I Will Fly … High!

I Will Fly … High!

We (all of us) are the compilation of our journey through life – our struggles, our sorrows, our joys and successes.

Birds fly. They, with glorious feathered wings, descend into the heavens to soar high above the sky – ennobled through their freedom of flying.

We humans are earthbound it seems, forever to have our feet on the earth of the ground.

But is this a truth? Are we? After all we are creatures of our own making. Do we not control our destinies, chose the direction we would follow?

Perhaps … if we so desire … we can set free our imaginations, our dreams and we too can fly.

Fly today my friends, fly high…touch the sky!

To Touch the Sky

I would fly

if I could,

I might close my eyes,

spreading arms open wide

and rise up

touch the sky.

And now that I think on it


a simply thing – this flying.

Today, I believe,

I will fly.


~ Penny

56 thoughts on “I Will Fly … High!

  1. With imagination we can never be bored, I love to fly high and it would be great to have a birdseye view of your imagination. Once again you provided my happy and positive fixes for the day.

    • Thanks meme, nope you didn’t miss it before, just changed it a few days ago. I got tired of the old boring black background :), I’m glad you like it my friend, hows the weather treating you? Penny

  2. My husband has always spoken to me about the dreams he often experiences of flying and until just recently, I had never had any. I often wondered what it would be like and now I know the freedom, the liberation of mind, body, and soul. Thank you Penny for the amazing photos and your inspiring blog. 🙂

    • You’re welcome LuAnn, It is amazing how many dream of flying, to just imagine – is wonderful – to actual well “fly” perfectly heavenly I would think. I took flying lessons for awhile (and apart from the considerable noise in the cockpit) It was probably as close as I will actually ever come, still the sense of flying from the pilot’s seat and the view were wonderful ones. Hope your weekend was excellent my friend, warm wishes your way this day, Penny xx

  3. What an incredible post Penny. I feel so uplifted by your words, energy and beautiful photos. Such a perfect and delightful blend of thoughts and beauty. It felt like a refreshing breeze blowing through me. Thank you thank you. It was also a joy to see these lovely new photos of you. Thank you.

    • Thank you very much Rick, I always appreciate your visits and so welcome your comments. Thank you for your lovely compliments, I write and paint and take/present pictures of what moves me in life and pass on to others as I can, thanks again my friend, Penny

  4. Reminds me of an old song (by ABBA I think but I could be [and usually are] wrong) one that is not very well known.

    ♫Flying hi-i-igh, I’m a bird in the sky
    I’m an eagle that rides on the breeze♪

    We each have the ability to let ourselves go, close our eyes and let our imagination take us wherever we want to go.

    Your words are, as usual, spot on and terrific.

      • Thank you Penny 😀

        I was sure I had heard this many years ago, but my parents kept telling me it didn’t exist. LOL. So glad I wasn’t going mad.

        I got a friend who has moved to Norway (not quite Sweden, but close 😉 )

        • Well actually Alastair, I was thinking more Scandinavian, I’m 3rd generation Norwegian, thru and thru, which means my ancestors were Vikings, yea go team, actually they were horrible in some ways and amazing (travellers) in others so I’m sorta proud of them! 🙂

          • We loves the Vikings here (or I do) 😀 Two of the most famous ones – Hengist and Horsa (or Hengest and Hors) are buried about five miles from where I was born. As a result, two ferries that used to leave from Folkestone were named the Hengist and Horsa, with the former being beached when we had a bad hurricane in 1987.

            There was also a Viking long boat about 20-25 miles round the coast from us, I don’t know if it’s still there. They invaded our country and then saw off all-comers until the Romans decided enough was enough and came en-masse. Haha talking about Vikings can get me chatting for days LOL

  5. This concept of flying sounds soooo appealing to me! I would not have to sit in an airplane seat to travel – could you imagine how cool that would be? No dealing with this messed up femur joint — Ahhhh– I am going of to sleep now and planning to dream of your inspiring vision! May just fly on over to visit with you and Christina for coffee in the am too ! ~ Much Love dear friend!! xo

  6. Penny, you have no idea how appropriate your words are this morning. Today would have been my 40th wedding anniversary but nearly 10 years ago I opened my wings and flew. It took courage to embark on a solo life but I have no regrets. Likewise I have no regrest about the 30 years I was married – we had some brilliant times together but I changed and needed to move on and stretch these wings of mine.
    It’s a beautiful sunny day here and I will use it to remember the amazing life we had together but also the brilliant times I have had since.
    Sorry to ramble but you caught me at a vulnerable moment. Have a wonderful day and thankyou. 🙂

    • I understand. Those moments when we are brave enough to do what we need to do for ourselves is a glorious feeling (the struggles are still what they are but going for it…making that decision – truly life changing). I’m very pleased that my words added to your feelings of well-being! It’s okay to have vulnerable moments as long as you’re taking care of youself at the same time (which I think you are doing rather well!),You have an outstandingly wonderful day also my friend, I believe you’ve earned it! sending love your way, Hey thanks for the reblog, you sweetie you, Penny xo

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