Prelude Finale – Embedded Passions

Passions of the Mind

Hello and welcome.

Today I will be discussing once more – the nature of passion. In the next post I will begin exploring each of the individual senses within our body (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell).

The thing is (sigh), passion is tightly interwoven with our senses. So intimately are they connected that you can’t discuss the one without at least understanding the other.

When I first wrote about passion, I discussed the passion of both the writer and the reader. Later on I referred to “symbols” and used the heart for example while relating to love and the desire for one another. But passion is so much more vast in its encompassing.

Our passions in life are really what move us to do what it is we do and I believe the power of passion is embedded within every single one of us! It only needs an opening to be released.

Being passionate is really about your thoughts and senses overflowing with the strongest of your emotions – IN ANY AREA OF YOUR LIFE on ANY SUBJECT!

There are those who feel great passion inside, but releasing it is a whole ‘nuther thing. Embedded passion needs a spark to be ignited. But there’s a trick here, I think.

You are the one that will allow your passions release. For some this comes so easily, it seems…for others it is a struggle to open up your senses fully – breathe life in with big huge gulps – and embrace all that amazing passion. Yours for the taking, just sitting there inside – waiting.

Passion is risky. You know that. There can be…consequences. But important things in life come with a risk. Living life itself is a risk, but we can’t grow if we don’t challenge ourselves. This is the very nature of the fabric of life and your choice as always…But one worth taking, I think. Right now would be a very good time for you to release your passions.

Passion’s Release


I am here, inside waiting

Release me

I can promise you emotions you have never felt

The depth of my promise is as deep as

the deepest ocean,

as high as the mightest mountain

as wide and full

as the canyons of dreams within your mind,

You will live as never before,

this I promise you

Release me,

I will give you all you desire and so much

more, yours for the taking

We will explore everything in life

and beyond

the reaches of time and space


I can do this, I promise

release me

I will set fire to your dreams

I will recreate ever wonder ever conceived

fashioned only for you


Release me

I am your reward for daring to live and love

and dance and sing and laugh

Set me free


Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

41 thoughts on “Prelude Finale – Embedded Passions

  1. I think this is true…. there’s often an imbalance here too… I’ve found that if I become passionate about something, then that new thing becomes my focus, to the detriment of the other things I feel passionate about. If I’m not careful, if I don’t take the time or the energy to kindle the passion I had for those other things, there’s a very real chance that passion could die.

    I guess what I’m trying to say, in a very rambly manner, is that we must always maintain balance in our lives 🙂

    • May I very politely suggest that while balance can be precarious (see a tightrope walker here), Richard. I do believe that there is a fine distinction between consciously balancing the daily elements of work, chores and interactions necessary to get thru the day and (Actually in that regard Nature balances best of all)…and applying balance to strong emotions. There will never be a balance with passion, and that is a very very good thing. When we are emotionally stimulated and excited by something (within each of our own reference points) new, exciting, different, wonderful (notice word usage here) we are fully alive. Passion can never be balanced, as in never. To be fully and completely alive is to revel in passion for all that is, in my humble opinion, anyway. Just my thoughts on the subject, Penny 🙂

  2. don’t mind but passion for me is a word with not much significance coz i haven’t been able to understand it…it makes me dizzy:). talking or thinking about it.but i correspond it with a work which is natural in me and i am

  3. I think it is something you have to work at consciously. You just can’t say……I am going to do this. And you never reach a point that you say………OK …did that. Probably with each passion release there is the next one which will be better.

  4. I believe you really nailed this one. I have always looked at myself as a passionate person but for many years and still now, I have found it difficult to connect to those around me, feeling just a bit on the fringe, feeling different than others, a little misunderstood. I am coming to see this as me beginning to unfurl her wings, wanting to fly but yet a little fearful. I feel you and others, through your words, whispering to me that it’s ok, go ahead, fly. Thank you for your beautiful words and helping to show us the way to find our passion.

    • Please with all my heart I would wish you to fly. Christina and I recently posted our “wish/dream” list, for the family moving forward, on the wall. Emma, my 10 year old granddaughter said this morning when asked what she would wish for and I quote “I would wish to fly like a bird. Perhaps a jet-pack or a glider, I do so want to be free to fly. I think that is nicely summing up my wish to you! Said by a 10 year old beautiful young creative girl (minus a loving and supportive daddy) who is joyously embracing her future.Says it all I think!

  5. How can I compliment you Penny when your standard of writing is way above us mere mortals who with chewed pencil scratch the surface of paper in the desperate attempt to emulate such mastery as you befttingly lay before us in all its glory.

    • Thanks Ralph, I think each of us have our own style is all. I happen to love yours. But I do thank you most kindly for your wonderful compliments. I appreciate them very much. Thank you for visiting me, Penny 🙂

  6. Fantastic again dear Penny! Truly loved your poem — the way you personified ‘passion’ – perfect way to express this concept. Yes – perhaps there is always risk — allowing the release… but with some discretion, I think it’s clearly worthwhile to ALLOW! It’s sad to me that some suppress passion to such a degree (for many complicated reasons we can talk about over a bottle of wine) that they lose awareness of the inner-fire, and, in essence, their whole reason for being. 😦

    I can go on and on about this… but I’m a big believer in staying in touch with my own passion. Not always easy given my current state of ,mostly, house boundedness ~ but not to worry — I’m continuing to nurture mine every way I can.

    To feel is to live…

    Much Love to you Penny… this was utterly wonderful to embrace today – thank you sweet wise friend!! xxoo Robyn

  7. I think I want to get me some risk in my life, although i have been living on the edge recently and leaving glasses of orange juice balanced precariously on the arm of the chair, I don’t think this counts but small steps to begin with is the way forward. Another top notch post.

  8. I am really enjoying this series. Passion is the blood of life. Without it we’re not really alive. I like to choose the path that make my heart pound – when I’m brave enough to… or as you put it: “daring to live and love…” ~ Wendy

  9. This is the first time AnElephant has understood the expression ‘A Penny for your thoughts.’
    Jings, Penny, AnElephant’s thoughts are pretty jolly well focused right now!
    Great blog, brilliant poem.

  10. Good morning Penny. Great article and great poem.

    I will say though, there are sometimes that you look at the risks and think “it’s not worth it” Especially if you’ve taken that risk before and that has been smashed, worse if it has happened twice. At these times, is the risk worth it? Is the passion worth it?

    We all have that passion inside us as you say, but some of us will keep it locked away to “stay on the safe side” so as not to get hurt as Kelly Clarkson says.

    I think loss of wanting that passion makes someone empty, and it may take a lot to get that “want to take the risk” back. We all need the butterflies that go with it, it is healthy for us.

    Sorry, my comment seems all over the place

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