Two Words a Writer Never uses

I Can’t!

If you ‘ve been following my posts for even a short period you should know by now that most of the time I have a point to what I’m saying, I even tell you the scientific reasons why my point is valid. Today will be no different my friends.

How many times do you suppose we use or hear someone say “I Can’t”. All of us, and everyone is my guess. When you say “I Can’t” do you know you’ve just sent a very real chemically relayed message to your brain that tells you to go to your memory storage vaults and back up the “I Can’t” statement with “proof”.

Inside our heads, the mind is listening to everything  – very carefully. So when you speak, you are giving instructions to the brain. Your memory will reinforce the “I can’t” for you. It is happy to oblige, because it wants you to feel good about your choices, that’s the ‘ol self-survival thingy kicking in! Is this true? Yup!

Everytime you say “I can’t” it’s harder to say you can! Our mind is wonderfully inventive when it comes to all the reasons (rationalizations) as to why we can’t do something. But it just doesn’t hold water, if it did, we would not have survived as a human race.

Now as far as rationalizations go, the biggy today is Time. It is a valid reason for not having the time to do a thing during your days activities – but it is not your enemy.

Time is precious and for many of us it does seem to run out quicker than we’d like it to. But the truth is if you really want something bad enough you are going to figure out a way to get it, aren’t you?

So if time isn’t the problem, but you still can’t seem to get those creative words to come out, relax let go a little bit.

Or maybe you’re at a different place and the words are done but you don’t know what to do next – or it seems so hard to do the next step (like it’s so much more to be done); this final step to realizing your dream coming true.

I recommend the following: Follow you heart, follow your dreams. Discipline is important. Understanding that effort  + action will achieve results. Also research is important, spend a little time researching the “what & how” to do something . Put passion into this as well. Just don’t use the words “I Can’t”, because it isn’t true, you know, You Can!

I’ll leave you with (hopefully a little inspiration! It’s just a little seed of an idea. Some thoughts I would share with you.

Most mighty things – begin very small. Many great achievements were made with very slow and hesitant steps towards a goal. Success happened because those who achieved never stopped. And if they misstepped they still kept going, Perhaps they’d regroup or pause and start over, but they never stopped.


Don’t speak to me about cannots

Don’t try to stomp on my dreams

I am who I am and I feel what I feel

And my words are all there in my Reams


The Reams of my paper seem endless

My words upon words upon word,

But I’m true to myself and I’ll say what I say

And do all “I Can” to be Heard.


I’ll never give up or stop trying

Holding fast so that nothing can ban

My dream is to write and so I shall write,

I will write for I know that “I Can”!



Hold fast to your dreams, never let go, never stop.

Thank you for stopping by, just two days to go before the end of the The Bloggers Challenge, still time for those who want to enter!

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

50 thoughts on “Two Words a Writer Never uses

  1. I Love the inspiration, even though I may use it out of context…lol. I think I CAN convince my wife to live on a houseboat, even if she says she can’t. Thanks for the confidence boost, Penny 🙂

  2. I accept that I can not always produce. But I do not accept that I never will. Dry spots are there because it gives one time to re-group and envision. At least that is the way with me. I currently have one book on the go and only today came up with a brainstorm that I actually have No Time for. What will I do? Leave it to the universe to help me with priorities. Love this post Penny. The battle and the win is needed in order to keep our place. Anything that comes easy has become suspect to me. Life is flippin’ hard work once I started listening and consuming the facts.
    My goodness, I still put my rose coloured glasses on some days but reality is not far from my reach. Tuning in has been a lifesaver.

    Hearts your way … Les

  3. Loving the accompanying photos, I can, can be terribly difficult. I did not know that about the brain, I knew that it looks squishy (thankyou TV for that) but not your somewhat better and more accurate fact. I think I will start canning a lot more, now I know that. So perhaps I shall start a cancan as that is always an amusing dance.

    • Hey the cancan did wonders for henri (de Toulouse-Lautrec). Of course he was into hanging out with the creative riff-raff of that time period, actually so was Shakespeare, he learned more about his audience when he was acting (before becoming a playwright – writing words that live forever) and by walking the streets of London than he did from any school, so when your pondering and musing on a train (isn’t this clever how I spun this around) you are in very good company (when your thinking creatively), Penny (hint,hint)

  4. LOL!! I know– Iaughed at myself too — saying how “sharp” I am and then spelling words wrong — how dare I?! I agree – super sensitive to everything — working on that constanty as I absorb energy easily and not always healthy for me… xxooo Thank you dear heart!!xo

  5. Really great message Penny— I had to learn to stop using self-depricating langauge…used to do it almost as habit …’how dumb of me’ etc. Someone taught me just what you explained above… I’ve gotten better — and I know “i can” and “i will” and “I’m sharp” etc. etc…. Loved this my friend — and thank you for your loving wishes earlier — soooo do appreciate all of you!!xo

    • I think we creative types spend a part of our life in that mode. We are so sensitive to what and how people see us. It is nice when we finally discovery an awareness of our own inner beauty. But lordy it does seem to take awhile to get there doesn’t it? You are most welcome Robyn, I appreciate you too even when you misspell deprecating, (lol, sorry ’bout that couldn’t resist) I wouldn’t have caught it, but I just saw your comment below this one! Please keep taking care of you. Sending hugs to you and yours from all of us here this evening, Penny xxx (robyn if you got this message repeating back to you a few times please ignore – sorry about that!

  6. Brilliant poem, Penny. “Can” is a strong word that speaks to every person, because we “can” follow our dreams. If we choose to believe, then we can. Like you, I’ve also been writing a bunch of poems lately. Poems speak better than prose in some ways. They are lyrical and fluid, resilient and beautiful.

    • Thanks Tina, I would never associate you with the word “Cant”. You are most definitely a “can” sort of person my friend. It’s one of the things I really like about you actually! Yes they are, all of those things, the better to be remember by I believe! 🙂

      • We are still having some maintenance done on our RV in Junction City, outside of Eugene, so we have had temps in the 80’s. We had hoped to be heading to Crater Lake to meet friends but are having some delays and will be here at least through the weekend. Eugene is not a bad place to be stuck. 🙂

        • I hope your stay there is enjoyable but of short duration so the two of you can meet up with your friends at Crater Lake (to my way of thinking one of the most beautiful and natural wonders of the world!) Stay safe and have fun my friend, sending loving thoughts your way, Penny 🙂

  7. Penny, such great words of wisdom! When seeing the words “I can’t,” everyone should first notice you must go through “I can” before you ever reach any negation! One can easily drop the ‘ and “t” and change it to “I can do!” GREAT post!

    • Thanks again, I totally agree with you, funny how that is a truth and so many of us do go to the I can’t first! Thank you very much for your wonderful compliments, warm wishes and hugs to you this day, Penny

  8. I Can

    Brilliant. It’s true, too many times the instant response to something is “I can’t”. I’ve done it myself. “Take a photo” “I can’t”, “Write poetry” “HAHAAHA no that I can’t”

    But, if you send it off for tea, you’re left with I can 😉

    Great poem to end with

    • Absolutely! Keep up the battle. I believe in you and your words – just know they are important to you and the others who will read them ~ sending loving thoughts your way this day, Penny 🙂

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