Sensual Prelude 2 – Power of the Heart

The Power of the Heart

The heart is the most vital organ we have. The one we rely on to pump needed blood flow to our body. The one that beats to the rhythm of our soul – metaphorically speaking (lol) And the heart represents one of the most powerful “symbols” both historically and today.

Hello and welcome.

As we venture through life with our senses, our mind is organizing and filing away each memory with the aid of symbolic references, like the heart.

Okay, this is where if you’re skimming this post quickly so that you can reach your quota of blogs to visit you can go ahead and skip to the last cool graphic and the poem unless you are actually interested in learning a little something new which will be a nice thing but either way… 

This subset of activities goes on in our mind at an unconscious level. This is true for everyone. There are numerous symbols that our mind comes to recognize and use during this filing and sorting process. Sounds like a computer doesn’t it?

The mind takes its cue from the feelings we are experiencing during each event in our life, Creating a link with “symbols” through an emotional association, so whether we are having a happy or sad (or hurtful, angry, scary, romantic…the list goes on and on) moment subconsciously our mind is connecting this emotion to a symbolic reference.

This means when our senses are invoked, the appropriate “symbol” is already ‘there’ in our mind as a reference point to assist our senses in relating to that being felt (seen, heard, touched, smelled, tasted). If it sounds like I’m suggesting that our senses, memories, thoughts and actions are all interconnected -THEY ARE! (hello? One body here! So everything contained within is directly connected to everything else inside our body!)

I will use the “symbol reference” of the heart for my poetic illustration today. Pretty much all of our senses engage with this symbol for many reasons – my reference point will be Love. Don’t get all sappy on me this is serious stuff here!

I’d like you to feel the following poem through my words, if you will…

my beating heart


do you hear,

come closer, please, my love

put your strong gentle hand just there,

touch the beat of my heart

beating a song for only you,

hear my desire, know my need

a million heartbeats strong,

the Universe hears – the beating,

listen to my heart’s

singing pulse

for want of you,

beating to the only rhythm

it hears – you my love,

I am

Queen and servant,

my heart beats for only you,



So did you skip to the poem or did you read all my words, no matter, either way I’m hoping you enjoyed yourself, always my goal when I write, Take care of you my friends, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

46 thoughts on “Sensual Prelude 2 – Power of the Heart

    • Thanks Maggie, lately I must admit to being inspired by other bloggers, like you. A great feeling! I’m glad you’ve returned home safe from your super trip. Hope you catching up on things, Penny 🙂

  1. Okay, so I’m coming a little late to the party… but your blog is one I want to read – properly LOL (love that paragraph, btw) – so I saved it and decided I’d come back to read it as soon as I could.

    I totally agree with you… you put a new spin on something I’ve believed for a long time – that what we experience through our senses (sight being an obvious example) is merely the interpretation by the brain of those impulses from our nerves… so what we think we see might not be there… blue might not be blue… it’s just what our brain is telling us is there…

    I love how you tied it to the heart though… I hadn’t thought of that! 🙂

    (Loved the poem too!)

    • Yes I agree with what you are saying, Your words remind me of an artist I worked with when I had a marketing firm. I wasn’t happy with his (for want of his sulking..although a brilliant artist) producing a needed art piece. We were late on a deadline for a client because of the artist funk Jerry had been stuck in for a week, so I suggested he use his emotions to feel what was inside him not what he was thinking about (what was wrong with it – referencing the illustration of his) Jerry looked at me, blinked and said “How do you do that?” I asked “What” and he said “you just changed the color red in my head to blue.His piece turned out brilliant by the way. Point here – The brain responds directly to our emotions that come from our feelings that start with our senses, Ergo – Embedded Passions. And the heart, “hello?” Nothing connects all the above better than – getting to the heart of the matter! Thanks Richard, 🙂 Penny

  2. I read the entire post, as I always do with your words. Another beautiful poem Penny. I agree that reading is a wonderful escape and was a salve for my soul during years when the waters were difficult to navigate. 🙂

  3. ‘The Universe hears’ that sent a shiver down my spine, then back up it for good measure. In short I could get lost in just those three words, but happily i had the rest of the post to dwell upon. I bet it would fascinating to trace the symbol of the heart through the ages. Very thought provoking, thankyou (once again) for leaving me with many exciting avenues of interest to explore.

