The Scent of Sensuality – Aroma


How many of us wake to the delicious aromatic smell of freshly brewed coffee. Waking up never smelled so good for coffee lovers. Coffee is an exotic aroma. To a coffee lover, it’s rich, vibrant and distinct fragrance cannot be mistaken for anything else.

Smell, the second of our five senses.The word aroma is one way to describe the quality perceived by the olfactory sense (smell). An implied understanding of what it is to smell – a characteristic odor or fragrance. There is a distinctive and intangible quality about what you smell, enveloping one’s other senses.

For writers, the sense of smell can be creatively used in so many ways. “There is a scent of mystery” in the air. We “smell trouble” ahead. The breeze is “scented with sweet smelling roses” butterflies hover, attracted by the flower’s “delicate fragrance”.

When smelling any odor, distinctively pleasing or otherwise, our mind fastens onto memories and the other senses to relate and fully experience the smell: Hot buttered popcorn (taste, that distinctive popping sound and the occasions when used). Freshly baked bread from the oven. The grassy smell of a mown lawn. Warming scents of a crackling burning camp fire.

There are also aromas we wish we had never had occasion to smell. “That stinks!” (and then of course we can use the same expression to imply our disgust of something, lol). If someone speaks of anything rotten, nasty smells do come to mind don’t they?

Your mind integrates your senses (sensually speaking) so you can completely embrace the moment you’re in. The sense of smell brings forth or adds to memories of taste, touch, sound, and sight, just by the smelling of a thing.

The fragrance of Sensuality – the sweet smell of success! Yes indeed!

The Essence of Aroma

Sweet enticing mysteries

the fragrances of life,

Soothing balms

Welcoming scents,

 warm enriching memories,

Life’s precious moments

Savored through our senses,

Breath in,

Smell the riches

in your life experiences.



Do embrace the essence of life today, and remember I am waiting to see all of my friends entries in the Poetry Challenge/Reward. A quick reminder – the Contest will end on the 14th of September, 2012. For more information, pop back to yesterdays post, all the details are there!

Thanks for stopping by, may your day be filled with happiness ~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

54 thoughts on “The Scent of Sensuality – Aroma

    • Thanks Celestine, I’m coming over for a visit right now but if I have my international clock (ha) set right you’re probably sleeping. Hard to keep track of those things! 🙂

  1. I’m sure smell goes straight to the memory bank in our brains. We can be overpowered by sadness from a smell or overpowered by love and joy. I remember the first time in my adulthood I smelled passionfruit and it brought back memories of my childhood that I had completely blocked out of my mind. It took me years to go back through the trauma but it hasn’t changed the way I feel about that beautiful little fruit!

    • Sigh, yes in deed Dianne I feel exactly the same, sometimes with joy and sometimes a little tough to remember, but it does indeed go straight to thouse memory banks as you said. I’m glad you still love passionfruit! A very nice observation, thank you, Penny 🙂

  2. it is amazing how aromas fill our mind with memories, either good or bad, and that there are many universal scents we can convey to readers…excellent post Penny 🙂

  3. This goes back to our bookshop conversation, that musty old book smell makes me happy, but also the scent of churches and cut grass, and marker pens(!). Great poem, it really does encapsulate the happy nostalgic ideal of my favourite scents.

    • Thank you Steve, too funny, I just finished saying the same thing (well different words – same meaning) at your place regarding used bookstores. Again thanks for the nice compliment and the visit, have a pleasant evening tonight, Penny

  4. Lovely poem Penny and a great post as always. It’s interesting, for me it is the smells that can bring me back to my childhood. With so many memories lost, it is a wonderful way to get drawn back. 🙂

  5. Lovely poem, Penny! The other day I passed a room where someone had been smoking a pipe and it brought back lovely of my, now long gone, grandfather. I don’t even particularly “like” the smell of pipe tobacco but it will forever be linked to wonderful memories for me!

