Sensual Prelude

My gift to you – A rose

Hello and most welcome my talented friends. Did you know Sensuality exists inside each of us, every moment of everyday, if we are but aware of it. It lies in repose waiting to come forth.

We are who we are and online in this rich and vibrant virtual world where creativity can flow unabated, we are allowed to express ourselves fully and completely. The sensual endeavor is in no way handicapped by a virtual limitation, actually it seems we are freer to share, explore, taste and more fully enjoy the bounty of sensual expression from each other.

During this series “The Art of Sensuality” I will share with you visuals, and words and sounds to move the essence that is within the sensual nature of your very being, your soul. To be Sensual – open your heart, hear what wants to be heard, see what wants to be seen, taste, smell and touch and then – express. In your words, your music, your songs, your photographs, your paintings, illustrations, and most importantly in your life with those you love and care for.

So let us begin then. Ready? Enjoy…

Petals of desire

A gift of beginnings

A rosebud

unfolding red petals

velvet texture upon my skin


delicate, sweetness

exotic fragrance of desire

so warming

an essence from nature

sweetly beguiling


from within

blooming without

And I find

as the

 petals unfold


open, unfold, my beauty

that I might

fully inhale and embrace

your seductive lovliness

my glorious rose!


Did I inspire, were you there with me? A rose by any other name…yes I can see that you were.

May your day be as lovely as a rose and filled with beauty. My very best to all of my wonderful friends and readers, Penny L Howe

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe


54 thoughts on “Sensual Prelude

  1. I was completely captivated! I felt as though I could feel the velvety softness of the petals and smell her heady fragrance. Your poem was just beautiful. I don’t know where you get your photos but they are amazing as well. Happy Sunday:)

    • Thanks LuAnn, you know in the business world (a side I really haven’t shared too much of with my blogger friends, a little more with you) when I owned a marketing firm, I of necessity had to develop a variety of skills to assist my group of talented artists, writers, photographers, etc. during brainstorming and compilation of materials, in order to adequately meet my clients marketing/advertising/pr needs. So a skill was developed in that area. I research pretty effectively on line for those illustrations that will compliment the whole of a creative statement I am making. This is probably way TMI here. Thanks again for the compliments my friend! 🙂

  2. oooo Penny – was totally there with you 🙂 !! So rich in texture and feeling. Enjoyed and your poetry certainly exemplifies the lesson in sensuality. I have a haiku piece I haven’t posted yet — has a similar flavor. Thank your for this special gift today ~ sensual treasure! Much Love ~ R

    • Thanks Robyn, I find I am having fun in challenging myself with these pieces. Informing in a fun manner while being creative in as many aspects as I can (word usage, graphics, metaphors, poetry) to illustrate the point and then making sure I wrap it all up together – so far so good – my friend, much love to you also, Penny

      • Seems to be a very well-recieved subject Penny…and you have earned respect as a teacher who is wise and sensitive too ~ I do applaud you ~ excellent work my friend xo Much Love, R

    • Thank you Celestine, I really appreciate your compliments, it is a challenge for me to try to accomplish several things at one. Inform and then illustrate thru the beauty of a poem and graphics the point I’m trying to make, so I greatly appreciate the comments that let me know I’m achieving my goal!
      Sending warmth and affection your way this weekend. I hope you and yours are enjoying! Penny 🙂

  3. How ever did I miss this yesterday?
    I saw Part 2 today & thought…there must be a part 1. So- here I am!
    I LOVE this one! And – ROSES are my favorite flowers..Ahhhhhhhhh…

    • Thanks Rosy, I am appreciative of your visits. No worries, I do that myself. I am happy you liked that one. Me too (re: loving roses), I used to grow a whole bunch of varieties, just liked hanging out with them you know, or arranging them in vases! 🙂 Happy weekend to you, my friend, Penny

    • Yes, very personal but I think, a very good thing today when we (everyone everywhere) need so much to connect with one another. Besides it’s fun! Talking about staying young! 🙂

    • Thank you so very much. It’s tough to write on this topic in a somewhat third person perspective and yet stay personal at the same time. Harder than I thought it would be actually. Hope your day has been going well for you barbara, Penny 🙂

    • Thank you! Coming from you that is a very nice compliment indeed! Your blog (insert creative talent here) is one of the ones that inspire me! Thanks for dropping by and commenting also, very much appreciate this!

    • Good Afternoon Mondrak, well I’m doing my best, honestly this is how I feel about life and things but I am somewhat hesitant to hit the publish button, My blogging friend Robyn, she really gave me the courage to initially start this, but it is sort of letting people inside my personal “muse if things” and I find it is harder to share. Did that make sense to you my friend?

      • Good morning Penny

        It made perfect sense to me 🙂

        I’m glad Robyn has given you the courage, you have a brilliant ability with poetry and your insights into the human psyche. Letting people inside is a huge deal and not something to take lightly, so Robyn sees something special. 🙂

  4. Creativity comes in many different ways and each of us has to find our own way to express it. I am glad you have found yours.
    We can look at examples of others and learn, but unless what we produce comes from our heart it cannot give us that deep satisfaction.

  5. Thank you Len. I’ve held so much inside me for so long (creatively speaking) For years I’ve had to be the strong one. So to finally be able to set free my emotions is a wonderful feeling for me, joyous for me actually. Thank you again I appreciate you very much, all my love, Penny

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