Thanks for the compliments, Enjoy your beautiful family and the rest of your weekend, Dory, sending especially warm thoughts and hugs your way, your friend, Penny

    • Boy do you have that one right Lesley, Such a simple basic thing and we (humans) manage to muck that one up too! For ourselves no less. lol Hope the weekend is being filled with fun for you and yours my friend, sending hugs your way, I know you’re a busy lady! Enjoy the weekend as you can and take care of you, Penny.

  5. Wow, this is really interesting stuff and I’m finding myself breathing deeply while writing this message, I need to do a lot of breathing work for the physiotherapy exercises I do but I never realised how important it was to breath deeply when doing regular things like blogging, Thank you for the useful information.x

    • Chris you are so very welcome. Do you know sometimes when we are being creative that we are so busy thinking we hold our breath for several seconds at a time. I know I do it myself, sometimes I catch it and sometimes I don’t. I’m pleased that this post was of some value to you, I thank you very much for your compliments, take care of you my friend, Penny

  6. Great stuff again, Penny, liked the breathing bit.
    AnElephant did some yoga as a youngster (yes, a hippy elephant!) and one of the breathing exercises was as follows.
    Breath in slowly through trunk counting to 7.
    Breath in again.
    And once more.
    Hold and exhale slowly.
    Exhale again.
    And again.
    Surprisingly effective.
    And you know what they say about old age?
    Even when it’s not great, it sure beats the alternative!

    • Thank you so much, anelephantcant. I am so very lucky this morning another wonderful poem from you. With good advice as well. How cool is that. Yup it’s a fact. What we’ve got right this second is much better than the alternative! Always, Have a very wonderful evening my friend, sending warm thoughts your way, Penny

    • Good Evening Mondrak (I’m catching on to this whole time thingy. It’s 11:14 am here, been a crazy morning. The evil in-laws (who will be gone in a few days are making a final move to be disruptive with the children (Ugh!) No worrys Christina and I have it covered. D***n they make me so mad I could just….The good news is that they (the bad guys) have lost the ability to affect us and this day we are going to have some fun! Hope you had a good day yourself. And yes breathing, hugely important. And we forget it too quickly today, my friend, Penny

      • People like them are just so nasty. How they can do that to kids is beyond me. They must not have a decent bone in their bodies. Glad they can’t affect you any more, and that you and Christina have fought through it and are at the stage where you look to the next few days.

        Been with my family as I am most Saturdays. Can be annoying as my mother pretends to be more deaf than she actually is. Sometimes I just want to knock on her head and shout down her ear “Back To The Future” style lol

          • I’m glad, Penny. Smiling is a complete face changer. Remember, it takes more muscles to frown than it does to, say, slap them round the side of the head?

            I know, violence never solves anything, but it makes you feel better. LOL

            [I am just kidding here, I am not a violent person. I don’t hit people, and I don’t raise my hands to my kids – it’s just funny saying these things sometimes]

            I hope your afternoon is good, my friend. 🙂

            • Thank you, I agree with you so much. And I do think some less than generous thoughts of that nature myself. Today is one of them. Just thinking them, it does help too) 🙂 Thank you for your warm and caring thoughts, I hope the rest of your night is good for you also my friend 🙂

  7. Hi Penny – I just responded to your comment on the rain we just had and how there was so much sinus and bronchitis ailments going around because of the humidity. But your post on breathing is the Absolute best thing one can do. A pulmonary therapist once told me: to get more air in the lungs (and oxygen to the brain) – after following what you suggested of breathing all the air out first, take a slow deep, deep, deep breath – and then hold it, hold it, hold it. Then purse your lips and blow it out forcefully and blow, blow, blow till there is no more air left. If there is congestion in the chest, usually person will cough and cough (which is good because it really shows person needed to clear out his chest with some fresh air) According to the therapist this should only be done twice, or person may get lightheaded. Having asthma as a kid and sensitive lungs, I’ve found breathing exercises very important. But sometimes lack of air sneaks up on me and I get so sleepy it’s like I’m drugged, then the lightbulb goes on and I remember to do a few deep breathing exercises – and it’s like day and night! The cobwebs leave my brain as soon as I finish the 2nd deep breath. Thanks for a great post! BTW, 73 years young 😉

    • Thank you Lessandra, Funny I was thinking about the whole sinus thing with reference to your weather there in Arizona when I was commenting last night on your post. I spent a little time there some years ago and my sinuses when crazy (I had a sinus headache the whole time I was there – the humidity was crushing, bummer because I really loved the beauty of your state so much.) Great advise from your therapist. Yes indeed 73 years young, way to go, my friend, 🙂 Sending loving thoughts your way, Penny

  8. loved this pen though i think i breathed a little too deeply i have gone all dizzy now! but i loved reading this and will keep this in my special emails folder for looking back at 🙂 and oh my there is no way you are that age! i thought you were same age as me ! crikey woman you look amazing ! if the way you look is down to breathing then count me in if i look half as good as you do then i will be happy, thank you for writing this you are an inspiration to me as always have an excellent day xx

    • Oh Kizzy that is so sweet. The age thing with me I’ve lived with forever, at 42 I was still being carded. It’s really hard to get a senior discount lol (have to prove my age still) I really think most of it’s attitude, honestly I just love people and life so much that everything else is less important. Thanks for saying such great things my friend, you have a great day also! xxox

  9. Another great great post Penny. I am an avid fan of breath-work….matter of fact since I cannot take narcotic pain meds for my condition (due to pancreas/bile duct defect that gives me onset of chest pain that resembles heart attack pain) — I have relied on breath as a main tool of pain management for many years. It saves me sometimes. Your instructions were spot-on! Sometimes I make that exhale even longer. One trainer I worked with had me use a balloon and blow out into the balloon till I had no air left – then hold — then inhale while continuing to hold abdominals. It’s pretty amazing what kind of effects we can induce with this natural and ancient healing secret!! Thank you Penny – you are such a bundle of joyful wisdom! Much Love dear friend ~R

    • Very very welcome, Robyn, While I try to speak as lightly as I can about these subjects (because if they’re entertaining people are more apt to pay attention) You and I know that there is some serious dedication required for these things. Only when you have to overcome something (sadly) does wisdom began to strike. Much love to you, Oh how I wish we lived just a smidge closer. Enjoy the soothing waters and sleep well tonight my friend, much love, Penny

      • Thanks Penny – I do know what you mean – and agree – a smudge closer would be grand!! I guess I’ll post my x rated sunset 🙂 🙂 – then I’ll go to sleep – and will try to hold off on checking comments till tomorrow… never works that way – but hopefully I’ll have willpower! xo Sending Love!!

        • Yeah it’s the whole willpower thing isn’t it. What a bugger (an english saying but I think it fits sometimes) I can’t wait to see the sunset, xx Love received, 🙂

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