The Sensual View of Things

The View from your eyes

 Sight, the most powerful tool in our Sensual toolbox. From the moment of wakening to the time you close your eyes at night, your eyes are acting like a video camera. While you use your sight to navigate and experience each day, everything you are seeing is sent to your brain for processing, interpreting and storage.

Seeing is a form of sensory reasoning. The complexity of this can take up to 30% of your brain power as compared to 8% for touch and 3 percent for hearing. So when it comes to the 5 senses, sight is the big boy. And this means when it comes to a sensual experience this is your visual chance to really shine.

The Minds Eye

And here’s another thing to ponder. Have you ever thought about how personal and individual is your view of things?

Imagine you are standing with 100 other people looking at the same thing at the same time. Your eyes are “seeing” things but referencing it according to the stored information from your mind. What you are seeing is unique to you.

And finally that which creative minded people engage in daily – the perspective of seeing from the “mind’s eye” (our ability to experience visual mental imagery – happening without our eyes actually seeing something).

Our brain is a busy little bee when it comes to our “mind’s eye” view of perception and how it trips over from reality into another more creative place inside our head. Scientists and philosophers have written volumes on this subject. The first to prove the thing, the second to understand it. I’m guessing at some point they’ll meet up! lol

What we need to know is the following: Sight allows for those with vision to see what is in front of their eyes. Our view is filled with a full spectrum of color that exist in all things during a shining sun, the shadows of day, the darkness of night, an entire universe of color. All these things waiting for us to witness with our eyes.

The Sensual perspective of anything being seen can become a masterpiece unfolding before us. Are you feeling what your seeing in the landscape of your life? What is the view from your eyes?

I’ve Seen

I’ve seen the wonders of the Universe

Unfolding in a vast arena of spectacular color,

I’ve viewed the turbulent tossing multicolored Nebulas

bursting into clouds of effervescent

billowing and foamy gases,

I’ve watched Stars being born and die

I’ve seen the far reaches of the Universe

blazing glorious and blinding

A sensual explosion of shades of color,

Unlimited and Passionately


All this have I seen and felt


my “mind’s eye”



I hope you enjoyed the view!

6 more days until the The Bloggers Challenge ends. I’m hoping that all who enjoy writing will take up the Challenge.

Penny L. Howe ~ Thanks for visiting me today!

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe 

43 thoughts on “The Sensual View of Things

    • Thank you Celestine, I’ve enjoyed doing the sensuality series, but it has been tiring (a little) coming up with a whole “theme” to emphasize the point (graphics, information and of course the poem – it was a challenge from myself to myself). The weather is cool here this morning (your evening?) is it autumn happening for your as well? Penny 🙂

  1. I believe there are those who have felt such tremendous loss and tragedy in their lives that they have been given the ability to feel more deeply, if that makes any sense. I grew up feeling different, sensed I felt things more intensely than others around me, certainly not that I was better than anyone else, quite the contrary at the time. You seem to have taken all that pain and channeled it into something so beautiful Penny. Wish I had the same ability to express myself as eloquently as you. You are amazing! 🙂

    • LuAnn, first thank you for your loving compliments so much, second, I think you sell yourself short (way short actually). I believe (just based on the words you’ve written in your posts) that there is a great talent within you struggling to come out. I’m thinking that now is a good time for you. The words are already there, just unwritten as of yet my friend, Again I thank you very much, much love directed your way today, Penny xx

  2. “I’ve watched Stars being born and die
    I’ve seen the far reaches of the Universe
    blazing glorious and blinding
    A sensual explosion of shades of color,” – How could you thought of such beautiful lines. As always wonderful piece of writing Penny. 🙂

  3. Hi Penny — yes – visual perception – and the mind’s eye — can differ. We have power to direct our focus too – and see that which serves us best in any given situation. It takes some skill. I used to teach my girls when they were little to “put on your ‘see the good’ glasses” 🙂 It has stuck with thiem now in young adulthood. The mind is such a powerful thing… framing our perceptions… but visual stimuli cannot be underestimated — have learned this through my photography work. Wonderful post dear friend ~ sending you love xo

    • Thanks Robyn, as always I enjoy receiving your comments, you always “get” the point I’m making. That is so very appreciated, Thanks again my friend, much love your way, Penny xx

  4. …can take up to 30% of your brain is a surprise since most people believe what they see. It’s intrigue about the “mind eye”. Thank you Penny!

