A Writer’s/Artist’s Passion

A Writer/Artist’s Passion

Oh no Penny’s not going to do another “passion” post?

Sorry, (okay so actually I’m not sorry) but you guys keep inspiring me. I just can’t help myself. This is another post for every single blogging-writer,artist out there! Especially the one’s entering the Competition (see how cleverly I snuck this in here) So this one’s for all of you, you know who you are.

There is a feeling of passion deep inside me. I feel them you know, – your words, they move me, they reach out to me and they just keep getting better. I wrote about the sense of “touch” the other day and a writer, blogger, (who I believe to be very inspirational) from half way around the world commented to me “Can you feel it? I have just touched you?” (it was a virtual handshake across the miles) yet still just for a moment it seemed real … and the thing is I couldn’t get the thought, or his thought out of my mind. The connections with all of you, through your words.

… An intangible something I recognize deep down inside when I read your written word. From post to post I go and the passion inside grows, reading your emersion into creativity. I am witnessing, written words, photography, illustrations, hearing your ideas, thoughts, all of it, everything – stirring around inside me as I watch each of you grow, reaching for all you can be … Your passions are finally being released and what a glorious thing to view! I applaud you all!

The Colors of Passions

I see them gloriously descending

The colors of your mind,

This kaleidoscope of riches

Cascading from captivity,

those hidden creative wonders

A gossamer catapulting

Of strong desire,

… Awareness …

Spiraling waves of

Words to paper,

Colors to canvas,

Photographic movement


An inner dream’s awareness

Prisms of thought

Reflective evolutions

Colors of passion




To those who create ~ this is your time, your dream. Your tomorrow’s are happening right now ~ make it so!

And for all of those who have not entered the Poetry Challenge/Reward, now is a good time to do that also. For details click on The Bloggers Challenge. There’s still a week to go! Hope to see your entry here,

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the read, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

24 thoughts on “A Writer’s/Artist’s Passion

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  2. You have really captured the magic of the creative energy here Penny. Love your poetry — always touches a nerve somehow… This was lovely to wake to…. Much Love to you and yours today my dear friend ~ xo Robyn

    • Thank you my most special friend. You always say such sweet things (just your nature I think lol). Much love to you and your wonderful family, have a very good weekend Robyn, special hugs your way, Penny xxoxx

    • Thanks LuAnn, it is mesmerizing (the graphic) isn’t it? Thanks for your lovely compliment my friend. I hope the two of you have a sensational weekend, filled with fun and adventure, Penny 🙂

  3. Words are just so so so powerful aren’t they Penny, you can often tell a lot about a person by how they write. This is a great post and another lovely poem.x

  4. I just spent five full interrupted minutes staring at that second picture, I won’t lie to you there may have been a bit of drool as i was so entranced by it. Anyway all cleaned up now, so on with the comment, I especially loved the line ‘Cascading from captivity’, it had me in mind of a waterfall, so after that each line represented for me a visual explosion in the imagery I saw. It was intense, like standing under a waterfall I would imagine.

  5. Sometimes words can bring such passion and awaken such emotion that seemed so buried it was forgotten or at the very least locked so as not to be able to come out. When these emotions are released, it can be like a phoenix coming from the ashes and spreading it’s wings in a way that never seemed possible.

    Words can change a life. Thank you for sharing this, and for sharing your great poem Penny

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