Seductively Sensual

So this is for fun and it’s all Boomies – boomiebol – fault! You see every Sunday night she writes very …um playful and frisky poems and shares them with her followers, of whom I am one. Anyway I decided that before I discuss the final Sense (hearing) in my “Art of Sensuality Series” that it being Sunday night I would take a page (ha) I think I’ve used that line recently, from her. This is definitely for fun! Sensual – But fun! I think the following video (which I hope doesn’t get zapped away) clearly demonstrates “Seduction” for you. Watch, listen, and enjoy my friends!

There is the other end of Seduction, sadly, not so fun but passionately piercingly true that can happen to any of us. Some of the entries I’ve received in the Poetry contest (yup I snuck it in again) refer to seduction in a way that will lead to unrequited love, so I decided to include this aspect thru music.

Wicked Seduction

Instead of a poem, I’ve inserted a second audio for you to listen to. This is an excellent remix of the song Wicked Games by Chris Isaak, (if you love a strong beat with electronic vibrations along with the haunting words this is a song you will enjoy – we all have different tastes in music so no worries if this isn’t your cup of tea – but just so you know, when I exercise it is one of the songs I work out to because of the powerful beat/rhythm.) As for the lyrics in the song it illustrates both what we want and fear at the same time when it comes to ‘Seduction’. Enjoy!

Thank you for Stopping by my friends, I hope your weekend was a good one for you and don’t forget to submit your entry for the poetry contest  The Bloggers Challenge which ends this coming Friday! Hope to see yours here, Thank you, Penny

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35 thoughts on “Seduction

  1. Erm…multifaceted I think is the word I’d use for this, and i haven’t used that for a while, although I may have to start using it for everything now, except for paper, I can’t get away with that. I think my one dance move wouldn’t seduce anyone, however my knowledge of flags surely might. The more I think about this topic the more indepth it gets. Not a surprise though, you know i admire your way of looking at things.

    • Thank you Steve. I do see life that way. multi-faceted that is, I usually have headphones on and listen to music when I write, if I’m painting a picture I also need to hear music, I’m guessing you might say I have a tactile memory about things, and words, well in my mind they too become multiplexful with depth, just my view of things I guess. Thank you for a very nice compliment my friend. Penny

  2. I haven’t thought of this Michael J. Fox movie in quite some time – what fun! Another great post Penny. I’m having some difficulty typing this as I am moving to Chris Isaak’s beat (lol)! Have a lovely week Penny 🙂

  3. I loved how you put the Differing Sides of seduction together. I just thought wanders towards the plains of Seduction, and passion of longing and sweet suffering Because the mysterious butterflies in my stomach are back up and running again, I love this post. and thank you for it great you just told us
    I love this post.brilliant you told us exactly hills sides

    with love maxima

    • Good Morning,evening Stefan. How are you today? Thank you for you thoughts. Just having a little fun. I’m glad you could see what I was trying to accomplish with this post! 🙂 Penny

  4. Secret of My Success is one film (out of a great many) that I have not seen. I like Michael J Fox, and I think that watching that success was very funny. 🙂 My laptop isn’t playing nice at the moment. I’ve got no sound, going to reboot in a couple of hours anyway. Will come back and listen to the song and the scene.

    I’m just hoping that this one isn’t another one that gets stuck in my head 😉 All I keep hearing at the moment in my mind is “We Are Young” haha

    Seduction can be a very … ummm … seductive? hehe.

    • Thank you kindly Robyn, yes i really like a strong beat when I work out and this one is addictively so! 🙂
      Same to you re: slumberland, dreamy dreams to you sweet friend of mine, Penny xox

  5. This post is informative as well as cautionary. Playful and fun. I for one remember the movie Secret of My Success and loved this scene!!

    I loved how you put the differing sides of seduction together…the playful side and the cautionary side. Sometimes people use seduction to enhance a situation, some to play mind games, and still others quite unknowingly. Most definitely multifaceted. In my humble opinion, I think this was brilliant….and did I mention fun? Because I meant to say fun!! 😀

    • Yes I enjoyed that movie too. Michael J. Fox was outstanding in it and this scene is just plain playful and fun. And the latter part of my post is a bit cautionary. There are those who would entice for very negative reasons (politicians come to mind lol). over all, it was a very brief and fun venture into an interesting and sensual word,and that’s what knowing and understanding our senses is really all about, Thank you very much for you comments Christina, I appreciate them very much! Penny 😉

  6. Frankly, I can think of few things that are sweeter when it comes to romance but seduction must always be consensual… is that how you spell it? I’d say there’s a certain art to it… it’s a dance, like watching two butterflies chase each other across an open field… and of course, it must be pleasurable for both… otherwise, frankly, it’s not seduction but rather exploitation.

    I think, also – and forgive me if I cross a line here – but there’s a lot to be said for a seduction that doesn’t actually result in, well, I guess the ultimate goal of the seduction itself. Again… as long as both parties are okay with that outcome… I hope that makes sense. To some extent, teasing and flirting are fine as long as both parties are aware of it and joyfully participate in it.

    I hope I haven’t crossed a line with my reply, but this is how I see things 🙂

    • Yes, I would agree Richard. Seduction is an interesting word, because depending on it’s usage it conjurs up a whole bunch of different thoughts from different people. Seduction is a synonym for the act of charming someone — male or female — by an appeal to the senses, whether for good or bad, that tends to get subjective and very personal. Which was the point I was attempting to make. Nope, no lines crossed and once again most of my posts until i finish this series anyway are about the senses so there you go, Thanks for your comments they are appreciated, Penny 🙂

  7. There will be brows getting mopped worldwide after this lot.
    AnElephant doesn’t usually visit this sort of interwebthingy type of site but, jings and crivvens, he will be back!
    If seduction is an art, then you are Michelangelo!

    • Thank you, I think? It was my idea to be a little silly with this subject. Seduction is a sensual subject but I did want to approach it from a bit of fun. Hopeful those who read will find it more playful than serious. 🙂 Penny

      • Well yes, but playful can be very seductive in itself.
        And fun!
        There was no suggestion that you crossed any line here, you are far too much the responsible well-behaved lady, just that it was very enjoyable.

        • Whew, thanks, I admit to being a smidge worried after I hit the publish button, and I totally agree with you. Being playful (in the best way) is wonderfully seductive and “fun”! An elephantcan’t know his thoughts are very much appreciated, Penny 🙂

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