The Touch of Sensuality


Touching – “It touches the heart”, “I am touched”, “touch me”, words evoke a reality with the spoken/written word “touch”, but what of when you are actually doing the touching or being touched? Are you feeling the touch?

What is happening inside you? Life is filled with a richness of textures, sensations and nuances that your body receives through the experience of a touch.

I have two extremely large and healthy cats. When I touch either one of them, they lean in towards me while my hands stroke their silky soft fur. It is a pleasing sensation for both me and either one of them. They purr and attempt to wrap themselves closer around me. (Since each weighs more than 20 pounds there is a lot of wrapping around going on – lol)

My point – the touch of my hands on their bodies elicits a pleasant sensation for both myself and the cats, because of the connecting touch.

The sensuous aspect of touching cannot be understated. Touching or being touched, when focused on, produces a myriad of sensations. Imagine, if you will, touching a variety of textures. The roughness of a tree trunk (trees are beautiful and fascinating don’t you think – I digress) the smooth liquid velvet of running your hands through and in water, the touch of this liquid upon your face in the rain or when you shower.

Standing on the shores of an ocean, feel the mist of the oceans spray, the trickling of water thru your toes as your feet sink slightly into the damp grainy sand. Think on this!

As a child we want to touch everything, all the time, we are curious and want to feel a thing to understand a thing.

It is through our touching that we become more finely attuned to that which we are touching, our senses and the world around us.

There is much power to the touch I think. It is the nature of how we touch or are touched by others that can strengthen, lighten, dampen or destroy a day. All from a touch.   We, as people, respond according to what we are touching. In everyday life touching can become mundane and we ‘insensitive’ in this busy hurry up world. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

When you wake tomorrow, reach out and touch your partner lying next to you in a sensual loving way, greet your children with the caring touch of a hug. Shake hands warmly with a stranger well met.

If you are a solitary soul then touch nature or let it touch you, step outside and feel the fresh cooling breeze of an autumn morning touching your face, gently ruffling your hair. Run your fingers through the gentle dewy softness of sweet grass. Embrace in touching and being touched.

Are you touching today? Are you feeling the touch?

The Texture of Life

But for… the touch of wind

upon my face

I would not have known


of an ocean breeze

But for… the touching rain

upon my body

I might not have felt

cascading streams

washing away my fears.

But for… touching the earth

I’d not have known

wonders to explore

But for… the touch of your lips

upon my own

I might never have

felt love

But for… warmth of the sun

I might not have known


surfaces of texture

substances of sensation

I touch, I feel

I am




Thank you my friends and readers for stopping by, I hope your day was filled with “touching” experiences.


Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

58 thoughts on “The Touch of Sensuality

  1. Pingback: TEXTURE: Feeling Natural | Serendipity 13

    • Thanks, I try to challenge myself with the graphics, photos and the poem so there’s a seamless quality to the whole. Makes it fun for me, and hopefully cool for the reader. Again my thanks Tina, 🙂

    • Yes I did indeed. Thank you so much. I should have notified you sooner. Im still getting things set up here. I am very glad you’ve entered. This is fun, I hope it was fun for you writing your poem? Thanks again so much, sending warm wishes your way, Penny 🙂

    • Hello Ti, your sincere compliments mean a lot to me. Thank you for the nomination, it was very nice for you to think of me for this Award. Much appreciated, I’ll pop over right now to pick it up! Penny

  2. Being a solitary sort of chap I did the whole embracing nature thingummybob, it was handy as the grass was freshly mown so I got that classic summer scent, I sat on the stubbly grass and for some reason thought that looking at a book on the art of Caspar David Friedrich would suit the day, it didn’t being all dark but it well well with my solitary mood, and the contrast with the sunny weather made for interesting musing. I like it when you suggest that I do stuff.

    • Very good point, I did mention that elephants are hugely (lol) important in my life, I’ve been fascinated by them (especially the african ones) since a little girl. So I really get the importance of large trunks, so handy for all kinds of touching! Thanks for the visit, I really do appreciate it and you! Penny 🙂

  3. Very, very true words… I *feel* things… people and objects that are not there. I honestly believe I can feel when someone is thinking of me.

    I like to truly “feel” nature… and I’ve always had the ability to remember and recreate tactile memories. I don’t know if this is a common trait or not… but long after an object is gone from my life, I can remember how it feels to hold that object. It’s as though it’s literally back in my hands again.

    Likewise, when I imagine giving my son a hug, I really feel it… when I actually *do* hug him, I savour the moment, as though I’m absorbing the memory for later. I kiss his hair and his head because I want to remember it later on.

    You always give me something to think about, Penny! Write that book! 😛

    • Thank you Richard! 🙂 I understand those feelings very very well with reference to remembering. I think when all the senses work in harmony this happens. Just my thought on this, Penny

  4. Such a meaningufl and rich post Penny. Touch … such an important part of our sensual energies… Sometimes it can speak a language all its own. Your poem says it al~ even the elements of nature speak to us though touch. Loved the post — you are sooo good in this arena. Sending love and good thoughts to you and yours today ~ Robyn

    • Thank you Robyn, remember tonight…deep and restful sleep, my dear friend (yup I can be amazingly single-minded in some things, when they are important to me) fingers crossed here, thinking positive thoughts your way, Hope tomorrow dawns golden and gentle for you, all my love across the miles…Penny, xoxo

    • As I’m beginning to feel I “know” who you are “just a little” my friend, I’m guessing in the hugging department you are ‘par excellence’ ! So having said that Rosy, sending many many hugs your way today, 🙂 Penny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂

  5. Yes, and remember hearing this? “The German emperor Frederick II conducted a horrible experiment to find out what language children would speak if they were raised without hearing anyone talking. He took several newborns away from their parents and gave them to nurses who were forbidden to touch or talk with them. These babies never learned a language because they died before they could talk. In the year 1248, the historian Salimbene wrote of these babies, ‘They could not live without petting.'”

