Aging Well – The Fountain of Youth, Part 4

Tomorrow will be the 5th and final post about aging well. But today is THE BIG BOY! The ONE to really pay attention too. So listen up. Or read up, or focus, or whatever it is that you do when you’re actually reading for comprehension and enlightenment. I’m guessing on this one again, but you do occasionally read for better understanding, right? lol

So now if you’re really ready for the big secret to staying young here it is…


There, that’s it. The very first thing to greet you in the morning, the thing that hovers during the day and the very last conscious thing you are aware of before you go to sleep, your thoughts.

So what do you think? Can there really be anything more important in our daily lives than the thoughts we are thinking, NOPE! As in not a chance, nada, negatory, unuh, no way…Get my drift here. Your thoughts shape your actions which shape how you react to your day. So simple. (Oh no another one of those simple things she keeps talking about!)

We are the directors of our own life’s adventures (which can come at us fast and furious) we decided with our thoughts about how we are going to respond.

Our emotions are strong and they influence, more sometimes than we would wish, but the conscious and aware us is still the person that responds. Our emotions tell us how we feel about something, our thoughts give us direction on how we are going to respond.

Our thoughts are powerful. I will repeat this. Our thoughts are powerful. We will determine how we live our life by the action resulting from our thoughts. Always!

I’ve already spoken about “Attitude”. Our attitude is shaped by our thoughts. Aging is something that happens to all living things. This is a truth. But how we age is determined by ourselves.

As children our thoughts are filled with imagination, having fun and thoughts of tomorrow – our reference point – when we are young. As we grow we experience more in life and our thoughts regarding these  experiences continue to shape us.

Nothing is more responsible for the shaping of our destiny than our thoughts. They determine where we are going and how we are going to be on our life’s journey.

To age well, I believe it is best to allow your thoughts (as a director would) the freedom to be a child again filled with imagination and fun and hope. Allow your thoughts to think well of yourself and others.

Turn your thoughts away from what is wrong and think thoughts of what is right. Do not let the bad experiences in life slow you down, or stop you. You alone can determine this. You and your thoughts!

And yes, I do truly know of what I speak. And it is true. With much love to each and every one of you, Penny,

39 thoughts on “Aging Well – The Fountain of Youth, Part 4

  1. The mind, body, spirit connection is so powerful and our thoughts, positive or negative, have a direct impact in all areas of our lives. Maintaining positive thoughts becomes even more important as we age, as I see so many who begin to have regrets, dwelling on the past. I agree with Rosy, reading posts such as yours is such an uplifting experience for us all. 🙂

  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading your mini series and haven’t found anything I don’t wholeheartedly agree with but this is the best so far. The power of positive thought is amazing. I’m not saying I don’t have negative thoughts once in a while, I think everyone does, but learning to banish them quickly is the trick. Thinking the best of people, finding the positives in situations that might be difficult, believing in yourself and other people … it works for me 🙂 Great post Penny x

    • Thanks Dory. I knew right away, the first time I went to your blog that you were one of “those” people. You know the fun ones that you’d like to hang out with, who remember to not take life so seriously and to maybe be even a little crazy and off-the-wall sometimes. You know – my kind of person! Again thanks for the generous compliment Dory have a good one my friend! Penny 🙂

  3. Hi Penny,
    Just want to emphasize how extraordinary your posts and blog are. You are even more extraordinary! You don’t even look like you’re 65. I thought you were 20 or 30 years younger than 65. Keep it up! 😀

    • Thanks Tina, you know age is really a subjective thing to me. I can dance all night, I can giggle and laugh, I can wake up and live my day to the fullest and I really never worry much about aging, I just am who I am. Much easier that way, actually. Thanks for all the great compliments, just so you know you are one special lady with an awesome future ahead of you, I know, I’m good at knowing some things. Have a really good day today my friend! Penny 🙂

  4. This was a good one and its funny because someone just this weekend told me to stop saying, “I look so old” or “I feel so old” She said, if you tell yourself that your old, you will be! And none of us wants to get old, at least not before we really have to…

