Being an Artist – Your 6th Sense

Sum of all the Parts

When we (each of us) use the five of our senses all together a wonderful thing happens. While this is mostly unknown to scientists even they will admit to this “something other” that we humans can do that goes beyond understanding. The 6th sense – the sum of all the parts. Like feeling love from every pore in your body and wanting so desperately to share this passion with everyone, your passion for feeling the need to share your words, your thoughts; your artistry in all forms.

You’re an artist. When the written word slips from your fingers onto a page your sixth sense (has combined together all of your various senses) and is waiting to come and assist you. Sometimes it’s already there and you do recognize it. Sometimes it’s lying in wait, waiting to be reached for…

I wrote this series on sensuality with the hope of awakening (a little bit) your artistic passions. I included enticing information, exciting graphics and (hopefully) inspiring poetry, to show (all together) what your senses can do for you creatively.

I do see (feel) your words, your artistry. I believe in you with every breath I take, I believe in you and what you can accomplish for I think it is the beauty and truths that we artists share with each other and the world that will be what ultimately moves humanity up and beyond where we are now.

It is “us” with our creative gifts, and the beauty in our souls that will provide inspiration for others to follow. Some important thoughts to think on: “All life is sacred and beautiful” “We are what we write and artistically present to others for viewing” “We are all connected…the stronger the connection when based on the passions of love, the stronger is our connection with everything and everyone” – and so it goes…CREATE!

A Writer/Artist’s Passion

I am

all that I am

the sum of all my parts,

I love and feel


I create with magnificent intensity

to move and inspire you,

When you view me

Do you see

who I am,

the sum of all my parts

I am … you!



Thank you for stopping by and visiting, I hope you enjoyed your read my friends. Today is Tuesday, Remember Friday at midnight will be the end of The Bloggers Challenge and I’m still waiting to hear from – Ahem – a few of you, no pressure though!

Remember everyday is your day to shine ~ make it so, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

34 thoughts on “Being an Artist – Your 6th Sense

    • Hi Amy, how are you doing? Thank you so much for your kind words. If I’ve made a positive difference for even just one then I am satified. You are most welcome my friend, I’m hoping your week has been going well for you. Sending hugs your way, Penny xx 🙂

    • You’re welcome, I plan to do a post in the near future on behalf of these artisans who share their artistry in this huge archive for others to use. They are really beautiful aren’t they? Penny

  1. It is exciting to see how you are inspiring so many. As for me, you have challenged me to dig a little deeper and uncover the real me. Thank you for such thought-provoking posts.

    • LuAnn it is a wonderful feeling to know that I can make a difference. And if I may add here, YOU have serious talent, so keep digging my friend! You are most sincerely welcome! Penny 🙂

  2. Loving your new background border, it has me in mind of that space thingy in Brussels, but yours is better and sleeker and may I say a bit Buck Rogers, which is always a good thing. I have a sixth sense that my chat up lines don’t work. I feel the urge to create, more so when i read your blogs, when that elusive starting idea for a novel comes along, your name shal be on the dedications page. I may have a crack at something soon anyways just because the urge is to great to not do.

    • Thank you Steve, it is Buck Rogerish isn’t it! I think I spend hours searching through graphic archives looking for just the right sort of “look”! I cannot tell you how excited I am to hear you speak of being creative and writing. I do have some advantages over others in that I have read a humongous amount of books, literary quality and not so much. My point – I recognize those with talent, even in their everyday comments and how they write their words, thoughts, expressions. Guess what you’re one of them! Please get cracking, I have this hunch about the outcome…a good one! Your very sincere friend from across the sea, Penny 🙂

  3. Took me a while to get to this today :-/ Wanted to read it this morning, but had to shoot out very quick and got back late.

    Enough wittering, Great words again, Penny. You definitely have a way with talking and with the information you have and the poems.

    I completely agree with you about the words just slipping from your fingers. Since talking (so to speak) to you and your daughter, I feel that something “new” like this sixth sense you are referring to is in effect. It is amazing what you can do when you open yourself to it.

    I was closed off, but then happiness can open so many gates and let so much out. I have even changed my name on my blog now, I’ve dropped Mondrak. And there will be something new coming soon. This something has taken me a lot of guts to contemplate lol Aaaannnnd I’m wittering again

  4. Hi Rosy, no names….:), Actually your intuition is your 6th sense. If you have ever studied the workings of our nerves from each of the various sensory organs you’d discover they each send up chemical messages that get sent to your memory archives – remember senual impressions – (I call it the uncharted territory lol). So whether it’s a strong creative muse or an intuition or feeling you have, same place. There is some small research being done in neuroscience. So as far as I understand your intuition would still be your 6th sense, until proven otherwise! Thank you my friend, very much! Penny 🙂 xx

  5. I always thought that my gut feeling or intuition was my 6th sense. I guess they are my 7th…
    Thanks for not naming names on who you are still waiting for on the challenge – 😉
    Email coming up…
    xx 🙂 xx

    • Hey, not sure what happened here, but I just found 3 of your comments in my spam section, so I apologize for not responding sooner, I am catching up right now, it’s been busy I usually check the spam section more frequently (just in case things like this happen) so once again I am most sorry to not have caught this sooner! I love your comments and hearing from you! most sincerely, Penny

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