We are heading for something…

…Somewhere we’ve never been.

This isn’t what I planned to write today but something happening last night, something amazing and wonderful and I was up half the night revelling in the moment.

Something wonderful is happening. And we sense it, we feel it, we are all drawn towards it, some are aware, some are following, out of a need to, but not understanding why. And last night I witnessed it, I felt it and I had to write of it today.

We’re headed for somewhere that we’ve never been. There are connections happening around the planet, ever second of every moment of each day.

People are connecting with other people. From their hearts they are connecting. There are no boundries, no limitations, no restrictions, just men and women reaching out to one another and embracing each other with love and care and concern. Regardless of any of the things we’ve been brought up to understand and believe. There is a greater thing going on here, I think. And it is so wonderful that it is taking my breath away.

It began in the evening, I had been visiting a variety of blogging sites and kept noticing a theme, a care, a concern by the blogger to reach out to create, to share, to give, to welcome. And as I went from one blog to another, around the world I travelled, unfettered, released from any restraints, or restrictions revelling in my freedom to greet and exchange and be who I am with others. It didn’t matter where they lived, how they are living their life who they knew what they did, what they believed, or why they were all reaching out to me.

And then when I returned from my trip to my home blog I had just received the most beautiful and amazing comment from another person from half way around the world speaking of this same exact thing. And it was then that what had been hovering in the back of mind became crystal clear and full blown and obvious to me. WE are the future of the planet. Us, we who are connecting, we see it we feel it, we know it and most of all we love what we are doing.

And finally we are all speaking to each other, everywhere around the world, we the people are engaged in the act of getting to know each other for who we truly are inside and it is a wondrous thing.

These are forever connections being created that cannot be undone, what we have not been able to do in real time we are doing in the virtual world.

I have tears of joy in my eyes and I speak from the heart when I send love to everyone on this planet. We really are all one, and it is right and good.

Penny L Howe

27 thoughts on “We are heading for something…

  1. Absolutely!! This weekend was a transformation for me… thank you for nominating Christina for the Regenerations Award… sincerely… and as she said herself, in her blog, something wonderful is happening… 🙂

  2. Hey Penny: I marvel as this great wide world of ours gets smaller and smaller. Never before have humans been so connected. I feel lucky to live in this time.
    I have been enjoying reading your posts. I want to thank you for your informative and postive messages. 🙂

    • Yes, I feel the same as you, lucky to be alive in this time. Thank you, you are very much appreciated by me. I hope today is being a good one for you, sending warm thoughts your way, Penny 🙂

  3. If this is really happening, Penny, then it is because you try so hard to make it so.
    Many times AnElephantCant decide if it is all worthwhile only to receive a comment from your sweet self.
    You not only read and comment, but you take the time to think and understand even AnElephant’s tongue-in-cheek nonsense.
    If you are the future, then we are all in good hands.
    Hugs and thanks

    • Sending hugs right back and thank you for those wonderful compliments, Just so you know I really do enjoy reading your posts. Your whimsy is great but the intellect behind it does shine through, my friend! Sending warm hugs back to you, Penny

  4. I love the fact that I have not only met you, but a boat load of other people around the world all while sitting in my living room. And, I am amazed and honored to have met such wonderful people in other corners of the world whom I can now call friend! Hugs and very lovely post Penny!

    • I agree with you babs, just sitting here exchanging thoughts with you and others just like us from around the world is so very wonderful, sending hugs back to you my friend, Penny!

  5. It is amazing the fact that it is easy to travel from one country to another, talking to people, while they are doing the exact same thing. It is amazing that someone left a message saying they were doing it.

    Your posts always bring a smile to the face, and show that human nature does not have to be a destructive force 🙂

    • Thank you Mondrak, good afternoon. Yes it takes “you’ve got mail to a whole different level”. Our evolutionary history has been a destructive one hasn’t it. But I’m hopeful, probably my nature, but I don’t think we (all people) can engage in this kind of activity without it being a positive thing. I like that I brought a smile to your face. Remember I collect smiles. Penny 🙂

      • Good morning 🙂

        You’ve Got Mail is one film I haven’t seen, although there are ones similar that I have seen and thoroughly enjoyed.

        I find it totally incredible what we can do. It would be so nice if more people used it as a constructive outlet than a destructive one. I know ten years ago the internet was a completely different thing.

        As you say, one positive thought begets another and another and another. *smiles*

    • Thank you Stefan, it was your comment in my last post that really made me realize the amazing beauty of what is really happening to us. Your words were so true and revealing that I understood so much in that moment, and my heart burst to share this with others. I have never written anything as fast as I did after I read your words to me. My fingers flew over the keyboard it seemed so important to say what I wanted to say. It’s okay, we will be okay, It suddenly seemed to be the most important thing to do. Thank you Stefan, For all you are to me and to others I thank you so very much. Penny

  6. You are so right, Penny.

    I read a blog recently that spoke of the end of the world (because of the end of the Mayan calender). I felt compelled to comment on that blog. I believe December 2012 will not be the end of the world, but……….the end of the world, as we know it.

    There was no need for the Mayan Calender to foretell any further than December 2012, because by that time, people will be starting to use the other 90% of their brains which are currently un-used, and many will be able to communicate without the written word.

    I believe by the end of this year, there will be a greater communication, understanding and compassion for our fellow man. I sincerely believe there will be a new world. We will have a greater sense of the power of positive thought, a genuine & sincere interest in those we speak to via the internet and some sort of healing between nations of the East & West.

    I believe there will be a spiritual awakening for those who had no sense of Divine Power within each of us. If all bloggers around the world unite, think what change we could make.

    Think of the ripples we could cause if just one person sent the right message to two people, who then forwarded that message on to 4, then 16, then 256 who sent the message, then 65536, and so on. Within 24 hours, the right message would have spread around the world untold times.

    • Thank you Victoria, I believe that also, and I think there is a substantial number of people who have an underlying awareness that this is happening. Again thank you so much! Penny

  7. The seeds of annihilation are set in place. Through this blogosphere we have planted ideas and memes that will undermine and crush humanity. These ideas seem so very innocuous, some cute, some sweet These unsuspecting vermin bloggers, and statusers, and tweeters shall pass on these particles of filth and drag us into the final Apocalypse!!!!

    Or something 😛 YES YES YES!!! This is the information age and INFORMATION is the greatest panacea to all of humanity’s ills. Look what language did for us.. then the printing press.. RADIO!!!! This is THE greatest Golden Age humanity has ever had.

    Our descendants will look back on THIS TIME and say “That must have been the greatest time to be alive… the exhileration of all of that technology and connectedness happening so very fast!!!”

    Everything before this will be looked back upon as darkness..

    All’s I’m sayin… is yeah. I’m right there with you, with my fingers and toes tapped into the cats and kittens around the world and i am LOVING what’s happening.

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