Sensuality – Taste Me

Savoring the Flavor

Food is the first thing that comes to mind right? (or were you thinking of something else when you saw the title? Hmmm,) It’s amazing what our imagination can conjure depending on how words are presented.

The sense of taste — like all sensations — resides in the brain. The taste buds in your mouth have receptors that send messages to your brain. These messages help the brain interpret the characteristics of what you are tasting – the flavors.

What do you think about when you think about tasting something? Most probably what you enjoy eating, would be my guess. Tasting is not only recognizing that which you are eating but is also defining the pleasure received from the taste of a thing.

The word appetizing comes to mind. If I’m going to taste something I certainly would like it be appetizing – taste good. I want to know there are going to be pleasant feelings involved with the tasting.

The sensual aspect of tasting is the experience of appreciating the flavor in a manner that lends itself to more fully enjoying the process. Notice that “taste” is a word frequently used to describe the “experience” of anything in life. “Tasting life, savoring the richness”. The sensual meaning of the word comes across loud and clear. “the appetizing qualities of a woman”, “it’s all a matter of taste”, all the word associations connected with the sense of taste expand your feelings on a subject when they are applied.

When we eat we are chewing, ingesting, and swallowing. When we are tasting we are savoring the experience, that is the sensual difference to remember.

Once more, the best way to be sensual when tasting is to – Savor!

Savoring the Essence

The creamy mellow consistency

so deep the richness

sweetly succulent


lusciously delicious

so moist

so intoxicatingly sensual

this taste sensation

my mouth exploring


Exploding riches of taste

The Peach!



I hope this has been a good weekend for everyone, Don’t forget the Poem Challenge, the deadline is Friday my friends, Take Care of you ~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

50 thoughts on “Sensuality – Taste Me

  1. Penny, lovely, lovely poem that definitely had my taste buds salivating:>) Would like to share my Sweet Georgia Peach:

    Succulent fruit
    With soft fuzzy skin
    Juicy to the core
    Tantalizing first bite
    Increases appetite for more

    Saturated taste buds
    Soaked in sweet nectar
    Brings satisfaction all its own
    Inviting bite after bite
    Until finally gone

    Sweet Georgia Peach
    With its tempting sensations
    Way up in the tree
    Can’t wait ‘til Daddy’s home
    To pick two or three

    Alluring aromas
    Call from the kitchen
    Time to go inside
    Biscuits on the table
    Mama’s peach jam right beside

    Here is a SURPRISE FOR YOU:

    • Sharla,your poem is simply wonderful – and true, exactly so. Peaches are in season here too. I wrote this poem because I’ve been eating fresh peaches everyday. Oh yum peach jam. And thank you so much for the Award. I must confess I have a ton of those suckers in my virtual closet that I feel guilty about because the people who nominated me are so great but they seemed to come in groupings, not one at a time, so I got behind and there you go, but I have been coveting this Award so I thank you again, also for the beautiful poem and your caring words re: the post about my daughter! Most sincere blessings to you this day my friend, Penny xxoxx

  2. Beautiful work, Penny. I love the way you take a subject and draw us in with such delicacy! I am one of those people who cannot hide my facial expressions when I taste something. A friend once picked an orange off one of our fruit trees at the farm and tasted it. He had the most sublime look in his face and said “This is beautiful!” So I took a bite and it was the sourest thing I’ve ever tasted! To this day I don’t know how he could hide that sour look and turn it into something wonderful!

    • Thanks Dianne, that’s funny, were you able to compose your features or did he see the delightful sour expression on your face? I have encountered the same problem, I guess different taste bud sensations for different people, maybe. Thank you very much for your compliments, I appreciate them and you very much, hope your weekend has been going well for you. Penny 🙂

  3. Excellent work, Penny! You are really brilliant; I just love your creativity. I’ve never ever heard someone defining sensuality in such manner. And not to forget these images are beautiful.

    • Thank you very much Arindam. Your comments are really appreciated by me. I believe we think in images supplied by our senses, then our brain turns the images into thoughts, the thoughts into words and all other formats of artistic endeavors. I’m trying to help others by-pass this process and go straight from the input from the senses straight to the sensuality of the experience, A greater force if you will! The language of the soul! At least it is what I attempt to do. Just an idea of mine, I’m glad you are enjoying this! Again my thanks, Penny

  4. Yummmmmmm…
    Sometimes I just think certain foods & my mouth waters. I think I was a dog in my past life – LOL
    Or- maybe it has something to do with being born on the year of the dog. Who knows?
    Imma’ go get me a Twizzler now 😉

  5. Taste explosions! Love it, although i must admit, I’m not a food fan really, maybe I am missing out….great graphic again, that’s another five minutes well spent. I never did figure out what the first line of your post meant, hehe.

  6. Loved this Penny… reminded me a little of my “blueberries” post (Miracle Of Blue) 🙂 You can do a challenge on this theme too~~ could be a fun one! I really like this whole series you have embarked on re: sensuality — so enriching for the artist — inspires inspires inspires — that is you! Much LOVE to you special friend~ R

    • Thank you my dear friend, That’s a great idea, but then as my (future) publicist/agent you would best know these things lol. :)Thank you so much for your very fullsome compliments Robyn, I appreciate you so much! Sending the warmest of wishes for a very good weekend to you. Most special and healing thoughts go with the wishes, Penny xxooxx

  7. Another great post Penny. It is true, the taste can mean so much, whether it is the taste of a food (battered sausages and fries, roast potatoes, salt and vinegar potato chips) or drink (coffee, coffee, coffee, brandy [which I miss] cola and ermmm coffee), or even the (trying to say this without being crude lol) taste of a woman. Sometimes a taste can bring an aroma with it. I know my paternal grandmother had no sense of smell, so she used to taste it to see what it was like.