    • My pleasure, actually as you know I love to read, as a child and then as an adult, my books were my balm, my comfort, my nutrition (if you will) to get thru the realities I couldn’t quite cope with and people I couldn’t understand. I have studied the heart as a symbol thru out history (all around the world) ! Definitely one of the big boy reference points for every civilization. So glad you enjoyed, my friend

  4. Ah, the heart! Very important organ indeed! No human could live without a beating heart (that I know of). It is a symbol we see every day, a symbol dear to our hearts (lol). In mythology, the heart is very important, for it is the symbol of courage and love (Aphrodite). I read somewhere in the comments that you were a history nut. Haha. Well the Ancient Egyptians though the heart was the most important organ in the body, a vessel for all our thoughts and desires. I love the poems that you write with each of these posts. 😀

    • Thanks Tina :), yes as it turns out I am a bonified history nut, science (and sci-fi) nut, All things that interest me in life nut…if you begin to see a pattern here, I research/study those things I’m interested in, always have, always will. – poems are fun to write..a pleasant conundrum for some!

  5. Loved this article and your poem ~ amazing Penny! I never thought about the symbols so much… though have thought about how our feelings are evoked from unconscious emotional cues, many of which I think comes from past experience. This concept of an actual visual symbol…like the heart is fascinating. We really are a very visual species us humans. I’m very auditory as well… so voices and sounds can evoke a lot of emotion for me too! The poem certainly got my senses going in many directions…beautifully written dear friend…. I’m all about the ‘heart’ today thanks to this fabulous post! Enjoyed so much ~ xxooo Robyn

    • I’m actually enjoying this Robyn. I’m a history nut, okay so I’m also a science nut, and a health nut and….you get the picture, love life! Opps I had a point to make! In history the cues are all there in the manner in which historians and artisans reference historical events and people. Those “symbols” are all over the place. I believe if we write about them and utilize them in our life, then they must be an intregal part of our minds programming, in my minds eye anyway! Glad my future agent is so approving. I’m moving away from the amorous side of things with my next post (sort of whew with this) and to the broader scope of passions in our life. How are things with you after your trip? Sending heartfelt love to you my friend, Penny xx

  6. No skipping for me! Although my heart did skip a beat as your poem was so romantic. Chocolate and romance are my weaknesses. My husband bought us Bryer’s chocolate ice-cream last night and we ate it together as we listened to our daughter play piano and watched our pets be silly.
    ~ Wendy

    • Wendy you just describing a wonderful evening to me. Everything you need in life for it be full and happy. Sharing with your husband, listening to your daughters music, watching your animals at play, oh and of course eating incredibly delicious chocolate ice-cream, does life get any better? I think not. Bestest weekend to you my lucky friend! Penny
      ps – being a romantic is cool too! 🙂

  7. I would never skim through your blog. It’s so full of useful information, wake-up calls & reminders.
    I read all the way through & loved your poem. Can you feel it in my heartbeat? 😉
    Happy Friday & Happy Weekend!

    • See Rosy, I overlook things too, unintentionally. I just noticed I didn’t see this earlier, your other comment to me today. Thank you for the lovely compliments, yup I can feel your heartbeat. Sounds excellent by the way! 🙂

    • Thanks boomie, it is to me a wonderful creative release. I have for years kept my muse tightly closed up inside for the need to be strong and “be there” for those I love and did so willingly. To now be able to write and create with the written word is such a great thing, and then I’ve found you and others who think and feel as I do, just simply wonderful. Thanks again my friend, Penny

    • Thank you Chris, as always your compliments are extremely appreciated. I’ve kept so much inside for so long, it is a relief to allow my creative nature to come out and breathe through the expressive written word, again much thanks my friend. Penny

    • Good evening Mondrak, how are you doing my friend? I am hopeful that the discomfort you’ve been coping with the last few days has improved a little. Seems to be more things (real world) to do first thing in the morning right now over here, but I will be coming to visit you in a little while my friend! Penny

  8. Trunk pointing to each word in turn, mouth forming every syllable, AnElephant read it all!
    And enjoyed it and was enlightened.
    And loved the poem. When he eventually reached it!

    Reluctant to sidetrack on such a carefully crafted, thoughtful and sensitive post, but is ‘skimming’ widespread, do you think?
    AnElephant was surprised recently that on a long and mainly factual blog about Bute which received a number of comments, not one person remarked on the last part about the Wild Sea Water Haggis.
    So he now wonders – skipping or just rubbish?
    Thanks, Penny.

    • Oh ha ha (eventually?) Thank you for your compliments. Seriously Brian I think there are those who skim and those who don’t.

      When I was in business (marketing/advertising/public relations) we had to learn to track statistics in order to illicit the best response from the customers of our clients. So it’s sort of built inside of me to do the same here in blog land. I find that I do follow, what I view as, the nature of the blogger.

      I think most want to spend more time than they have, reading another persons posts and that it is not an intentional omission by the viewer to some part of a bloggers written word, I think it does come down to what “grabs” the viewer that they retain and comment on, and not because there is anything wanting in the written words. Of course now I find I want to return and read of the Wild Sea Water Haggis. Right now! 🙂

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