The Brain: to bee…or not to be!

To Bee or … to Be

Some interesting news my friends, you know those chemical messages I keep talking about when I refer to our senses and the input we receive from them?

Well, recent information by Johns Hopkins researchers have linked potential dna “recoding” according to behavior patterns.

It appears that a bee’s behavior patterns (and other living creatures) are linked to the body’s mechanisms and are reversible by the use of chemical tags on their genes.

We are not hardwired, therefore the things we originally understood and were told regarding how our bodies operate isn’t so.

Simply put, the interactions between mind and body (chemical messaging to/from our brains) make our own bodys conditions changeable. Who knew?

these studies do relate to us, the researchers believe, and will shed more (scientific) light on complex behavioral issues in humans, such as memory, stress, learning and most important – comprehension.

So they are suggesting, in my humble opinion, that those physical/mental/emotionalthings” going on inside us, are not only affected by our experiences but also how we interpret them. We change or alter (with this theory) how our mind and body functions! We have much more control over ourselves than we knew! How we think and interpret is how we will be.

“Through Awareness and Understanding,

We become who we need … to be” ~ Penny L Howe


~ – ~ – ~

For those who are interested there is very specific neuroscience information relating to the latest John Hopkins reseach on bees and their behavioral patterns.

On a different note but very important. The plight of the bee is serious. In the past 50 years the number of bees on this planet has been drastically reduced. We depend on bees for much of the pollination of our plants. Bees are an important and necessary part of our planet’s ecological system and our own survival.

The loss of so many bees is the result of industry, mass commercialization and pesticides. We can do small things to help.

If you have a garden grow your plants as organically as possible. Try to use less inorganic products in your life. Little things make a difference my friends!

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43 thoughts on “The Brain: to bee…or not to be!

  1. There are a number of eastern philosophies that believe that what you do and think manifest physically in the body. Seems this study shows truth to what some have believed for a long, long time! Also, check out the book by Norman Cousins.called “The Healing Heart.” Through the use of humor and positive thinking he was able to avoid heart surgery…

    With regard to the honey bee, we try to attract them with what we plant. We do not use any pesticides. We have trees in the area that are reported to kill the honey bee but I cannot imagine a creature feeding off of a poison. Instinctively one would think that they would avoid that which poisons.

    Nice post Penny!

    • Exactly so! Unfortunately it is the earlier conditioning of preconceived truths that makes us decide what we can do or not do, I believe. Overcoming those obstacles – that is the real trick my friend. I hope your day was a pleasant one for you, Penny 🙂

    • It’s true too Alastair, but I think we are conditioned, accidently, as children to think and believe certain things. Overcoming this preprogramming is really really hard. Kind of like a long time ago when people “knew” the world was flat” that sort of thing. How did you day go for you today my friend?

      • Yeah you see places where they say “you believe this, but you’ve actually got to make yourself believe this” Unlearning – I have never figured if that was possible.

        Today was good, thank you. Been smiling for almost the whole day (if not externally then internally lol) :-). Spent most of the day picking stuff up for my son’s trip to Wales. I can’t believe he is going to be in another country to me. And mountaineering. To tell you the truth, I am terrified of him going. I have heard way too many horror stories of accidents in those places, but I’ve got to fight through that and realise that these are one maybe two accidents a year when hundreds of thousands of people go through.

        How are things across the pond?

    • Thanks Ivonne, I’m a science nut and read two or three different science related reports daily from around the world to stay up on the latest. I’m fascinated by all of this. It sounds as if you are a kindred spirit in that regard. Thank you for visiting I do appreciate it very much, Penny

    • Hi Amy, yes it is, I still think most of us don’t honestly “know” this because of how we are raised and conditioned to respond to things. We’ll get better, I’m sure of it. Sending warm thoughts your way, Penny

  2. Oh wow Penny — this was a great post. I had a bad day phyiscally – and even wrote a “dark” (for me) poem/and took a reflective self-portraitlikely won’t post it for fear of starting a commotion ~ but was sort of saying there how I’m trying so hard to work this mind/body connection (and for so looonnnggg) and not much real success — but who knows where I’d be without it, right? I have always believed we have more control than we realize…. and yes – the bees — we need to be mindful of these creatures that don’t appear as significant as they truly are. Thank you sweet friend for your thought-provoking post toinght — more for me contemplate as I try to figure out my next move — you are always a love — xxoo Hugs – Robyn

    • I can’t imagine Robyn, well maybe a little, when the children were little I had multiple physical situations and pain that I couldn’t get a handle on so I can relate from that perspective only. But about the bees. It seemed that the environment and the bee’s roles (their job description lol) would change along with their bodily functions (at a genetic level) based on stimulus from outside, so I think there’s something that “we” humans still haven’t figured out. I know the nervous system is a huge factor in this (for you also). Sigh. I know it’s so very hard, keep doing the best you can and don’t forget to think out of the box, (which I know you also do) but I’m guessing there’s an answer there somewhere my dearest friend, take care of you as best you can, sending warm loving thoughts your way, Penny xox

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