    • Yes Alice, I almost referred to it in my post, but it is just so very sad, to begin life and then die for lack of the touch of love that I really just didn’t want to go there. But that is a vivid reminder of the real and true “need” for lovingly touching one another. Thank you Alice, hopefully some who read this post will also read your comments here. Your reference is a huge exclamation point on what I was attempting to say to the reader, again my thanks, sending love your way (virtual hug) this day! Penny xx

  6. You are so right Penny, as we rush through life we completely forget about the intimacy of touching, whether with another human, out in nature, or with our pets. Animals seem to “get it” but we, with our racing minds, often miss so much. Thanks for the beautiful reminder. 🙂

    • Thanks LuAnn, I plead guilty of that myself and I work very hard on remembering my own written words. You’re right! The animals that share our lives with us do “get it” bless their sweet unconditional love, It is a beautiful day here, How is it where you guys are? I’m heading over for a visit to you site shortly so will see you there my friend, 🙂 Penny

  7. I often am thinking what would it be like to be without sight or hearing. But rarely consider what it would be like without being able to touch/feel. Makes me think of the Bubble Boy of years ago and others who have to be kept apart because of some illness.

    I know and understand why we touch wonderful feeling things. But what makes us touch a scab or something unpleasant? And sometimes we touch something that we know we shouldn’t, but we do it anyway. lol

    I like the touch or sensation of being close to a person you like/love. You are not touching but are so near that you can feel them ………. good vibrations I guess. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for these wonderful words Meme, I am hoping that those who come visit and read my posts will read your comments here. What you say is so moving and true…especially the last sentence my friend…”I like the touch or sensation of being close to a person you like/love. You are not touching but are so near that you can feel them…good vibrations, I guess!” Meme those words send warm shivers down my spine, that is exactly how I feel with some in my life, just simply wonderful, thank you my friend so much, sending warm wishes filled with affection to you this day Meme, Penny 🙂

    • Isn’t that feeling of connecting with your pet just about the best thing ever! Thank you for your compliment, I appreciate both very much! Hope your day is a good one and your tomorrow even better my friend, Penny 🙂

  8. Thank you for a totally brilliant post, Penny. Half way through reading that, one of my cats came up and started snuzzling me 🙂

    I think two of the best have to be feeling the water washing over your toes, showing them a love they could never show again, or the feeling of a hug from your children or grandchildren (I’ll make the assumption on that last one lol)

    • Thank you and good afternoon my friend. Assume away, your are correct! How was your day today? The sun is shining outside, I’m sitting here drinking my coffee (after having fed/petted various animals (hugged the little ones 🙂 said good morning to my beautiful daughter…) listening to the sounds of morning and enjoying the start to my day. I hope your evening is a warm and loving one for you and your family Mondrak, sending much affection your way, Penny 🙂

      • Thanks Penny. It’s been another gorgeous day here. Still warm 24/74 at 5-15. Front and rear balcony doors open, and been helping Farrah set her blog up 🙂

        Think I need another coffee. Did Christina say whether she had had a decent night’s sleep?

        • It appears she did pretty well. She’s a quiet one when it comes to her own problems/pain, although I can usually tell (you know – the mom thing lol). I’m thinking it’s a good day for her. Pleased to hear you and Farrah are setting her blog up…a very good thing for both of you. 🙂

    • Thank you Maggie, my life has been filled with a series of experiences (close calls re: living) that helped shaped my thoughts on things I think. For the most part I am so D*mn grateful that I’m still alive today that I pretty much start my day off with welcoming the new day. I’m guessing my attitude helps shape my day and allows inspiration to come more frequently, as least I think this may be the case my friend. I know I’m happy to be here in blogger-ville because I’ve met some superlatively cool people who are very caring and creatively gifted (insert your name here). For that I am most grateful and happy! Thank you again. May your evening be a pleasant one and your tomorrow filled with inspiration, the talent is already there ~ Penny 🙂

  9. I love my hugs! But it’s taken over 60 years to be free to give and accept them. My life has been one of acceptance and rejection and that keeps one from opening up to touch. Very good article.

    • What you say is so true, our life, humans, how we are with each other, I like to think it wouldn’t have to be that way. I stay hopeful though, thank you and warm hugs (the virtual kind lol) to you my friend, Penny

  10. Poem was really beautiful , as if she were alive, and somewhere between heaven and earth , and wandering touches our dreams, our thoughts, our hope. And we are happy .Thank you for this beautiful poem Penny and post for this morning or this night !

    • Thank you. It’s my way of trying to connect up the pieces. Awe heck I’m an artist/writer like many of us here in blog land and I confess I do try to be as creative as possible. I’m pleased you enjoyed it, Again my thanks, Penny

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