The Mystery to Eternal Youth

timeless eternity

I recently completed a 5 part series, Aging Well -The Fountain of Youth. I spoke of a few items that I personally felt important to remember as we age. There was no need to discuss specifics such as diet and other like topics which abound everywhere. I attempted to cover more of the esoteric things that help our mind/body decide how it’s going to age. So to sum up:

  • AttitudeLife is 10% what happens to each of us and 90% how we respond to it! Always our choice!
  • BreathingOur bodies need (as in absolutely must have) lots of oxygen to live and be healthy, breathe in and exhale deeply at least several times a day!
  • StretchingWe, Homo sapiens are mammals with large and small muscle groups. Stretching is  necessary. The act of stretching sends a message to our brain that all parts of us are awake and ready to move!
  • ThoughtsThere is nothing truer than the words “We are what we think” – fill up your mind with positive and good thoughts about yourself and others. No this isn’t always easy but it is doable with practice.
  • LaughterLaugh as frequently and often as you can. Laughter is the very best medicine in life at any age for anything that ails you, besides it feels good!

Oh and the Mystery to Eternal Youth – one I should have included in the series:


We must be passionate in our pursuits in life!

Coming soon, a new series called “Mastering the Art of Sensuality” (Thanks to a special person out there in blog-land who encouraged me to do this – She is greatly appreciated). To me, part of the experience of life is becoming comfortable and intimate with each of our senses.

We cannot be truly passionate about anything without the ability to connect closely to our senses (touching, seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting).

With an increased awareness of our own sensitivity (sensual nature) our ability to reach out to others, is greatly enhanced. And touching others (through words) is what I am really passionate about.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

My very best to you as always, your friend, Penny

48 thoughts on “The Mystery to Eternal Youth

  1. I love to laugh (especially at myself, my friends, family, and the television)! Sometimes I feel so excited that I can’t breathe. 5 great points. Your excellent blog has catapulted to greatness this past month! Keep it up. I know you will. 😀

  2. Penny, you are so, so right! Each point you hit on is so crucial to staying young and vibrant (and happy!) Love everything about this post (every your fiery “Passion!” at the end :))

  3. I’m glad you mentioned about the senses… I used to be very aware of all the sights, sounds, smells and sensations that were happening around me. I made a conscious effort to be aware of these things… when I go to the park, I’ve started to do it again… listen to the children playing… the blue of the sky, the white of the clouds, the green of the trees… the warmth of the sun and the whispering touch of the breeze on my skin… love it 🙂

  4. Oh on: Passion as it relates to Mastering the Art of Sensuality…. when will you begin? I will bring my i phone to hospital tomorrow – simply because I do not want to get behind on this one!! xo 🙂

  5. So well done Penny! This was such a great series and feel like you can be the next “Oprah” – “Dr. Oz” or one of those 🙂 Really – of course you’d have your very own style – but just meaning as good as any of the beloved global ‘teachers’ who reach the average person’s home through mass communication. Ok – I’ll be your agent ~ once I’m all healed. Soooo looking forward to the next series on Passion — can see by the comments here that many are looking forward to your insights and wisdom. Will be very exciting to follow the series. Sending lots of Love and Hugs ~ xo Robyn

  6. Beautifully Brilliant!Ability to listen to speeches of his own heart that is guided by the soul and wanna some indicators, which then influence the state of human consciousness is the key in and starting point and the source of all those beautiful moments of our cognitive svijesti.vrlo nice to know that someone has to say, now you think , or constantly in my thoughts with you there and you feel the presence of a miracle, and you live with that dudo istinom.teško the people to learn these techniques , but the payments made from the viewpoint of inner peace and happiness happiness that you and then after many many unknown paths lead your present knowledge will be very interesting to follow your posts in the future

    • You are very welcome.I’ll work extra hard on them just for you, 🙂 Seriously I do appreciate your support and will endeavor to do my best. Sending warm thoughts your way! Penny, 🙂

  7. I must admit, I laughed last night, in a way that I have not laughed in a very very long time. It was one of those laughs that I couldn’t breath with. It was so very wrong though. I was reading “Anti-jokes” Some of those are even funnier than the actual joke.

    A horse walks into a bar, the barman says “Why the long face?”
    The horse, incapable of understanding the human language, craps on the floor and walks back out.

    I agree with you. We definitely must be passionate about something in our lives. If we are not, then we will stagnate and become something completely devoid of fun, laughter, longing or even passion. It’s what keeps the human mind alive and going from one day to the next.

    I am also looking forward to seeing your next set of posts on sensuality

      • I did tell someone one of the jokes yesterday, and I regretted it immediately and thought I had upset her as she immediately went offline without saying goodbye :-/

        • I think every has their own take on things, in life. The trick is finding those that best share the same kind of thinking as we do. It can be tricky. I wouldn’t worry about it though, it may be completely unrelated to the joke! Which is funny!!!

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