A Pigment of My Imagination

Imagination– A Pigment in the Minds Eye

I’ve been an artist since I could hold a pencil and draw. Colors constantly fill my world! I’m fascinated by patterns, designs, shapes, colors. When I’m thinking on what to write about, I doodle. Here’s a doodle on the paper where I was beginning to write today’s post. There I am holding a pencil, which was my very first creative tool for expressing myself.

When my senses are invoked by anything and I am being creative, my minds eye immediately races to my imagination. I’m sure it’s an actual place inside my head, where all these creative thoughts hang out just waiting to be used.

Just about anything triggers my imagination. And while there has been much written about imagination scientifically, it remains as illusive to scientists as quantum physics are to most of us.

So I’m doodling (as you can see) and thinking about writing more about  imagination.

Imagination has no boundarys, no limits (like you and your potential). Anything goes with imagination.

So I doodled and sketched a bit more and came up with these eyes. And I thought “colors and eyes”. Then the saying “A figment of my imagination” came into my head and looking at the eyes in my sketch I replaced the word ‘figment’ with ‘pigment’ and Voila I had my topic for the day – A Pigment of my imagination!

Your imagination is the equivalent of a treasure chest. Something to dig into again and again for inspiration. It is no coincidence that some of the most talented and brilliant humans on the planet who have ever lived refer to “imagination” as the most important thing there is! And it’s yours for the doing. Set your mind on fire with your imagination.

Open those gates to what’s waiting just inside your mind, better yet jump right in and explore. As I’ve already said imagination has no boundaries, yours to do as you wish, go where you want…nothing holding you  back…but you! Be imaginative, have fun, there’s a glorious world waiting inside you…imagine!

Imagine this!

Use your imagination. What might this be a picture of, or where, or when?

May your days and nights be filled with laughter, fun and love ~ thank you for stopping by, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

58 thoughts on “A Pigment of My Imagination

    • Thanks Ruth, it was a pleasure for me, she is such a lovely person who is so sweet, generous of her time and just plain nice, in spite of what she has to live with daily!

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    • I really have been an artist my whole life, when healing from serious surgery when my children were small and I was a single parent at home, I did portraits for a living. But really burnt out there after awhile, I still love art in all forms though! Thank you for your generous compliments, sending warm loving thoughts your way today my friend, Penny xx

    • Thanks LuAnn, I’m guessing I present things in the manner I see them in my mind, if that makes sense to you! Thank you my friend! And I hope yours has been a very good weekend so far! Sending love your way, Penny xox

    • Well Elizabeth, I just came from visiting your blog and I’m afraid I have to humbly disagree with you. The person writing the posts there (you) is wonderfully creative and delightfully imaginative. Comes right through your words, loud and clear. Thank you for visiting me. I appreciate it very much, Penny 🙂

      • I make it a point to be social in person each week. Volunteer each week. And will now add a course of study. Other than that I am absorbed in learning and sharing. Artists often lead a solitary exsistance by choice. I think I enjoy the quiet of my days and appreciate company on my terms.
        When I. Was travelling one hotel owner always took time to sit and chat with me even though he was obvously so busy. I mentioned that I enjoyed his chats but I was comfortable alone. He laughed and said he had never seen anyone in all his experience as content to be alone in a crowd as I. 🙂
        Nature provided me with a gift!!!
        Short answer? Yep 😉 ty Penny

        • Perfectly stated and a perfect answer. There is a huge difference between being lonely and being alone, I find (like you) I am quite content with the latter – when the opportunity presents itself. Thank you Lesley! 🙂

    • Thanks Rosy, I do doodle quite a bit, Happy happy weekend to you to my friend and as always I love your smiles and hugs (I am smiling a big one right this second – thank you for that), your friend, Penny 🙂 xx

  2. Oh Penny – you are certainly a master doodler! Love your analogy of imagination to a ‘treasure chest’ — a boundless one at that…. if we allow there is nothing that can take this away — very much in the realm of metaphysics I agree!! Ok – in the picture, I see a mystical but loving sea creature emerging from the depths of an enchanted lake — after sunset… doing his magic for the good of all of mankind 😉 xxoo Much Love this day dearest one ~ R

    • Thank you Robyn, I love your imagination so much. I can see the sea creature emerging, actually I’m almost tempted to draw him/her as rising from the waters. Sending loving thoughts your way, hoping to see a creatively interesting new post from you soonest, as you wish, of course…(you know it just dawned on me – you’re one of those that I don’t have to finish a sentence with – you get it before all the words are out. Happens the other way also! Don’t you just love that when this occurs with another person in life! :), All my love to you Robyn ~ as always take care of you! Penny xox

      • Thank you Penny — yes I know! Do love that when we meet others who are so in sync … definitely the we can speak in half sentences – and if person probably even less! Post on the way — just revised some more – think it’s ok – though Dad and Sister here today were a bit troubled by my artistic self-portrait… I think I tempered it though (you will see).. Certainly will be one of my most (if not most) dramatic posts. Draw that sea creature -ooo how cool would that be — you are such a talented illustrator — can see you beginning to use your own illustrations often in posts — think all would LOVE IT! ~ lots of work I’m sure — but doodles – maybe not? xxooo Love to you

        • Thanks, like you when inspired, nothing is too hard – perhaps time consuming. I am thrilled to hear about your post, actually when you mentioned your family members concerns I smiled, (we all have a dark side – so to speak, and kept inside isn’t always good, although family may view this from a not very artistic perspective, I think. I’ll consider the sea creature idea just for you my friend – Love right back at you! Loads and Loads!!! xoxoxo

  3. Penny Penny darling Penny… I’d hardly call that doodling at all! Your sketches are amazing. And I love the word play! It makes a lot of sense.

  4. Lovely post Penny! Answering your question: It is just before the sun rises on the planet Versa. In the foreground you see the waters of the planet, and in the background, as the planet approaches day time the atmosphere warms causing the gases that reside within to dance! 🙂 B

    • Thank you for the lovely compliments. Actually I did portraits for a living as a young adult, now sketching a little and a few doodles is all I do mostly, Hope your evening is being a good one for you my friend! Penny

  5. This time I will try to keep my mind focused rather than elsewhere and hopefully not make any typos 😉

    Your doodles are amazing. My actual drawings are no match for those lol. So I will carry on with photography and poetry and leave the drawings to the experts 😉

    I have found a pigment of the colourful imagination.to be extremely helpful at times. Especially when I envision things and then put them to poetry.

    In that picture, I see a waterfall and a wave. I also see a face with hair cascading down the side of the head.

    Great post again Penny, thank you

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