    • Yes I agree completely and love those kind of rekindled memories of our personal life experiences Letizia, thanks for visiting, Um you are of course entering my contest/challenge aren’t you. Just asking here, no pressure…not yet anyway! 🙂 Penny

      • hahaha 🙂 your comment made me laugh, the “not yet anyway” part! I don’t write poetry so won’t be entering your contest but will be following along for sure; it’s a lovely idea!

  6. Sense of smell. Great post. The things our nose does. There is one perfume that “has an effect” on me when ever I smell it, plus one that has a different effect. The second one causes me to sneeze endlessly.

    Also, as a follow up to a comment I made a fair while ago.

    I used to experiment with food. I used to add colours and flavours to everything. Green backed beans, red mashed potato, things like that. I also used to make my own custard from scratch.

    This one time, I made the custard and added blue food colouring to it. Was looking through the range of flavourings and chose peppermint. I opened the top, and turned the bottle upside down so that a drop or two would come out. It was then that I realised this one didn’t have a dropper in it. There was this “glomp” as a huge bubble of flavouring came out. I shrugged and went on with making the custard.

    When it was finished, I sat down to eat it. The waft of peppermint assaulted my nerves like bees attacking a honey pot and made my eyes water. Then I tasted it. The taste of peppermint was like taking two packs of mentoes and a packet of fisherman’s friends and eating them at the same time. I managed two mouthfulls.

    Now, when ever I see blue food, I have this awful taste of way too much peppermint in my mouth

  7. I can not stand the smell of old spice mens cologne…it is the worst memory maker for me, but I love the aroma of lavender I spray my bed linens with it and wash all of my laundry with lavender it is so very soothing. Trick: take small Christmas lights strand of 50 or less wind them into a glass container with lavender or favorite potpourri set in corner of room plug in and the lights will warm the potpourri and waft the aroma through teh room. Do this at the holidays with your fav scent! 🙂

  8. I’ve heard it said that smell invokes more memories than any other sense… but, as you might guess, for me I think it’s definitely music! However… I have smelt perfume after years and had it brought back some strong memories… nothing like that *blush* – almost random things like a teacher at school, things like that….

    • Well, hearing is one of the 5 senses so I’ll be doing a post on that, of course music will be included. I love music. Did you know that I have met a variety of musicians, the rock group Kiss,on one end of the spectrum, Cher in the middle and Pavorati on the other end, I think there isn’t too many types of music that I don’t enjoy. Yesterday, today and tomorrow music, it all works for me. When I create, (write, paint, illustrate), there’s music playing. It’s with earphones on that my creativity level cranks up about 10 notches. So yes, music is a good thing! 🙂

    • Thanks LouAnn, I finally made it over to your blog, it’s been a little crazy here in the real world limiting, a little, my time online, I really appreciate your visit here. I hope you decide to take up my challenge, take care of you, Penny

  9. I think you are wise to draw our attention to the power of aroma. Being exposed to a fragrance can bring back good memories, sad ones and even mysterious ones. By mysterious, I mean a vague sense of having been here before? Okay, I know that sounds weird:But it happens to me sometimes with soaps etc.

    • I just love your virtual hugs, earlier this evening I received a virtual handshake from Subhan and he wanted to know if I could “feel” it.(he had just finished reading the post about ‘touch’ lol) So of course I said I could. Hey guess what, he’s entering the Poem Challenge, how cool is that? Well I’m off to bed so my turn to say good night Rosy. 🙂 Penny. oh sending hugs back your way, xxx

  10. Great post Penny– yes the sense of smell is so powerful. I won’t go to sleep without a few drops of essential oil of lavender on my writst these days… In writing the metaphors are endless — never really thought about it much but so glad you took us in this direction today. Your poem is such a great example of the way words can bring up these sensual aromas. Thank you dear Penny for your consistently fresh prespective! xxo Much Love ~ RL ps: sorry did not get to earlier post yet – hopefully soon, just able to be at computer very briefly… xo

  11. English Leather Cologne–a high school crush. Old Spice and Bay Rum–my papa. Emeraude and Chanel No. 5–my mama. Pencil shavings, hope chests, an old garden rose.

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