    • Those words can slip out easier than one thinks, can’t they? Sometimes it’s easier to think in terms of life’s next challenge I find. My goal to live to be 125 (healthy that is) Since I’m one of the lucky ones in that there is that sneaky ‘genetic indicator’ for longevity, My great aunt tina lived to be 102 and that was some 30 years ago, so I’m feeling pretty confident about reaching my goal. To me my tomorrows are something I always look forward to, and I have a hunch so do you Maggie! With much affection, Penny 🙂

  5. It’s amazing how a small flicker of hope can raise a dying cause, a despairing thought, or pump blood and energy into a forgotten idea. I think the most amazing thing is that hope comes from the smallest of actions. A smile, a kind word, receiving a break. Hope.

    • So very true. Hope is one of those Big words, as I call them, the kind we all need to pay attention to as you’ve said so well here. Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom, Penny

    • Thanks Dianne, I appreciate your compliments very much, That is so true. We go through life hearing this all the time but I think often it doesn’t really sink in. I wonder why that is? Thank you for coming to visit and enjoy my words, I really appreciate you very much, Penny 🙂

    • Thank you, I try to present information in a format that is entertaining so that perhaps the message gets across. I appreciate your visit and your compliment very much, Penny

  6. Yes Yes Yes– the real trick … (and you may need another series for this one) is learning the ways one can best “direct own thoughts”!! I have done some work with this — and there are different methods that are popular…. and each person may choose unique ways. So agree though – there is huge power and benefit here, and one of the key’s to that fountain of youth. Paying attention to our thoughts, being aware of where they are leading us — soooo key for emotional wellbeing ~ which can transfer into physical wellbeing. As others have said, the blogging and the interaction with other sensitive genuine souls across the world has been a true uplifter ~ and even just having converstations like the ones you have initiated here — incredibly valuabe and opens doors to so much insight and inspiration Penny… Looking forward to part 5… Great series my freind — so glad you did it!! Much Love ~R

    • Thanks Robyn, I always look forward to hearing from you. You are so knowledgeable in so many areas. I agree about the interaction with other bloggers. We ‘are of kind’ aren’t we like some virtual reality artist’s colony where creative people go to create and exchange ideas. I love it. Yes I’m hoping every one enjoy’s the one tomorrow, this has been great fun for me also. Hugs to you my dear friend, Penny xxx

  7. Sometimes I get stuck in my emotions. I try not to let them get the best of me but…my human side takes over at times.
    I find that since I started blogging & meeting more positive peeps like you – that is changing for the better though. THANKS!

    • Hi Rosy I hope your weekend was a good one for you! Yes that happens to me. I said it was simple not easy lol. And I so agree with you about meeting other bloggers, this has become a catharsis for me also. So thank you right back Rosy, you have made a positive difference in my life, absolutely and for sure (not over the top is it-lol), huge hugs, Penny XXXX

  8. I listened up and read up and I totally agree that this one is a “Big Boy”. We are what we think. Right now I’m thinking that I can’t wait to read tomorrow’s post! Thanks for making learning fun… and healthy. ~ Wendy

    • Most assuredly my pleasure Wendy, Yes I think everyone will like tomorrows (hint – leave ’em laughing)! Thank you so much following, it means so much to me! Penny, 🙂

    • Thanks boomie. You know we do think about things, but today all those thoughts just seem to get caught up with the to-do lists and the have-to’s and the want-tos, well you know what I mean. So even if we are trying to be true to our thoughts, it is can be very difficult. Much thanks for dropping by, I appreciate you very much, Penny 🙂

  9. Very wise words Penny.

    As you know, bad experiences can slow you down. I know they shouldn’t as you say, but sometimes we need help to arrange those thoughts so that they can allow us to pick up speed again. Not an easy task.

    I try to allow my thoughts as much freedom as they like, then they abuse it and go running off 😉

    Thank you for the reminder, Penny. I look forward to number five tomorrow. Are you going to do a recap of all five when you are done?

  10. Once again, your message is in line with my own way of thinking, Penny.
    Negative thoughts are so destructive.
    Positive thoughts are so empowering.

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