A Short Blog – Go With The Flow

Jack and Emma Creating a Flow

There is a flow in life, in nature. We each feel it on our ‘good’ days, the rythmn seems to be a whispered song in the background making tasks and activities seem easier, better, more in tune.

For those of us, the creative ones, these are heavenly days.

On those tough days remind yourself of this flow, be gentle with yourself and others. Relax, take a deep breath and start over again. Just a reminder to all my very busy friends from Blogville.




The Poetry The Bloggers Challenge is over and the work continues determining who will win. It is very close, there are many very well written poems.

This is not as easy as I had thought it might be. Having said that I’m close to reaching a decision. Thanks for being patient with me, see my troubled brow on my picture today, lol.

Actually this has been great fun for me and I think everyone will enjoy reading the winning entries and agree with my decisions!

Go with the flow today, and always, take care of you my friends ~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

32 thoughts on “A Short Blog – Go With The Flow

    • Thank you Celestine, i had the biggest crush on Bruce Lee before I say the “bigger picture” in terms of his art! Then well I still had a crush but also a lot of respect also! Hope you and the family are well and that you are not working too hard! Taking a little time for yourself…going with the flow…lol, my friend ~ Penny 🙂

    • Always LuAnn, by the way, I went ahead and did a very informal thing re: the bio that I believe you would approve of, I hope to publish this post today! Have a great day you guys! Penny 🙂

      • Thank you for doing so Penny. We have very poor connectivity at Crater Lake and there is nowhere in the vicinity where I can receive better service. I feel so out of touch!! As beautiful as it is here, I will be happy to move on so I can be online once again. Thank you again Penny. You are such a generous soul. 🙂

  1. Sometimes when you go with the flow, it ends up where you least expect it to.

    Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes a bad. I suppose it’s a case of attempting to make those bad things into good things no matter the pain and hurt.

    Sometimes going with the flow will help other people, and I think that even if you cause some pain to yourself, that helping the other person can overpower the pain as you see the other person happy 🙂

    • Thanks Robyn, although I love to kayak, I’d rather let the water take me along, my arms can get sore. Emmy and Jack were showing me “neat stuff” to do in the water. I also learned how to make a rock “Kerplunk” How to find turtles. How to find cool rocks and how to make echo’s! A very instructional day for me! 🙂 Love to you my friend, Penny xx

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