    It was odd seeing her doing that. Easting a rose leaf, and stating what it smelled like was unique.

    Thank you for the post and the poem, 🙂

    • Good Evening Mondrak, actually I understand perfectly your reference to your grandmother. There are probably many thousands of those little nerve connecters attached to our taste buds in the mouth that carry messages to the brain, sending descriptive sensations and like a computer these little receptors cross reference with other senses, isn’t that so cool! Thank you for you compliments, I do appreciate you, Penny 🙂

      • You are most welcome, and thank you 🙂

        I never looked at it being like a computer. Although I have looked at the body being a computer (which sometimes breaks down and needs to be fixed in different ways) I have never thought of the taste buds being like it. Thank you 🙂

        • Are you familiar with the book, I-Ching, it’s considered one of the oldest books ever. That is the first reference to “1’s” and “0’s” (the language of computers) if you view the chinese symbols it is obvious. Then again in the 18th century a philosopher/mathematician made the connection again and the language of physics began. To me, in my opinion, we (people) are attempting (with the invention/design of all that has to do with computer/programs/communications) to artificially reproduce the workings of our brain (so far so good). Our body does the same thing via the amazing nerve system and the release of chemicals. At least these are my thoughts on the subject, hope I didn’t bore you. Just me, curious about things and stuff! Penny 🙂

          • Sorry it took me so long to get back, Dr Who was on 😀 And another cracker it is

            I did a course on computing including about Charles Babbage. The origins of computers will never bore me. I actually got to the stage where I could read binary – don’t know if I could do it now. It was a case of turning the 1’s and 0’s to decimal, then hexadecimal and then to ASCII which is where I could read it. There was a Star Trek Next Gen episode “11001001” and I did work that one out. Even managed to change a few bits in computer programs. But I was married then, and I have forgotten a lot of things since then. I went through a serious dark – almost self destructive – depression which “wiped” a serious amount of knowledge.

            There is a definite light at the end of my tunnel though.

            To go back to what you were saying though, I agree with you. How long before we create Data’s positronic brain? Not heard of I-Ching though.

            • Hi, Mondrak, no worries. I think the positronic brain (sci-fi perspective) is already outdated in how real-time scientists are viewing this. More bio and even less mechanical application (i.e. data – Not Data ha,ha) so i believe in the very near future we will (gets scary here) grow synthetic robots. Have you seen the movie Blade Runner? More like that! And I-Ching, it is many, many thousands of years old. The “big boy” for a long time for the Chinese. It comes across as philosophical and how a human should be, sort of like an astrology type of thing only with reference to nature, until you look closer. Reference Gottfried Wilhelm, he laid the foundation from decimal to binary as a result of his discoveries in the I-Ching. You’ll be fascinated, I think 🙂

              • I loved Blade Runner. One of my all time favourite films. I originally watched it because it has Harrison Ford in. Did you know that it has the Millennium Falcon in it? I haven’t watched it since I brought it on Blu-Ray. I understand where you are coming from with the synthetics. (“I prefer the term artificial person, myself”)

                I think I will definitely look I-Ching up. It looks like it could be very interesting. Sorry, also thought of the book that made the Chinese think of currency which was Ka-Ching haha 😀

                • Okee Doke, headed over there, sorry re: time delays, it “chores” day here so I’ve been helping Christina a little with weeding,watching kids (the house is full with their friends, running errands, the usual Saturday stuff! 🙂

    • Yes I was definitely being playful here, btw I totally loved your haiku compositions from your post yesterday, just simply great. Re: the challenge. I’d love to have you submit one, please. The subject is “unrequitted” love but completelly open to interpretation. I’m hopeful you will! Most best to you this day, Penny 🙂

      • Thank you! I shall give that some thought! 🙂

        And I have done and interpreted it in a way that surprises me too as I tried to do the serious one first and it didn’t work – yet.

        As I understand it, the title of a Haiku doesn’t count in the syllables so here goes!

        On my love of things that are bad for me…

        Cheese and chocolate,
        Together, separately…
        Oh, how I love you!

        If you loved me back
        You wouldn’t leave your footprints
        On my hips!


  8. Toot-toot-too-toooootttt!!!
    Gosh, AnElephant’s mind was way off track with this one.
    Although we do sometimes refer to a pretty lady as a ‘peach’………

    And over here we spell it ‘savour’.
    So much more sensual when it includes ‘u’, don’t you agree?

    Fabulous stuff, Penny, off to find a cool watering-hole now!

    • thank you. it appears that there are others who enjoy playing with words as much as I do. I appreciate your compliment very much, An elephantcant go wrong with such nice words, Penny 🙂

    • Thank you Stefan, It is always fun to use descriptive words that are oblique so perhaps a person will think of other references than the actual one being made! It is an entertaining challenge for me. Playing with words, Again, thank you for your lovely comment, Penny 🙂

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