Intermezzo – a brief entertainment

Intermezzo – Muse or Imagination

So there I was going about my merry writing business getting ready to write about one of the five senses exploring the wonderful mysteries of sensuality (remember the series I keep referring to but haven’t started yet? Lol) when all of a sudden I began to get a nudge from my ‘imagination’ suggesting that maybe I should have a post that reminds the reader of the importance of imagination re: the senses.

And then my ‘muse’ spoke up reminding me that She was in control and the whole imagination thing was something She called forth when needed. Well, my imagination took offense suggesting that nothing called him forth, he ‘just was’ and a whole argument ensued. I wrote the conversation down for your enjoyment.

But first a quick backstory. When we refer to our “Muse”, know that it is taken from Greek Mythology. The God Zeus, King of all things and the Goddess Mnemosyne (Goddess of memory and mental power) had nine daughters conceived to help mankind as guiding spirits. Each daughter was called a muse and had the ability to inspire, especially in the areas of literature, science, and the arts.

The History of the word usage of Imagination begins around the 14th century. It’s language roots are from the Latin word “Imaginatio”. The general understanding of the word Imagination is “forming a mental image of something not present or never before wholly perceived in reality.

Okay so here’s the discussion as it took place.

Imaginatio: What do you mean I’m just a word, what’s that supposed to mean?

Muse: Hey, it’s just the way it is so deal with it!

Imaginatio: I am too real. I have lots of great ideas all the time.

Muse: No, you only come to life when I ask .

Imaginatio: So then I’m real if you’re asking me to do something for you?

Muse: No, I call on my own inspirational abilities and Imagination comes.

Imaginatio: You mean me?

Muse: No, you are a figment of your own figment!

Imaginatio: Hey, that’s pretty good.

Muse: I know, I am after all … Me!

Imaginatio: I’ve been around a very long time.

Muse: For all you know I’ve been around forever.

Imaginatio: Me too!

Muse: No you haven’t – get used to disappointment.

Imaginatio: Are you referring to the whole chicken and egg paradox because if you are that really sucks!

The argument was becoming heated at this point so I explained to them the blogger’s “read time” quota and asked each to write a short poem on unrequited love, I would be the arbitrator with the final say: Muse or Imagination. I did suggest the popular Haiku for their writing style, but both declined. Actually as I recall Imaginatio said “Pleease I’m already under enough pressure here!” My muse just smiled (hmmm)! And here are the  poems by each:

Tormented, by Imaginatio



Raw burning pain

of Longing,

I yearn,

I believe I

will die




of you


the last rose, by the Muse

the petals fall

one by one,

from my tightly clutched hand

The thorns pierce,

just an ordinary pain

I no longer feel,

the greatest pain

I feel



my love

…of you!



And the winner is … Muse who calls forth both her senses and imagination (imaginatio – I think she cheated!) to bring forth her magnificent creations. I hope everyone enjoyed this playful interpretation of Creativity today. Thanks for stopping by, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe


60 thoughts on “Intermezzo – a brief entertainment

  1. Absolutely magnificent poems. I love them all and also the playful banter. Penny, thanks for letting me know about the origin of the word ‘muse’. Truly wonderful. And for your information, the title of your post should change to A Brief Educative Entertainment. lol! 🙂 Thanks for sharing

    • Celestine, I am so moved by your very generous comments. For more than 5 years I had to push my creativity aside and “be there” for family as we lost various love ones (My dad, my mom, my husband, my son-in-law and then almost losing my precious daughter and trying to be there for her/ children during the horrors that followed) So I was the strong one during these times (heart-broken but strong for everyone else) It is a glorious relief to let my creativity finally flow and to be met with so well by you and so many other wonderful, caring bloggers, when I say I am moved by your words, I mean them. It’s like finding an oasis filled with water after trudging thru an endless dessert, thank you so much my friend! Penny 🙂

  2. Interesting discussion between Muse and Imagination. I guess for me, they are intertwined, but Muse is definitely the stroyteller. Imagination provides the stage. I really enjoyed this, thanks!

    • Of course you can’t really have one without the other so this was being playful with words. And you are correct in your summation, Muse is most definitely the storyteller. Thank you, I hope the weekend has been a good one for you and your family, sending warmth and affection to you and yours today, your friend, Penny xx

  3. I really enjoyed reading today (not that I don’t always, because i do , I’m very consistent in enjoying your writings) the pictures and the conversations took me out of simply reading a computer screen and plunged me into a small forum, if you will. Very fun post.

    • Truly said, I believe that there is within the human soul an unlimitedness quantum element to what we think and feel it is only necessary for us to be what we feel, don’t you think? Thanks for your insights I really do appreciate your words, Most sincerely, Penny

    • Yeah she is isn’t she Chris. Our inner being (muse) is what really drives all of our thoughts and emotions, I think. Thanks for your thoughts and your compliment my friend, Penny

    • Thank you, I am grateful for your compliments Mack. It is people exactly like you who are my inspiration for what I write, I appreciate you and your creativity very much my friend, sending affection your way today, Penny 🙂

    • Thanks Rosy, much appreciated – both you and your great compliments. This one I really had fun with. A challenge of combining the creative elements that I loved. And did you notice I have my blogroll out there, still adding more friends, and of course you’re already there. Natch’ – Hope your having an extra specially great weekend Rosy, warm thoughts being sent your way, Penny 🙂

      • I am honored to be on your blog-roll. THANK YOU dear Penny!
        Minus an intruding migraine – the weekend has been great. Yesterday was zoo day & today was school clothes shopping day. I am looking forward to a day off work tomorrow & then 4 more days after that. I took 4 days off to have the whole week off. YAY me – LOL
        Sweet dreams… 🙂

  4. Thanks Penny 4 your lovely comment! 🙂 and thanks 4 ur follow! ( I’m following u back) Ps: I like ur blog to, a lot! Lovely photos by the way! 🙂

  5. Seems ‘imagination’ is very much in her head — and ‘muse’ is allowing the passion to emerge via creativity — 🙂 Excellent discussion and format here Penny ~ fun to read and great education too! Loved it !! xo Much Love, Robyn

    • Thanks Amy, honestly I haven’t had so much fun in quite a while writing this. Did you notice that they each had specific gender characteristics? So much fun, thanks again Amy hope your weekend is being a great one for you and yours! Penny 🙂

    • thanks boomie I will admit I had a blast writing this :). Did you notice I have my blogroll out, and of course you are there. 🙂 Still adding more special friends though! I hope you are having a great weekend with your family, Penny 🙂

  6. That was brilliant Penny. Loved the conversation. And the poems were fantastic.
    Imaginatio seems so sad and mournful, whereas the Muse seems to be bouncy and playful

    • Good morning/afternoon Mondrak, Thanks so very much, Imaginatio is not so much as sad and mournful as he is brooding. In my masculine interpretation, the male mystic is so very very romantic and struggles to let the Muse shape his destiny. Perhaps fanciful, just my interpretation, how has your day been for you my friend? Did you see I have my blogroll (of course your there. 🙂 ~ with great amounts of affection to you this Sunday, Penny

      • I saw that 🙂 Thank you. I am currently re-doing my blogs I follow and putting them into categories are alphabetical order A-E F-I sort of listing as there seems too many of them at the moment.

        Also thinking of changing the theme of it but don’t know what to yet. Decisions.

        How are you this morning?

  7. Lovely playful exploration, Penny! I believe for me (meaning in my personal experience) it comes down to Muse and Imaginato being blended and united as one… (In Germany we say something like this: Those who tease each other love each other.) 😉

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