For those who Blog – Crafting your own Style

Style ~ A Flow of Movement

Internationally known Bruce Lee became an iconic individual, famous for his stylized version/philosophy of Martial Arts (Jeet Kune Do), his executed flow of movement.

He believed that by “combining” the various elements of ‘martial arts’ you become the best fighter because you can adapt to any style – not following or focusing on any preconceived system of style.

Dana White UFC President called Lee the ‘father of MMA’ saying “if you looked at the way Bruce Lee trained, the way he thought, and the many things he wrote he said the perfect style is no set style – you take a little something from everything, the good things from each discipline, use what works, and let everything else go.

From early on I was fascinated by Bruce Lee, who in addition to being a Master Martial Artist was extremely intelligent and well versed in the disciplines of his art. His belief was to use different “tools” for different situations, changing techniques but allowing a smooth flow between. A style within a style.

He wrote of his stye as that of being the ‘Art of expressing your body’. He believed – a good martial artist should be like water and move fluidly without hesitation, changing with an internal flow as required!

And so it should be for all of us artistic souls (those who write, craft, paint, photograph, etc. – all form of creative expressions). Is your flow or movement your own? Create a style within a style – your own. Begin this today!

My Style … My flow

Thanks for the drop by, Hope this day is yours to embrace, take care of you my friends, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

55 thoughts on “For those who Blog – Crafting your own Style

    • Thanks Celestine, when you get a chance I would love to see you write a post about the geography of your country, where you live. the “view from your eyes” I would find that really interesting. Just when you get a chance! Thanks, Penny

  1. secret martial arts lies in the unity and strength of spirit and body , it is said that for some Ctrl and unity are the drivers of beauty of movement that are perfect it is so in life , if you attain to the unity of the two elements – and whenever you go out to accomplish as a winner if you do not we call it . power of concentration, losing battle after battle and you become a loser. I like this post

    • Thank you so very much Stefan. Your words are intelligent and thought provoking, and revealing. Inner strength is hard to come by, but winning is exquisite for all who do! A special thanks for your well spoken words my friend!

  2. Am I reading into this to much but martial arts (and blogging to a certain start) are fluid, you wrote about water and the brain, with it’s chemical messages and then the flying of the birds/imagination, almost flowing on air currents. Is this interconnectedness a subtle undertone telling us you go with the flow. Like I say I may be reading to much into this, but I do feel a bit like Robert Langdon.

    • Okay, laughing here ~ Um, deciding how to respond to this, your referencing a fictional character from an author that just thrills(?) you I’m not totally sure. Now if you were to reference oh say, Umberto Eco or refer to biosemiotics then I would say, hey way cool, instead I’ll go with the flow (lol) and say thank you for your wise thoughts Ste J! 🙂 Penny

      • Ah! I really should have picked Eco, he is so much immense, and I stuck with Dan Brown, that’s it, I have lost all my powers. To say he doesn’t thrill me at all is an understatement, thanks for reminding that I need to review some Eco. I have a purpose now.

        • Good to have a purpose, and just so you know, there are very few I can interact with and feel comfortable (in the more intellectual end of things) where I don’t have to explain what I just said in a different way. You are a pleasure in that regard, oh and you love books, and plan to leave me candy in a safe spot, all good things! Thank you my friend, I honestly appreciate you, Penny

  3. Beautifully stated, Penny. Bruce Lee is one of my all time favourites – an intelligent and graceful soul.

    I love the way you relate his philosophy to the arts – very well done 🙂

  4. So do agree (as is almost the norm now with you)… actually did a post “Like Water” once – with the Bruce Lee quote that I’m sure you are referring to. Yes — flow — become whatever we need/want to become — as we take our ‘creative leaps of faith’ — I think that is excellent advise – and frees us from becoming too glued down to any one form or style. It’s what makes this wondrous effort so wondrous. “…be water my fiend” (BL)
    Love you Penny ~ R

    • As always my pleasure. I think I had a crush on Bruce Lee from the time I first saw him, all the other information and learning came a little later on and then I was just really impressed! He felt that way about life too you know! I just love your hugs and smiles and hugs btw, 🙂 Penny xx

    • I agree Charlie, nothing new under the sun, but always fun to rearrange things in a slightly different way! Thank you so much for your compliment, I hope your day was nice and your evening better, Penny 🙂

  5. I love Bruce Lee for the same reasons and I completely see and respect what you are saying in your post, Penny. Be a master of your own creativity, go with your own flow.

    In terms of martial arts though, I’m a follower. I chose to study a particular discipline and adhere to the rules, principles and tenets of that martial art. I don’t have the skill or wisdom to create my own flow or form and the only thing I can control is the amount of effort I put into the learning.

    In my writing? Well, I’m just hoping I can look back in six months or one year and see how different (and hopefully more positive) my rambling journals are. 🙂

    • I’m pleased to see you are a a martial arts follower, those learned disciplines do drift over into other aspects of a person’s life, I find. Your rambling words I believe is your ‘minds eye’ way of reorganizing your thoughts (creative and otherwise) and your actions. Keep rambling my friend, you’re on a roll, a good one I think! Oh and by the way for being a “rambler” you do manage some amazing clever and insightful posts! Just Saying! Penny 🙂

    • True words Lisa, and it can be a challenge, but I think like with Bruce Lee, there is some personal discipline involved and of course, that is the really hard part I think! I hope this day is a strong one for you my friend, Penny 🙂

  6. Your article about Bruce Lee sparked memories of meeting him at my high school when he and his wife, Linda, who I knew at Garfield High School in Seattle, WA. He trained with my Sifu in Kung-Fu as one of the styles he incorporated into his own. Very interesting.

    • Thank you Patricia. How excellent for you to have met he and his wife. Now there is a very wonderful woman who loved him so very much. I think she became his “calm in the storm” so-to-speak as he became famous! I appreciate your comments, hoping your day is going well for you this day, Penny 🙂

  7. I’m speechless! Love your reference to Dana White, UFC, and Bruce Lee. I don’t know about rest of your readers but I would have never expected a wise lady, that hangs out with Dalai Lama, would be posting about MMA…lol. You are awesome, amazing, and DIVERSE with your art of writing! Bruce Lee is definitely the father of MMA 🙂

  8. That’s great advice. I had been looking at other people’s styles of poetry and attempting to ape the style whilst keeping something of my own. Recently though, I have realised that other people’s styles are theirs for a reason – because they are theirs.

    Which is why mine have started taking different forms depending on the poem. The only person I need to copy, is my own thoughts.

    You are a very wise woman, Penny. Thank you

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