Don’t Blink

Hi guys, this is a short post, later today I’ll be posting Part 2 of Aging Well, but this one is for fun! Go to the top of this blog and put your cursor over I-BELONG and click on Regenerations Award. The reward is for a very nice reason, but it is also fun. I nominated Christina of because of her fascination with the TV show Doctor Who and if you are not familiar with this show when you check out the Regenerations Award page, go first to Christina’s second comment in the comment section which includes a link to a video that explains what “Don’t Blink” means. Spooky and great fun so enjoy!

Also with reference to Awards, I have been very tardy with accepting the wonderful awards I’ve been receiving from some awesome bloggers in this past month+. I plan to honor them all with a special post after I complete my series on Aging. I haven’t forgotten any of you for your thoughtfulness. I am so very appreciative of all of you.

For right now go have some fun with the Regeneration Award. Pretty cool stuff!

Thanks, Penny

13 thoughts on “Don’t Blink

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  2. We don’t really watch much TV so I have never heard of the program Dr. Who. After reading this, I am very intrigued and will need to check it out. Thanks Penny 🙂

  3. Ok – I may need to start watching some tv — everyone seems taken with this Dr. Who guy — maybe can get my husband to give up Broken Bad 🙂 This may be healthier for him xxoo

  4. I am going to have to dig that episode out again now. Dr Who is fantastic 🙂 (As Christopher Ecclestone as the Doctor would say)

    I wear a Fez now, Fez’s are cool

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