  5. I’m short sighted and colour blind, although not all colours. Sometimes I think I have the depth perception of one eye. I always assumed everyone saw like I did, but when i realised people had good eyes, it was a revelation. Mind’s Eye is always a good term, experience and indeed all the other senses (handy tie in to your series here) also help us judge other things and people. I like the fact that even the beautiful can make people sad and vice versa. I love to see things in different ways. In a way I have learnt to not trust my eyes.

    • I understand, there is much truth in your words. The term “minds eye” holds a lot of meaning for me personally. I have frequently been more comfortable with that view than reality’s view. Safer and certainly more fun. Like you, the ability to see/feel from my own perspective is the most rewarding. This series has been about sharing my perspective not only as it relates to being more “at one” with your senses but also about the way I am as a person. It didn’t start out that way, but it is certainly shaping up to be so. I find there is some small illumination for myself here. 🙂 Thank you Steve, 🙂

      • I do enjoy a post or series of posts that evolves into something more powerful, I also like reading your words and seeing your many smiley faces. Although you only have one real one but you know what I mean.

  6. Do you think that AnElephant who is colour-blind sees your sensual world as 50 shades of black and white?
    Great poem paints a vivid picture of the glory of the galaxy, as seen by a very special eye and an even more special mind.

  7. Another great post Penny. It is amazing what our eyes can do for us. It is also when they play tricks on us. Or when you are talking to someone and your eyes dilate so that you can take in more of what this person is. Sight is the one of the senses I would never like to lose.

    The eyes also work the other way. (In my opinion anyway) Being able to see inside someone from a photo or when they are standing in front of you and knowing what they are truly like. When you look into someone’s eyes and see a beauty, you know they are seeing the world with beauty. People with stunning eyes tend to have huge hearts of gold, and they see the world in a way that … I suppose like Snow White would. The other problem is, when you look into someone’s eyes and you see something else (which can’t be unseen unfortunately) and know they see the world like the Wicked Stepmother.

    I do so enjoy these posts of yours. And I also like the poems you finish them with.

    Thank you.


    • Thank you Mondrak, your mind’s eye is definitely a dominant one. From my perspective that means a ton of creative energy whizzing around inside you.:) There is beauty in all things as there is the reverse as well, I think our feelings about the darker sides of people and events are like sweet/sour tastes. One can make the other more intense. I guess all learning experiences have both. It is nice when things are upbeat. Lots easier to look at the beauty of something then, I think! 🙂

      • That is true I suppose, there is beauty in all. Sometimes it is difficult to see it.

        I don’t know if you have seen the film Cowboys and Aliens, there was a line in that film which is so true. “I have seen good people do bad things and bad people do good things” I like to think of myself as a good person (I hope I am anyway) Which means I hope the bad things I have done have been out-weighed by the good by a significant percentage

  8. Lovely post and so very true. Man and I went out with our cameras yesterday, we walked the same route together and saw (and photographed) completely different things that caught our eye. It’s also sometimes about seeing beyond, deeper than the visual and that, also, varies from person to person. I feel it is so important to really look at the world and people around you, rather than just giving things a cursory glance. Great post and as always, it’s got me thinking 🙂

  9. I hope this comment will suffice for the entire recent series. You’ve taken what could have been a daunting idea and written superb posts without pretension. I’ve been both impressed and inspired by them. In fact, I’ve taken my worst and least polished form of writing- poetry- and because of the wonderful poems you end with I’ve tried to shake off the rust. I can’t claim any sucess yet but you have suceeded in inspiring me. Thank you.

    • You have no idea how wonderful your words sound to me. You do have a gift with words, a solid one I recognized it right away. (your posts are funny but there’s a knack to that also.) You have the ability to carry the reader along with you when you write. It pleases me a great deal that I’ve been able to inspire you.Most definitely a pleasure for me, you are very welcome, I will be anxious to see your poetry my friend. I hope your leg is doing better now, most sincerely Penny

    • Hi Nizy, no my eyes are blue, it is a lovely eye however. Thanks for the compliment Nizy, nice to have your visit, I hope you have been having a nice weekend my friend and are taking care of you! Penny 🙂

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